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  1. Aw man. That really is a shame :C I still might do film night though, depending what gets announced for Boston. And the Across the Stars concert sounds exciting, given the new JW arrangements. I'll probably try and make that one.
  2. Smeltington

    Remembering the Old Times: The History of JWfan Thread

    Was going to mention those, they were massive controversies at the time, but are accepted and forgotten now. And they seem to have worked out pretty well.
  3. Smeltington

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    It was too good to be true, and still is! I was in a hotel, where a client had put me up for the week, with my DESKTOP computer that I brought with me because I didn't have a laptop at the time. I downloaded the HPSS sessions over the hotel wifi, and the first thing I listened to was Voldemort's Theme from the Children's Suite. When Chamber leaked, and I first listened to it, I was at home in Atlanta, and it was the day before John Williams conducted the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. At the concert, JW included Fawkes the Phoenix B-) Perfect synergy! Maybe he knew......
  4. Smeltington

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    See, this is how you can tell a true JW Fan. You remember where you were when the HPSS sessions dropped
  5. Smeltington

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    I downloaded it on October 26, 2010, so it must have been around that time. I remember that and the CoS leak very well. They were big moments in my life... moments that I wasn't able to share with the important people in my life, because nobody cared. Haha
  6. Smeltington

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    Damn, that's just the right amount of tracks for an album, let's hope we get one with all 10 arrangements and don't need to cobble this together from live performances.
  7. Saw 2001 in 70mm, and The Shining in 35mm, at the Prince Charles Cinema this week! They have some good stuff, although the seating is a little strange. Recommend getting there early.
  8. Smeltington

    UPDATED WITH TWEET: JW should do a cameo in SW Ep. IX!

    Rian Johnson, he seems to enjoy Twitter. And he's a team player, he gifted us the TLJ iso score! Come through Rian!!!
  9. That's my biggest issue with expanded releases, is that often I have to make changes to get it to actually be C&C. If I'm buying a CD set that's really, really close to C&C, I'd rather be able to actually listen to it when I want to hear the whole score. And not have to go back to my edits. It makes the actual product instantly obsolete. For each Williams score, I listen as close to C&C as is possible for that score. Williams' scores are musical storytelling, I want to listen to Williams tell me a story. I feel like removing or shuffling tracks waters that down. If I feel like an abridged version, occasionally I try the OST, but most often I just create a quick custom playlist, depending on what I feel like.
  10. It's all Williams' published arrangements. Finale has a couple of changes from the OST. It starts from the end credits, skipping Jedi Steps and the Force theme. It also includes the extension to Poe's theme. The others, I believe are the exact same arrangements from the OST.
  11. Yeah!! You need it for the TFA suite if nothing else. But the whole thing is a great listen... minus the Patriot theme which stops the album dead, IMHO. But I love Lockhart's interpretations of the TFA material, plus you don't get The Jedi Steps concert version anywhere else.
  12. Escapades, Marion's Theme, A New Beginning, Dry Your Tears, Afrika, and With Malice Toward None (track 4) are the ones I've found myself listening to outside of the rest of the album. And after seeing JW conduct so many times in recent years, the complete album feels almost like a concert program to me, which makes it fun. Some of these pieces are staples of JW's concerts, especially BFG, Adventures of Mutt, "The Duel", and With Malice Toward None. With that said, I think I probably enjoy Lights, Camera, Music slightly more because of all the rarities, the TFA suite, and I happen to like the sound better. Plus maybe having a different composer gives it a fresh feel? But I'm glad we got both albums together, with almost no overlap in material between the two. Twice as nice!
  13. Since I didn't listen to ANY of those in September, here are the JW albums I DID listen to! Spielberg/Williams, part 3 Lights, Camera, Music The Book Thief (OST/FYC edit) Minority Report (OST/bootleg edit) The Force Awakens (OST/FYC/etc edit)
  14. The cat is furiously typing on his computer (not piano) keyboard, representing our friend Crumbs, who posts often and with enthusiasm. And indeed the results are fascinating.
  15. Stefan, please add a plus one for me. And thanks very much for organizing this.