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  1. Ordered mine on the 16th but still awaiting shipment - hoping this means it's selling well!!?
  2. That was simply a joy to listen to, I really didn't want it to end! Thank you so much, Maurizio. It's breathtaking how music I thought I knew like the back of my hand can sound completely fresh, even from these brief snippets on mp3. I'm sooo looking forward to getting this. What a great time to be a JW fan!
  3. It's still my favourite superhero movie!
  4. Fozmo

    anonymous thread

    Oh, naff off.
  5. Lovely stuff. Thanks so much for this!
  6. Grrrrr! My package (Inc. CE3K) was in London yesterday at noon. Now I see it's back in LA!?! Anyone else had this happen?
  7. I think the Decca 'Great Chase' had both the revised AND original first part of the cue, strung together. Looking forward to 'Wild Shark Theme' too!
  8. Fozmo

    JAWS 2 - Expanded 2CD by Intrada!

    Now I *HIGHLY* wish I'd held off ordering. Exciting times though!
  9. Fozmo


    BLOODY HELL that White Walker sequence. I can't remember the last time an action scene left me quite so stunned. It was pretty much perfectly paced from start to chilling finish. It was kind of a blend of Army of Darkness and Starship Troopers!