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  1. Lovely video. I did cry. 😭
  2. CD 7, track 28. Trailer. Who's music is that?
  3. The Battle of the Crait Rey's theme The Visitor of Himmel Street A New Beginning The Adventures of Tintin Of course this is a mission impossible to narrow it down to 5, this Williams guy is simply out of this world.
  4. hornist

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    I saw it on the big screen 1978. Not a big fan. The music is awesome.
  5. I found an update on finnissh postal tracking system: "your parcel is delayed". No shit Sherlock!! It has travelled almost a week from Helsinki to my city. + 100 miles😜🍺🍻 Edit: it seems to be now in my post office, I might get it in 10 minutes😱
  6. My box got stuck in Helsinki since wednesday. I have a strong feeling(and hope) that you are going to have this before me, it is only a tracking problem with your delivery... 🤔
  7. What? Mine left 9th from LA and now it's in Amsterdam, Neverland. Lets hope yours is there too.
  8. Mine is now flying over the ocean and will be here next week. It goes under the X-mas tree because I said to the wife, it will be my only present. I have a very strong mind😎😎😎
  9. hornist

    Have you ever cried listening to a podcast?

    Worked for me!! 😭 It is an amazing cue especially with that story.