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  1. 1978 and 1983 were also very difficult for a young Johnny fan.
  2. My copy hasn't arrived yet. I just realised that I have never watched this film so I ordered it on Blu ray.
  3. Oh wrong thread, I thought this was titanic with the toys included!!!!!
  4. Stupid sad morons. Thats most of you.
  5. I have heard couple of the cues in Youtube, still terrible synth percussion and the new one was the Adiemus choir☺ no wonder the film never succeeded!
  6. hornist

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

  7. hornist

    Williams vs Zimmer

    Zimmer of course!!!
  8. I think it was a confusion between this show and the RAH/JW show later.
  9. It is the only good piece from solo, without the generic caveman synth percussion.
  10. Unused E.T. Botanicus music? New holy grail?🤣
  11. Sounds fantastic!! Hey Mr. Fit, if you have an extra ticket also for the RAH/JW concert if would like to buy it...😄
  12. Oh I forgot to answer you, it's great!! I need to listen to it more, not very familiar with Korngold's music. Just played his violin concerto, nice horn solos.