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  1. Star Wars Prequel VS. Sequel scores

    Three vs. two? Unfair!! And the best one still to come.
  2. Since there are so many acts of malpractice, the whole concert should be cancelled.
  3. If you don't like brass it is your problem. It doesn't make it bad music. He has decided to create this universe very brassy and that is his choice. I just love it.
  4. He likes good music. And yes, brass is the most important!!
  5. It was an amazing year for this wonderful composer, well deserved!! Sadly this is the only place in this world that cannot see that.
  6. This is how the world should always work...😜😜😜
  7. "...score everyone seems to love" ??? More TLJ haters than lovers here.
  8. Nobody cares what you think. Heil the negativity!!
  9. Definitely going to watch this. Looks better than any star trek ever.