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  1. March Past the Giants... a callback to March Past the Kitchen Utensils from Jurassic Park??
  2. Note that a couple of tracks are missing from the track-by-track playlist. Flight to Neverland and the Imperial March can only be heard in the full broadcast. And the Throne Room is available individually, but only on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/chicagosymphony/williams-throne-room-and-end
  3. Smeltington

    When will we get a new album release of Home Alone 2?

    My 748 posts speak for themselves!
  4. Smeltington

    The Songs Of John Williams: which are essential?

    That's actually quite a list. Nice cover btw!
  5. Wow, sounds fantastic. Pretty typical setlist, but will still be special given the setting. Seems like they should be playing Soundings though
  6. No, an Atlanta boi! But JW has only been to Atlanta once since the Olympics in 1996, so I usually travel to see him. Last year was my first time seeing him with the CSO. It seems like something of a tradition for him, so I thought it would be cool. And a nice excuse to visit Chicago
  7. Okay, yeah, skipping ahead to that point in the broadcast, they explain that the Geisha pieces are from 2008. It's confusing that the page credits Yo-Yo Ma on every track. So it looks like this is most likely the April 26th concert after all. Thanks everyone for clearing that up!
  8. Thanks again. However, perhaps they recorded another evening as well, because the concert from CSO Radio includes Geisha encores performed by Yo-Yo Ma. I was pretty sleepy during the concert, but I feel like I would have remembered that! Have there been any reports on which evening(s) included those encores?
  9. Thanks, Ricard. I'm wondering, how can you tell which night this concert was recorded? I'm interested to know because I was at the April 26 concert and would like to have a recording of that night specifically.
  10. Yes! I've been holding out for years waiting for a new, definitive standalone CD version. The only other Superman release I've ever bought is the original LP. So it's nice that this finally came along.
  11. Smeltington

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    Those were the defining seconds of the score. The key to the whole thing!! I can't hardly hear the sessions even at full volume on my phone. So if nothing else, an LLL release will fix that.
  12. Smeltington

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    It depends if Harry is a wizard, and if Hedwig tries a cookie.
  13. Aw man. That really is a shame :C I still might do film night though, depending what gets announced for Boston. And the Across the Stars concert sounds exciting, given the new JW arrangements. I'll probably try and make that one.