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  1. I'm sometimes very ambivalent about some of Williams'(or any others') piece, is it brilliant or almost terrible. HWW is maybe little bit on a smaltz side... It's difficult to explain in english, there must be some idiom but I can't find it...
  2. Williams always uses the whole orchestra, Steef. Like Hedwig's theme, its like chamber music, all the time happening something. They dont have play simultaniously fortissimo together from start to finish!!
  3. I'm not a big fan of HWW. I love Potter music but this particular piece is litlle bit too noisy. Somerhing else, please!!
  4. hornist

    How good is John Williams as a conductor?

    More like Body Double-style...
  5. God I hate this kind of generic music. Is that Zimmer? 🤔
  6. hornist

    How good is John Williams as a conductor?

    Domestic problems. Now solved. In London I'm going to behave my normal lovely way.
  7. Sorry about that. Domestic problems.
  8. Sorry for the shit but why do you say you are mediocre composer? You might be briIliant... have done 35 years searching a perfect mouthpiece to provide a perfect sound. We must trust ourselves.
  9. Lovely story!! And not alcohol this time, I just do not love the better people.
  10. TGP wanna be great. J oke😂😂😂 Knows nothing