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  1. Yeah I would actually buy the LP if they released one with everything on it. I'm enjoying the Deluxe Edition CD very much. I guess they're trying to create a Star Wars collectible, to bait anyone who buys things that say "Star Wars" on them. Although... they oddly didn't print "Star Wars" on the cover and probably should have. Then again, Star Wars fans are also used to buying things that say "Special Edition" on them...
  2. So........... this is a vinyl with JUST the Star Wars tunes?? Waaaaaaaat. All this "collectible" JW/ASM vinyl, each of it incomplete in its own special way, is a colossal shitshow!!!! Thanks douche grammophon!!!!
  3. The songs in GoF are... unfortunate. I always have to cut off the credits at that point when I watch the movie. If I saw this live to projection and they attempted that song, my day would be ruined!! It might be nice if they reprised some other music to fill the time though.
  4. Nice to see the rehearsal pics, and the venue is suitably classy for JW. Anybody going to this?
  5. At the airport in Boston, the baggage claim area has a big display advertising the BSO, which blares a few recordings including the Star Wars theme. So you can head there if you want a simulated JW concert in the airport, at least
  6. I've always thought the Minority Report OST seemed like it had some of the track titles spruced up by some marketing person before being released, to try and make them sound "cool."
  7. Very tough choice, since they're neck and neck, pretty similar types of scores. A few of the themes could even be swapped and still be effective in the opposite films. Both give me feels but Lincoln (score) gives me MORE feels. The movies are both good but both lacking something.
  8. Fuck Temple (guilty pleasure), marry Raiders (best movie), kill Crusade (too calculated)
  9. If there's a thematic through-line that you could look for in these films as a whole, perhaps it would be about teamwork, a bunch of individuals who are strong on their own, yet discover that they need each other, and have to overcome the challenges of making that work. In fact, they sometimes struggle more to see eye to eye with each other than to clobber the bad guys. Cap and Iron Man disagreeing on how to best defend the world was handled pretty deftly in Avengers 1, and with less nuance later (airport fight), for example.
  10. He's still talented but he's spinning his wheels.
  11. Anyone know a way to rip the audio from the Post as filtered through Thor's ears?
  12. Lol that's probably true. To him HP is a trilogy.
  13. You don't HAVE to though, I can hear it even when listening in the car. I think anyone who can't hear it, your brain must be tuning it out somehow, like white noise. As Disco Stu said, YMMV.
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