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  1. The Psycho Pianist

    The Composer's Thread

    We just kind of, work through them - all the decisions are made purely on a give-take basis on the moment. As we both write together we don't usually have that process of being responsible for certain cues etc, although on occasion we have tried delegating "motifs" to be written individually then brought into the joint writing. This didn't really change the process though - usually you end up with something that sounds better than what you came up with originally!
  2. The Psycho Pianist

    The Composer's Thread

    On projects like this we work together for sure! We find that having two heads rather than one can help propel some ideas to something beyond what you might have come up with on your own. Of course, it does lead to the occasional moment where you feel like your own idea genuinely is better (!), but on the whole it probably also speeds up the process slightly - anything that may have been weird or on a tangent to the overall music arc has usually already been corrected at the source rather than much further on That's of course not to say that you don't occasionally end up with other scenarios though...
  3. The Psycho Pianist

    The Composer's Thread

    Was a 3 hour session but in actuality it only took about 2 and a half!
  4. The Psycho Pianist

    The Composer's Thread

    Thought I'd revive this thread having just seen the release of a short film narrated by Olivia Colman that me and @Max McGuire scored over the last few months. The process culminated in us recording the final soundtrack with a small string ensemble at Abbey Road Studio 1 (coincidentally on the same day as Gordy Haab recorded his Battlefront DLC with the LSO, and the day after Han Solo finished overdubs in the same room!) Below is the film - I really encourage anyone to watch it, it's only 8 or so minutes and has a very important message behind it! Also is a video with a bit of session footage from the recording (both me and Max conducted a half of the score each). Would appreciate any feedback! Thanks
  5. The Psycho Pianist

    John Williams to receive John Williams Award ;-)

    The BMI Awards were last night, and was good to see Williams there as articulate as ever!
  6. Short article just posted by Jon Burlingame with a couple of quotes from the animator Glen Keane.
  7. I think Zimmer should've gotten a look in. After all, Zimmer noodling on his own on the piano is literally the title of this film.
  8. The Psycho Pianist

    THE POST - SCORE Thread

    It's all over it, so much of it in the first half of the opening track. Not a clue what it is - sounds glitchy to me, surely not intentional? Can't help but feel if it's not a mastering error that it's something to do with an underlying synth...
  9. The ending is just not right for this to be Williams surely. That snare drum is clearly samples, yet it's quite clearly a vital part of the orchestration of that crescendo. Smells of a pastiche that they had budget for live recording on - however no perc in the session. Also too similar to the Imperial March structure for me for this to be Williams. I would be disappointed if this ended up on the OST as a major track, let's just say that.
  10. Just came across this article on the Orlando Sentinel about the new Wizarding World Christmas (Harry Potter area Christmas event) at Universal Orlando, and it specifically mentions new arrangements "freshly recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road." There is video from the press viewing also. Anyone know anything more about this - given it's written off of a press release/event I would imagine it's fairly accurate info as Universal surely wouldn't plug it so strongly if not?
  11. The Psycho Pianist

    Your favorite John Williams pictures

    Reviving this thread for this. Maybe Williams is providing additional music on RPO
  12. The Psycho Pianist

    Conversations - New Chamber (piano solo) by John Williams

    Just seen that the original documentary can now be viewed on Vimeo at this link, with the password "breakwater"
  13. FCL just announced CE3K will be joining the other JW scores in being screened with a live orchestra. Personally I think this may be one of the highlights, and surely one of the most testing on the orchestra! No dates announced yet but presuming they will follow in due course.
  14. The Psycho Pianist

    Best "ringtone" moments

    What about this:
  15. The Psycho Pianist

    Harry Potter-Sorcere´s stone –Christmas at Hogwarts

    There isn't even complete piece of sheet/written music for "Christmas at Hogwarts." The first part of it as presented on the album (the little orchestral prelude for the first 20 seconds) appears midway through 6m1 "Hagrid's Christmas Tree" whilst the next orchestral part fades in from the choral section at about 1:30 and is from 6m2 "Christmas Morning." The middle bit with the ghostly lyrics and the synthy stuff probably won't even have been scored together, just edited together later from separate sessions.