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  1. eporetskymusic


    Fixed the link! Lemme know what you guys think!
  2. eporetskymusic

    Lincoln FILM Discussion Thread

    Considering this film is based on Lincoln, I expect the score to be quite "American". I think we'll see a lot of strings and definitely hear similarities similiar to "Nixon", "JFK", "War Horse", "The Patriot", "Saving Private Ryan". I don't see the use of a chorus unless there is a lot of war scenes but I definitely expect nice brass, strings, possibly flutes as well. I'm super excited and can't wait!
  3. eporetskymusic


    Hello, My name is Eric Poretsky. I'm an aspiring young film composer from NYC who just so happens to love John Williams. I hope to contribute a lot to these forums and bring in interest into these topics and discussions. Feel free to check out my own music at http://www.youtube.c...ianolovingman Thanks and see you guys around! Best, Eric
  4. eporetskymusic

    My Piano Transcriptions

    Hey Guys, I just joined the Forums and would love to help out and make some piano transcriptions. Just let me know what you would want, anything that's not in his piano book or something. Just reply to this or post it on my profile . I'm quite interested in transcribing possibly the music from "The Terminal", "Munich", "Catch Me If You Can", anything really. Even other composers if you guys want somebody else. Thanks and let me know! Best, Eric