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  1. It ain’t bad. It’s a fun score, underrated like the movie.
  2. I would actually prefer it, now that you mentioned it

    Oh no, I don't blame Williams at all, she is a fabulous actress, just like Sophie Turner. They really had luck with the casting. I just thought that the writing made her "stubborn" way to quick.

    Agree on the gorgeous, disagree on the crap actor. I think she is improving, but she was never as bad as people claim that she is. I think she is superior to Kit Harington in every sense. It was so forced. When did she became this cold? Wasn't last season that she almost got killed because she couldn't kill an innocent woman?
  5. It sounds an awful lot like his Cars 2 score.
  6. He does, but it is pretty bad. I wonder why Giacchino didn't choose to quote Tyler's instead, he seems to be the master of quoting past franchise themes and did a nice job adapting Silverstri's theme
  7. Wait.. WHAT?!?!?!?
  8. Except for the GREAT MoH-like action setpiece "Monumental Meltdown". I liked a lot. Here is the thing about Giacchino, his themes may not be the best nor the most complex ones (except for the Yorktown theme from ST:Beyond, that one is awesome), but he is always able to make them interesting. He is the exact opposite of Hans Zimmer (good themes, bad arrangements, orchestrations and development).
  9. Ok, I get that.. it does not sound great by any means, I was just surprised by the "Just orchestral noise" comment, as it sounded incredibly harsh. If anything, there is some nice arrangements of the Spider-Man theme a the 0:36
  10. Ok.. this negativity is really bothering me. Is it because you guys expect more from Giacchino? Because it sounds much better than Jackman's Civil War score. Just the fact that we have new memorable themes, even if simplistic, and some orchestral complexity already makes it much better than at least 60% of recent blockbuster scores.
  11. Now let's all stop for a second and fear what may become of the Star Wars theme in case Hans Zimmer takes the helm on Han Solo. Remember what he did with Lalo Schifrin's Mission Impossible theme in here:
  12. I am not being able to open it
  13. Nah, I was just listing James Cameron's films that have bad script because someone said that Terminator and Aliens have good scripts despite that I said that I find most of his films badly written. Other than Lee Curtis I don't even like True Lies. Having said that, I do think that Avatar is great, despite its problems. The universe is fascinating and no one can be direct a grand film like Cameron
  14. That is why I said "most of his movies". Titanic, Avatar, True Lies and Abyss have really ok to poor scripts
  15. Also, this really pisses me off. I mean, Disney is taking risks by choosing Breaking Bad and Brick director Rian Johnson to direct episode 8. Why would they choose such a safe option for ep 9 if it is the one that will finish the trilogy. My guess (and hope) is that he will be fired by this time next year.