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  1. I need to pick up this one, and TFA. It's times like this that I wish they had some nice Struzan-type artwork on the cover. Speaking of which, I'd buy an LP release of HPSS in a heartbeat... if I didn't also have to buy HPGOF to get it >_<
  2. The Desplat score was the only part of that movie I was looking forward to
  3. Solo score being recorded in London right now

    Maybe in this prequel, we'll learn the backstory of how Harrelson lost his hair.
  4. Solo score being recorded in London right now

    Worse, it might not suck AND it might not be awesome, it might be just okay.
  5. True, although putting the iso score on the Blu-ray would have been a silver platter. This was more like a paper plate.
  6. Was Sinatra referring to Mike Matessino?
  7. I think physical media could stick around for certain releases, where there's a niche demand. But I seriously doubt the majority of new music will still be released that way. There have already been at least a few major album releases on digital only, not to mention tons of exclusive tracks on digital platforms. Plenty of artists have released non-album singles that never get a physical release. Another sign of the times is the staggered release structure we've seen, for example with the Post, where the digital release comes out first. The CD is becoming more of an afterthought.
  8. I'm sure a discerning fan like Pellaeon wouldn't want to limit himself to the mistakes made on those individual sets!
  9. The first version I owned was the 1997 SE sets, so I'm not as familiar with the Anthology. If you have access to the SE soundtracks, you could use them as a guide to edit the Anthology, then take the missing material from the SE. This is especially helpful in the case of RotJ, where the Anthology has better sound than the SE. The best way to go about this is really just to get your hands on a fan edit for each score, so you can make sure you have the best possible versions of each track, the best and most complete arrangement of the available material, etc. But if you can't, then a combination of SE and Anthology material will get you most of the way there.
  10. If you're new to the Star Wars scores, also note that there's still music missing from the Anthology. But there's no one perfect CD source for these scores, so if you enjoy the Anthology presentation, then have fun.
  11. I think that will happen eventually, even if it's still years out. Most younger/more casual music listeners are content with Spotify and Youtube, and aren't very interested in purchasing music for download, let alone bothering with any kind of physical media. "Owning" music will still be popular with older generations, so it might not die out for a long time, but it's not the way of the future. Maybe there will still be niche services for audiophiles and so on that do allow downloads... we'll see!
  12. I think there'll always be ways to listen to your own music files, but whether there are new legal releases that you can actually save to your own file storage is another matter. We might have to record all future releases via Audacity just like this isolated score.
  13. So much truth, @King Mark. If you had nothing available to you but streaming, you'd be at the mercy of corporate/legal bullshit for all time. I just went to Spotify to listen to Shape of Water OST again, and it's gone. And of course the FYC for that score will probably never be on Spotify in any case, so there would always be more music that was ordained for you not to hear. Imagine if all we had for Williams was what's on Spotify... and it could still be removed at any time.