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  1. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    I'm going! Presale tickets on Monday. It's great to see ASO picking up more and more of these concerts.
  2. Harry Potter - Live to Projection Concerts

    Our HPSS had blue lighting as well. Do they standardize these things??
  3. Yeah, I can't picture a new concert version of an existing theme appearing on a sequel OST. It's lucky we got Jedi Steps via Lockhart's recording.
  4. But has he ever written a concert version of a theme for a sequel, when the theme was already established in an earlier film?
  5. Harry Potter - Live to Projection Concerts

    Fighting words!!!! But Chamber of Secrets will be great to hear live. I went to HPSS last week, performed by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. It was wonderful. Very appreciative audience too. I found out at the concert that we're getting Chamber of Secrets, but I have to wait til October 2018!! AGGGHHH
  6. Great question. Qui-Gon's Funeral would be cool... so would Qui-Gon's theme! I always loved that theme and wished it was used more. I know a lot of people here would have liked a concert version of Tintin's theme. I wish he would have released Irina's Theme and Window to the Past on their respective original albums. But at least concert versions do exist. The same goes for Jedi Steps I suppose, although Lockhart's recording is satisfying.
  7. Yeah, I feel like a lot of Williams' themes for the Harry Potter sequels were inspired by Hedwig's Theme and Nimbus 2000, and I would assume he did so for exactly that reason.
  8. It's true, Across the Stars and the main title line up very well, but I can think of at least one other example of this... Schindler's and Harry Potter. I think we can agree those weren't meant to be thematically linked. If Williams was consciously influenced by the main title at all when writing Across the Stars, I would guess it was only in terms of trying to write music that sounded "like Star Wars".
  9. There are a lot of "stock" musical phrases that Williams repeats over and over again throughout his work, often among scores that are otherwise unrelated to each other. I don't think he does this intentionally; I think there's only so many original melodies one person's mind can come up with that are completely distinct. There's a phrase from Across the Stars repeated in Fawkes' theme, which had already been used in Hook, etc. etc. Across the Stars has always reminded me of the main title, but I don't think Williams actually INTENDED for it to be a variation on the main title, or any other existing Star Wars themes. I think he was trying to write something completely new and it just turned out that way.
  10. I'm already going on the 26th, but I might add the 27th as well, if those seats are available! There weren't many options back when this first went on sale.
  11. What's the best CD source for the disco track?
  12. Well shit let's fix that right now!!!!!! Where's the donate button?
  13. I think I've donated to JWFan more than to Wikipedia by this point. So maybe here is his best bet.