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  1. Love the score, it has a lot of highlights, which inspired JW to write many different variations for performance. All of which are wonderful and which perhaps elevate the score in my opinion. The soundtrack album itself is only half the enjoyment for me, and admittedly has a few parts where my attention starts to drift. So for that I deducted 1/2 a star. Lots of fond memories associated with the score, which is usually my go-to when driving to Tanglewood to see JW conduct. Pretty scenery, pretty music. Saw the film at the theater but can't remember it enough to comment.
  2. LOVE the Dark Crystal score! I like the soundscape Pemberton creates, he seems to have a bit of an experimental streak. There are several different prevailing moods, from mysterious, to playful, to scary, but there's a great sense of unity to the whole thing, thanks to the composer's sonic palette. It sounds great on headphones, where you can really be immersed and get lost in the music. It has a very satisfying blend of traditional, organic sounds presented via thoroughly modern-sounding production techniques. Hope they announce the CD release soon.
  3. This!!! I always wonder how these pieces came about. They're amazing, and the two styles mesh so much better than they have any right to. I wish the entire scores could have included more of this sound.
  4. They have crappy grab-and-go type of food. Burgers, fries, etc. They do have a salad bar also. But I think there's a nicer cafe somewhere too, if you go out of your way to look for it. There are also restaurants along the road leading to the venue, though I haven't tried many of them. The grounds are beautiful, and definitely worth taking extra time to walk around. You can also picnic there... some people go all out. Plus you can try and communicate with Highwood's ghost. Enjoy!
  5. Here at JWFan, editing and completing our own album assemblies is our lot in life. Just give us the materials. We've trained years for this!!
  6. Well, of course you want to support the whole endeavor as much as you can. But something like Schindler's, I can live without hearing anyway. The point of buying it would be to own a definitive release, as much as listening to the actual contents. Potter, for example, is different. I can't just sit here and not listen to Azkaban knowing it's out there!
  7. I love CDs and vinyl myself. But for JW soundtracks in particular, it's complicated because you can't always put the disc in and just play it as is. So I wish we had the option of buying digital files and not having to keep a "bricked" CD sitting around. Yes, I know it's not possible for reasons. But as a consumer you can't help reacting to the situation from a consumer's perspective, even while enjoying the bounty of music being released.
  8. Can't wait! I hope I manage to catch it in theaters, sounds like that might be difficult.
  9. Yeah not the most professional looking presentation. And that's all I can comment on since I haven't heard it Hey at least the music's out there, that's what we really care about, right?
  10. I find it unappealing, and the title font as well.
  11. If they would just change the picture.
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