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  1. 10 hours ago, Falstaft said:


    Definitely! I just included "The Supremacy" instead of "Battle of Crait" b/c I was going for one example per film.


    The TLJ motif is interesting in that it is so Ludlow-like in that appearance (and the analagous rendition during the opening Escape Battle). But intervallically, it's also related to the fairly anonymous sounding "Tension" motif first intro'd in TFA. And over the course of TLJ, it develops into the full-fledged "Holdo's Sacrifice" theme. Williams gets an amazing amount of mileage out of this little C-Eb-D-F-C melodic pattern.




    Oh, didn't notice that TLJ was already included because in video it says SW episode VII when "The Supremacy" is playing. Sorry for that, I should know, my favorite score😜


    But yes, so much fun of this melodic pattern😎😎😎



  2. On 2/4/2019 at 1:29 PM, aviazn said:



    The most memorable performance of any Williams piece I ever heard live was of the Close Encounters suite with Osmo Vänksä and the Minnesota Orchestra—and I’d take that performance, as subjective as any live piece is—over any of the recordings.


    That is interesting!! My favorite score!! I played in the Lahti symphony orchestra(Finland) some Jurassic Park music and the sheet music was owned by his company, he must be a fan!! btw it is Vänskä🙂

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