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  1. AotC is great, especially expanded. Minority Report has slowly grown on me and I listen to it now more than ever. Fawkes' Theme is one of my all time favorites. Still need to spend more time with Catch Me if You Can. I agree that it feels like a better year in retrospect than it did at the time. For example, the similarities between some of the scores that year bugged me at first, but now it's sort of charming in a way.
  2. Smeltington

    Do you own the OST to STAR WARS (excluding recent rereleases)?

    I love the original version too! I have the OST, you know.
  3. Smeltington

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

    Saw the first film when it came out, and was annoyed by how synth-heavy the score sounded, and the similarity of the main theme to material from Gladiator. The film and score both felt kind of cheap. But on seeing/hearing 2 and 3, they seemed to have come up with more budget for the films and scores, and I enjoyed them quite a bit more. 3 is my favorite of the films - the complexity of the plot has actually given it more rewatch value for me. And I like the scores for both 2 and 3. They reprise the themes from 1 enough that there's not much reason for me to revisit the actual score for 1.
  4. Smeltington

    What's JW's most annoying march?

    March of the Villains for me, possibly the only John Williams music I've heard that I don't like. Although some of what he does with it is still interesting - I'm just not a fan of the theme itself.
  5. Smeltington

    Are you experiencing JW expanded soundtrack fatigue?

    There have been so many BIG releases in a row, I'm still just as excited about them as if they were spaced apart more, but I'm just kind of scattered trying to catch up. Trying to listen and digest them all and spend quality time with them. I thought Dracula was big news, but then it didn't ship when I ordered it, so I didn't get it until after HP. Then while I was still working my way through HP, I got Superman, and really wanted to hear that. So I still haven't listened to Dracula. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I don't really need any more expansions at the moment, because these will sustain me for a long time. I also need to keep listening to E.T. and Close Encounters. I never get tired of Williams' music, there's always more enjoyment to be had from any of his scores, so I'm not about to get tired of any of the recent expansions anytime soon. In fact, I feel like my appreciation for Williams is at an all-time high, now that so much of his best music is available to enjoy. We have a vivid picture of the scope of Williams' achievements. But not only is it amazing to think about, the music itself still speaks to me as much as ever, if not more.
  6. My CD copy has the standard cover, and I also saw CD copies in the shop at Tanglewood with the standard cover. Never seen the above before.
  7. Pretty random, considering he's not even conducting his own Film Night shows, but it's still nice to see he's not done conducting for good.
  8. I'm interested to hear these interpretations of the Potter music, especially Fawkes. And I'll buy the Adagio track for sure.
  9. Smeltington

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    A meetup would be fun! And you'll like Tanglewood, it's a beautiful place, and holy ground for any JW fan.
  10. Smeltington

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    Tanglewood tickets went on sale today, including Mutter's "Across the Stars" concert in July, for anyone who's interested. I'll be there and excited to hear the new arrangements.
  11. I keep thinking he's gonna give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, Gladiator style.
  12. Smeltington


    Where Dreams Are Born Fawkes Is Reborn Seeing the Baby The Arrival of Baby Harry Hatching Baby Raptor
  13. Smeltington

    Sony Music no longer dealing with soundtrack labels

    I'm sure Sony (the record label) COULD license unreleased music from a film studio and release an expansion on their own. It's just not part of their regular business model.
  14. Smeltington

    A Guide To Hans Zimmer's Interstellar

    JWFan: Interrupted