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  1. I understand they won't sell a lot of copies of some of these without packaging them all together. But it's a shame cause I would like to buy the first one if I had the option. Buying the whole box would be a massive stretch for me, just isn't gonna happen. It looks like a great set though, and I know the original 5 films have a very devoted cult following, so I'm kinda excited for this on behalf of those people, haha.
  2. I say, don't buy Jaws 3 and 4, or Superman 2 and 3. For Superman 4, wait and see the results of the poll. There, your decision has been made for you. SMELTINGTON HAS SPOKEN!
  3. It's too bad it seems to be so pervasive throughout different parts of the score... that plus the presence of bits of concert arrangements seems to be the biggest difference compared to repeated material in earlier Star Wars scores.
  4. Interesting, I never picked up on that. Has anyone tried to make a list of all such quotes? It sounds like maybe there are more of them than I realized.
  5. Yes, there was a guy with a camera on a tripod, sitting on platform about halfway back, who seemed to be filming the whole time. Cameras could also be seen filming from the stage door whenever Mutter or Williams entered or exited the stage. It seems like too much to hope for that we'd get video of the whole thing, but maybe they're planning to at least use excerpts for future promo?
  6. The best of the best: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone The Empire Strikes Back Hook Star Wars Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban The best of the rest: Fellowship of the Ring Gladiator Avatar The Lion King (the original obvs) Deathly Hallows 1
  7. I want one too! We, the Rocketeer left behinds, need a waitlist, maybe even a support group.
  8. But then Superman will clobber us, while his John Williams theme plays in the background.
  9. Uploaded as a zip file to avoid compression.
  10. I put together a high res approximation of the OST artwork for my music library. I've attached it here, in case anyone else would like to use it. Monsignor artwork Smeltington edition.zip
  11. All John Williams releases should be enhanced CDs with a link to Jay's spreadsheet for each score! I gave the new release a listen last night, and enjoyed it a lot. It leans heavily on the main theme, but I liked the theme enough that I didn't mind. The piano rendition in "At the Forum" was one of the biggest highlights.
  12. It takes up too much room on the shelf! There are simply too many discs.
  13. The CD booklet is all in English, but it contains a separate insert with the same contents in Japanese. The whole thing is in a jewel case, containing the CD and the DVD. It should have been released everywhere!
  14. I bought a CD copy in Japan that only contained the vol. 3 disc, without the first two. I'd link to it but I'm having trouble finding it online right now.
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