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  1. Smeltington

    Music by John Williams - The T-Shirt

    Now mine will be that much more valuable. Bwahahaha!
  2. Smeltington

    Music by John Williams - The T-Shirt

    Love it!! Sold, dude.
  3. Smeltington

    Jerry Goldsmith THE MUMMY Intrada 2CD set!!!

    Aw man. I was excited to buy a complete score release that I could just play the actual CDs straight through, without having to make my own edit. They even split the score over 2 discs to keep it C&C (as opposed to the E.T. and Close Encounters approach). BLARG! Is the original album version of "The Sand Volcano" the whole finale as written? Maybe on disc 2 this is salvageable by playing track 1 followed by track 20?
  4. I just wanted to say great thread topic, and great call identifying this JW trend. It's something he does so well that I never even stopped to think about. And really nice examples in this thread so far.
  5. Maybe they're saying there won't be any new music released, so instead we should all just stay home and read a bunch of books.
  6. Smeltington

    Williams vs Zimmer

    I thought there was gonna be a poll
  7. Smeltington

    Two Upcoming Williams Music Concerts In Dublin

    So the second concert is titled Superman, but they'll play music from many different John Williams scores, not just Superman. So the implication with that title is that John Williams, himself, IS Superman?? Nice to finally have that acknowledged.
  8. Smeltington

    JW fan starting CD collection

    I'd recommend waiting on Indy to any hardcore JWFan, but I don't think the shortcomings of the existing set would be apparent to a new fan. Although the necessity of owning ToD and Last Crusade in any form is debatable, compared to some of the other scores named in this thread.
  9. Smeltington

    JW fan starting CD collection

    Definitely the LLL Jurassic Park / Lost World set. You could consider the Indy box set as well. Too bad there's not an HP box set, just so you could include it in your list, haha. I like HPSS best, and it has a very good OST, but many prefer PoA. Personally I would take out Superman, especially when you already have Star Wars. And maybe pick a drama or a non-Spielberg, non-franchise score to keep it well rounded. Geisha might work, it's pretty unique and not redundant with the other selections.
  10. Yeah, I think it's just alternates though? Someone will be along soon with specifics.
  11. Fascinating info, @elvisjones. Reading about all this, I can't help wondering what JW's official capacity would be on a film like Rogue One. Would he actually have a contract like he would if he were composing, except in a different role, e.g. music consultant? Or were his opinions merely informal?
  12. Smeltington

    Star Wars Concert Suites

    The Jedi Steps and Finale would have two versions also, wouldn't it? The two different optional endings?
  13. Do I have to stop reading this thread already??
  14. The stage is set... just get Instagram and you'll be young again!