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  1. well yes, i knew that. just didn't know if one could pre order or not. thats all
  2. Is this sold out or not listed yet? I looked on LLL to pre order this. and all i can find is the listing for the first album that is sold out. THere isn't a listing for the upcoming release
  3. ShowUStheHOOK

    What Actor Would You Have Play X Composer?

    Dustin Hoffman as Jerry Goldsmith
  4. The first minute and a half has been in my head for two weeks. WIsh i could transcribe the theme the horns/ flute ? plays
  5. ShowUStheHOOK

    Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    I noticed Little Mermaid this year, and Pocahontas next year. Not bad.... coming from an Alan Menken fan .... though I was hoping for a full version of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Guess DIsney really IS trying to forget about the movie
  6. ShowUStheHOOK

    Kooky John Williams Interview

    what would you ask him?
  7. I guess i'm in the minority here. I never listened to the bootlegs over the years, so this release was like a huge christmas present. lol. Can't speak for others of course, but I prefer the sound of this album over the OST. Plus, the score as a whole really lost something the way it was put together on the OST, sounds better when as much as possible is presented on disc.
  8. ShowUStheHOOK

    What was the last GREAT theme?

    a note on that. i said that to my piano teacher once..... comparing Across the stars to star wars main theme. and he disagreed with me. He said it was more closely related to May THe Force be with you.
  9. ShowUStheHOOK

    What are you drinking tonight?

    on my list lately. water water water tea water water water REPEAT esp. with the steroids i've taken lately .. lol. fun * eye roll*
  10. ShowUStheHOOK

    What's your mental age? (Quiz)

  11. I got the same thing when i clicked on the link
  12. ShowUStheHOOK

    OmniPublishing releases BATMAN in full score

    agreed about the build up to the batman theme in RETURNS. I would like to see SLeepy Hollow in print. The only treatment that ever got was a marching band arrangement. I've seen it. When you replace violins with saxaphones, sleepy hollow loses something
  13. The same company that published Edward Scissorhands has now published BATMAN http://www.omnimusicpublishing.com/ should be the first item listed
  14. ShowUStheHOOK

    What Actor Would You Have Play X Composer?

    not exactly a composer but if we could throw songwriter in the mix,, Elton John..... david hyde pierce alan Menken...... John Heard ( granted, change the hair style, but I can see it)
  15. ShowUStheHOOK

    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    NO!!!! Harry Potter Fad needs to end.. ITs gone on way too long.