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  1. Stefan, please add a plus one for me. And thanks very much for organizing this.
  2. In that case, try Boston rather than Tanglewood. You'll spend more time and money renting a car and driving from Boston, or another airport, to get to Tanglewood, as magical of a place as it may be.
  3. I do want to try the Hollywood Bowl one of these days, but my favorite JW concerts are usually Film Night in Boston, or at Tanglewood, but NOT on the lawn. It's just too hard to see anything, unfortunately. And my other favorite JW concert experience would be the random shows he does in other US states, because often they do away with the projection screens and you can just enjoy the music. Of course, I expect a new and unique experience at RAH, even as a grizzled veteran of JW concerts
  4. Have multiple versions of The Mission score been released? If so, any recommendations on which one to get?
  5. I just got a chance to listen to this yesterday, and enjoyed it a lot. It's fun to hear John Williams in a different mode, with some unusual sounds that didn't reappear much in his later, more familiar scores. There was some nice use of percussion, especially in The Execution, and one track even featured guitar used in a propulsive, almost percussive way (forget which one). An early score like this sounds almost experimental, when you're used to the more symphonic sound he ultimately settled on. Morricone's influence, perhaps. And it's a great showcase for one of my favorite aspects of Williams' writing, his ability to write themes that work in a particular mode (heroic, for example), then transform them throughout a score to evoke a completely different tone, as needed. Has anyone broken down what's in the bonus tracks? I'm trying to figure out which ones to keep. From the liner notes, it sounded like some were just alternate takes, rather than alternate compositions. From what I can tell so far, End Title and End Cast (track 35) looks like it's the only really significant alternate composition.
  6. Sure I'll browse the page, it's the least I can do!
  7. Smeltington

    John WIlliams conducting Star Wars Prequel Music?

    Great thumbnail!
  8. I would like to have the option to buy lossless digital files from LLL and the other labels, so this is actually sort of encouraging news. So many times I buy a CD set that I end up needing to reassemble once I've ripped it to my computer, which makes it feel a little pointless to have a CD sitting around that I won't actually play. I do like having a CD in times where no assembly is required... Jaws, for example, I play the CD all the time. Ideally, there would be a simultaneous CD and digital release each time, though I know the labels don't usually have this option.
  9. Smeltington

    Music by John Williams - The T-Shirt

    Now mine will be that much more valuable. Bwahahaha!
  10. Smeltington

    Music by John Williams - The T-Shirt

    Love it!! Sold, dude.
  11. Smeltington

    Jerry Goldsmith THE MUMMY Intrada 2CD set!!!

    Aw man. I was excited to buy a complete score release that I could just play the actual CDs straight through, without having to make my own edit. They even split the score over 2 discs to keep it C&C (as opposed to the E.T. and Close Encounters approach). BLARG! Is the original album version of "The Sand Volcano" the whole finale as written? Maybe on disc 2 this is salvageable by playing track 1 followed by track 20?
  12. I just wanted to say great thread topic, and great call identifying this JW trend. It's something he does so well that I never even stopped to think about. And really nice examples in this thread so far.