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      For those who may not know, JWFan relies entirely on donations to keep running.  Donations pay for our server bills, as well as keeping our domain and Invision Powerboard fees.
      As an incentive to donate, I am offering a series of free CDS to anyone who donates over a certain amount!   Last time this was a modest success, where I raised $500 of our desired $1,000 and mailed out 3 free CDs to lucky JWFanners.  This time I'll be doing the raffling a littler different!   Our goal is $1000 once again, and I will have four tiers of free CDs you can win once again.  But this time, the more you donate, the more entries into each raffle you'll get!   Each $10 you donate gets your name put into the raffle mug once for the $10 pool, twice for the $20 pool, thrice for the $30 pool, and five times into the $50 pool.  Here is the list of CDs you can win - and I have more to add at a later time when I get a little more organized (I'll post what they are by Friday at the latest)   The $10 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you one ticket into this pool) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $250 donated Tyler Bates - God of War; Ascension (OST, La La Land Records) Danny Elfman - Planet of the Apes (OST, Sony) Danny Elfman - Taking Woodstock (OST, La La Land Records) Christopher Lennertz - Identity Thief (OST, La La Land Records) Christopher Lennertz - Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (OST) Michael Giacchino - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (OST, Varese Sarabande) Dave Holmes & Various - Ocean's 11 (OST, WB Records) Joel McNeely & Various - Hollywood '94 (Varese Sarabande) Joe Kraemer - Jack Reacher (OST, La La Land Records) John Williams - Born on the Fourth of July (OST, MCA Records)   The $20 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you two ticket into this pool, must donate at least $20 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $500 donated John Barry - First Love (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - The Challenge (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - In Harm's Way (2009 Intrada edition) Jerry Goldsmith - The Red Pony (Varese) Alan Silvestri - Dutch (La La Land) Shirley Walker - Willard (La La Land) John Williams - Family Plot (Varese Sarabande) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer   The $30 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you three ticket into this pool, must donate at least $30 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $750 donated James Horner - Gorky Park (OOP Kritzerland Edition) James Newton Howard - Outbreak (2CD, Varese Deluxe Edition) Laurence Rosenthal - Clash of the Titans (2CD, Intrada) John Williams - The Fury (2CD, La La Land) John Williams - Jane Eyre (OOP, La La Land) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer   The $50 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you five ticket into this pool, must donate at least $50 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $1,000 donated Jerry Fielding - The Wild Bunch (3CD, FSM) Ira Newborn - The Naked Gun trilogy (3CD, La La Land) Shirley Walker and Various - Batman: The Animated Series Volume 3 (4CD, La La Land) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer     All shipping will be paid by me to anywhere in the world!   I will pull names from a hat for each pool, and you get to pick whatever CD set you want if I pull your name!   To be eligible, leave your JWFan username in the comments area of your donation.  If you want to donate but not be in the running for a free CD, mention that in the comment.   Use this link or the link on the mainpage.       Thank you!   Jason, Ricard, and Andreas.


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  1. JWFan James Horner Listening Party

    Now that you mention it, hell yes ! Best music ever written in appreciation of Mrs. Connelly.
  2. Video Game Thread II

    Not because YOU think like that, that WE do !
  3. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Everywhere, not many composers can write something as devastatingly emotional and powerful as that. One of my favorite cues by the man. Despite all the despicable things the director did in real life, the movie's a bit of a gem, one that I like to revisit. The last scene has me in tears every time.
  4. Video Game Thread II

    I see one action-adventure and one FPS among all those titles I won't even touch with a ten foot stick!
  5. Video Game Thread II

    Good for you, but there's more out there than RPG's. I've just added it up now using the companion app and I've spent 845 hours on Destiny since it came out about 18 months ago. King Mark is a lightweight!
  6. 1 day...

    One thing's for sure, this board has a LOT less useless posts since a few weeks...
  7. Video Game Thread II

    I've not even played the first 2, so the third one is miles away from even being considered. There are only so many humongous RPG's one can (wants to) go through in one lifetime.
  8. Video Game Thread II

    It's not that. I can definitely remain entertained for 50-100 hours on a game (Skyrim, Fallout 3, New Vegas, Final Fantasy for example, Mass Effect trilogy). But like I said, so much interests me these days that I have to play, and re-play (yes I can get a kick out of booting up an old game, simply to re-enter its world, reliving its thrills and seeing it a new light (graphics are not that important to me anyway, however I'll have a look for high-resolution texture packs and whatnot just to spice it up if possible). I'm just happy that not every game made is for the hardcore OCD gamers (which I can be on a rare occasion), and when one comes along I can complete in ten hours but gives me a great and focused, even emotional experience I will value that over a much too long, repetitive one, that at the end becomes more work than fun. I just checked: I have 239 hours on Skyrim. It's one of the best games I've ever played... but my question is do I really want to go through it again? I'll do that without question for a great 10 hour game, that gives me all the awesomeness in 10 hours that Skyrim has in 239 hours.
  9. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    As much as I love the complete score, that sounds like overkill.
  10. Star Wars: Battlefront (2015 reboot)

    How do you get this mod? Is it available or just a developer demo? I'm not sure if it's already out or a work in progress, but it's for the PC release of the game and should need quite a well equiped rig from the looks of things. Mods like these are always put together by the community and free.
  11. Video Game Thread II

    Does it connect with the films' universe in any way or is it a standalone experience? And another 50 hour game? It's okay if you don't want to play a lot that comes out, but someone like that is interested in so many genres and franchises, and keeps replaying the old favorites, I prefer it when a game gives me a good 10-15 hours worth.
  12. I watched the movie again recently. Its balls to the walls action sequences are the stuff of legend, and for that it remains big fun. But man, does the score annoy me... Why did it have to be another onslaught of noise for 90 % of the film? I honestly was hoping that George Miller had more sense than that. And the 10% where it calms down isn't exactly my cup of tea either. I don't even remember those gentler moments. At least Mad Max 3 had a nice theme, and some genuinely well scores scenes. I'm not a big fan of Maurice Jarre in general, but he gave the film some musical character. The new one is just loud for the sake of sounding ridiculously overblown and causing headaches.
  13. You said it Quintus. There's nothing hateful about ID4. Simply too much fun to be had with it, provided one doesn't take it too seriously. If I look at blockbusters now compared to the ones made during my youth... Well, I know which ones I prefer.
  14. I've listened to several Horners since his accident... and to me he remains alive through his wonderful music. It was like that with Jerry too and it will be like that with Johnny. But I'll be absolutely devastated the day the inevitable happens (and the days after), I won't deny that.
  15. Oh yeah, very much looking forward to these. I still love everything about the first film and its wonderfully designed universe. The Cameron fanboy in me has spoken.