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  1. hornist

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    I remember many interviews where Rian praises JW.
  2. Well this new revealed music is so much better than what we heard in November.
  3. This was the first time it was ok, without those terrible zimmerdrums. Can't wait for the real deal😍
  4. Nope. These people here are more interested in the trailer music.
  5. Why always the inrerest for the music of the trailers? They are just trailers. Even if this wasn't the most terrible one.
  6. I think they are just trying to be funny.
  7. Never really noticed that there is so long part of the battle without any music. Actually realised that when I was in the orchestra performing SW live last fall, it felt guite strange to just sit there and not playing during the action!
  8. hornist

    Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?

    Best thing from the 90's was that he came out stronger than ever from that darkness. Geez those horrid synth trials. Very good 00's before solid 10's. Love those.
  9. hornist

    Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?

    I wonder what was wrong with Williams that time😱😱😱 The whole TLW🤔
  10. Dracula I remember in the 70's when it came out I hated it but now I'm so much older, wiser and more open minded, that I really started to hate it.
  11. hornist

    John Williams and your family

    My youngest daughter, six years old, can sing that new Han Solo theme pitch perfect and has seen E.T. 5 times. Good girl.
  12. Yes. It aint SW in my book. Everything in TLJ is, I love it. What those guys did(elephant convoys) is so much dated and what Williams (usually) do is timeless. TLJ is CE3K quality