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  1. Is Conversations published yet? I would have left this in an older thread, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know anything about that? I know the Broughton and Davis pieces were released briefly if you emailed them, but all the other pieces in the collection never seemed to have been published, and Williams music is really kind of hit and miss, with the majority of the concert music never having been published at all.
  2. Did anyone happen to know when his name was taken off the Tanglewood on Parade concert? I was originally skeptical of him being even present at the concerts. He seemed well though during that weekend.... so perhaps is not health related. But who knows. I have a sneaking suspicion though the August one will be David Newman only....
  3. This would be amazing. I hope somebody can find it in print someplace. I will like, since it's nearly April, that schedule should already be released. Although maybe it's a bit early... It would suck if he didn't do anymore films, but keeping going on the concert music still be amazing. He need only write a concerto for English horn and Bass clarinet, and he will have done a serious piece for all major instruments. He never did a guitar concerto, but "Rounds"is good enough. Guitar is a real pain in the ass to right for.... Although, I am curious why he's such a big fan of Grubinger. There are a ton of mallet players out there that can easily do that part. Maybe he was just impressed when he saw him do the Dun concerto? Also, wouldn't it be really neat if he wrote a percussion piece/ concerto for his brother? I've only ever seen him in video's of recording sessions playing the timpani, but still there are plenty of composers who wrote works for timpani.
  4. Well we have to think that, in EUROPE and the REST OF THE WORLD his concert music is actually played fairly frequently. Actually, all his music. He is considered a serious composer. It's only in the USA, land of the imbeciles, that he is "that film guy"who "dabbles"in music, as if there is even a serious American contender to his abilities, let alone the rest of the world. To be realistic, the people who say that are people who are jealous of him (meaning other composers) and people who are trying to sound sophisticated an austere, when they actually just sound like snobby assholes. I think if he had a better publisher though he would be played even more. Most of his works you had to request specifically from him to have played, and some of them still are that way. That of course makes things more challenging. But 100% if you only had his concert works, they stand alone as a the work of a great composer, but that's not to say that any of his music is better than the other because of the tone or style. Unless for some reason he goes back and revises it, the Symphony will never get played in his life time. It USED to be in the cataloge of a publisher, and when Hal Leonard took it over, the work was withdrawn completely. I don't even think they knew it was there, and had forgotten about it. It's basically the Sinfonietta, but with strings. Harsh and edgy. I think it's an interesting foot note in his musical history, but if you're waiting for Beethoven's final grand symphony, you might be a little disappointed.
  5. Good on ya then. Every time he changes something I look like him in your avatar. But does anyone know about the violin concerto when it was played with Deneve/Shaham? Was that a another revision or just played very differently?
  6. I'm surprised at that the Five Sacred Trees is the most popular, it's one I often forget about. Was the Violin Concerto actually revised a third time or was it just oddly preformed (in my opinion)? I remember it being so slow in parts that it sounded different, but actually wasn't. If it was really revised, i'm disappointed. I really liked that revision a lot, however, I did actually happen to listen to the original today before seeing the thread, and although for the most part I like the revisions better, the original intro for that work was way better. I love the winds with the violin. The viola concerto is fantastic, but there isn't a good recording of it anywhere, they're all pretty crappy, or only the reduction available. Same goes for the clarinet concerto, too bad the audio quality is so shitty. Although, I heard he never was happy with that one. The flute concerto, as all the other works, as revisions to it as well from recent years, but I don't think there has been a performance of that yet. The cello concerto has been revised to death, I guess you would have to further the topic by which one do you like best, because they're not really revisions, but changes. I LOVED the revisions to the trumpet concerto, they're just what the piece needed (which I couldn't previous get into, did anyone else feel that way?) I also think Highwood's Ghost should be included in this as well. It's the length of a concerto, why can't it be considered? That's a great piece as well. Tree song should be on the list, Heartwood too, which is my favorite concert piece of his.
  7. Like dude you're harshing my mellow maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. I thought this was a thread about fantasy talk anyway. I don't know, I tend to trust Wizarding news community. They have good sources from both Diagon Alley AND Kockturn Alley (which is why, for obvious reasons, he cannot reveal his source). Silly muggles....
  8. What I've noticed with aging composer/ musicians is that you won't know until you know. First thing is, maybe the "trusted source"is correct, but maybe it's just his thought and he made it up in his mind because he wants to be important and seems like he's buddy buddy with him. I find that more often than not, "trusted sources"are often wrong. Especially when you don't list who they are. First, it's an opinion (since only Williams will make his own decisions, which makes most of the things on this feed seem silly), and therefor, why would it be top secret? Unless his name is Michael Cohen.... Also, so many older artists cancel things at the last second. Probably because they're old, obviously, and are not always sure if they can or can't do something until the time comes. In the last few years of his life, Andre Previn was scheduled to attend and even conduct performances, and his participation/ presence was canceled at the last second. Same with Williams , more or less, for the European concerts and also at Tanglewood that year when he had the pace maker put in. Also this google thread from a miiiiiiillion years ago made me giggle, as it's the exact same argument. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rec.arts.sf.starwars/3DTy6lCkWGk
  9. I just came across this cool, but kind of odd petition. Regardless, would be pretty epic to see JW write an opera. I didn't really like his musical, but an opera? I bet it would be awesome. I would also love to hear his song cycle, which I have only heard the voice/ piano reduction, but it's very nice. http://chng.it/gwKXhZFbSp
  10. Has anyone heard the James Newton Howard violin concerti? I am not really a fan of his, I thought for example his King Kong replacement sucked hard (but he did only have about three seconds to write a million hours of music). But generally, I didn't really like his film stuff overall. I was really surprised to hear the recent recordings of his concerti. There are not only both unique from each other, but they are actually pretty decent pieces, and I actually would never have guessed that he had written them.
  11. Yes they are, especially in their day with Fiedler/ Williams era. They were one of the most famous orchestras in the world one, and two they are in actuality the Boston Symphony Orchestra with the first chairs removed, and the BSO is indeed a world class orchestra. Also until about...... 2003, they were still playing a ton or classical contemporary/classical repertoire. It's only in the last ten years or so they specifically play "pop" stuff, as proir they played it all.
  12. Previn had...... My Fair Lady, Porgy and Bess, Gigi, Irma la Douce..... I don't know why I always thought there was another one.
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