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  1. Well, that really doesn't matter. Its brilliant so many ways. Build up to Rey's theme. Build up to Rose's theme. Magical.
  2. 1. Your first reaction after seeing Schindler's List? 2. Anne-Sophie is many things but what she is not? 3. Did you ever think that Star Wars would be that popular?
  3. I don't hear it. But I can hear that Mahler's 5th symphony is taken from Hans Rott.
  4. Can't vote, they are both wonderful as all of JW's 2010's scores.
  5. MR for both. The film has only one minus, it is too long. The score is brilliant, as was that year 2002.
  6. I think Sophie-Anne Mutters did it right. I hate those crappy sounding, shakey videos in youtube.
  7. Most of them sound horrible. Without sound effects and the imagery. Generic synth drums in every bar🤮🤮🤮
  8. mrbellamy is briiliant!! I don't like America, dream goes on and the his very early(terrible sound etc) stuff.
  9. I have never been worried about JW, he is now better than ever. Said this many times and cant wait for the last SW. Wonderful concert btw
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