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  1. Difficult to disagree with that. Raptors aren't supposed to be nice 'guys', are they?
  2. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    Interesting. Written by a person who does a lot of soundtrack stuff too? Could that possibly mean good audible merchandise might follow...?
  3. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    Hmm... You're making me think there. Strong points, I reckon the generally good natured atmosphere, which is of course helped by the humour. Sometimes pretty clever points too. On the other hand, not all the humour works, especially the crude and childish bits. The characters are likeable though and respond in fairly human ways that you don't often see in shows like these. Special effects are exactly at the level I'd expect them at; not any excessive "wow" factor, but that only helps them support the story instead of distract from it. Plus having high quality orchestral music with a fun theme certainly helps too. (Where is an OST when you need one?) It is pretty much Star Trek, which I definitely like but is sometimes a bit slow and takes itself a bit too seriously. But here some Stargate style "we really don't care" humour is thrown in for good measure, which adds to the fun factor for me. Long story short: It's fun and entertaining, but not actually dumb despite some of the humour making it seem that way. Does that sound about fair...?
  4. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    Watched the final episode today. Definitely a very enjoyable new series! Bring on Part 2!
  5. You don't think the original one sounds silly in the extreme?
  6. Sounds like good, old-fashioned, genuine team-work to me. Nothing wrong with that!
  7. Have to admit, that much is true. Yes it is!
  8. I am so confused right now. Are you fantasizing me to be an Abrams fanboy for some reason? Truth be told, I have very little care for him. I liked his first Star Trek, yes, even though the second one is largely embarrassing from a story perspective. And I thought MI:III was entertaining and Super 8 wasn't bad. The Force Awakens is even pretty good, yet does have hilariously excessive parallels with the original film(s). But that's about it, really. Never bothered watching any of his TV shows at all, even though I do watch a lot of TV shows these days. So... Yep, this is certainly a very strange turn of events.
  9. What's wrong with the replacement for Ewok Celebration? I just listened to it and I really like the new version.... Yup, I quite approve of those two. Good stuff!
  10. Although I do reckon that list is actually pretty darn accurate, I totally agree with you there. The wrong colours are distracting and the lightsabers truly stand out. I watched the Revisited fan edit of Empire Strikes Back yesterday, which was a breath of fresh air as far as I'm concerned. Just wished they could also put Williams' original music as written in there. I like the "Snowspeeder Search" and "The Executor" a bit too much.
  11. The Official Intrada Thread

    Excellent news! More seafaring music, especially a classic like this one, is always welcome. John Debney specifically mentioned Waxman as inspiration for my favourite Cutthroat Island. Sounds like I'll finally find out why! I hope the sound quality will be reasonable. And stereo...
  12. Cheers! For the record, I have never written that last sentence that you quote me for. Just sayin'....
  13. James Bond #25

    HALF a good Bond movie. But that second half: Home Alone with bad guy winning because Q is an idiot of the extreme kind...?
  14. My immediate reaction upon seeing this: WHY?!? I was looking forward to another Star Trek film. Beyond was fairly reasonable and a step in the right direction compared to Into Darkness. Well, I suppose this is one less movie for me to care about. Disappointing. Wait... Is it April already? Please tell me it is a certain day in very early April! That movie was already made. It is called Starship Troopers. It is pretty great.
  15. John Williams: Unpopular Opinions

    People are people, regardless of them being film buffs or not. And surely something that is "unhealthy" for one group would apply similarly to the other? I do like movies quite a lot, that's for certain. But I claim no professional expertise on the subject. Would that make me a "film buff" or not? Normally, I can be quite curious about "serious fare" as well as popcorn entertainment. But "normally" has been a while ago, my preference is vastly for fun, positive stuff and I'd definitely not consider a personal preference on a subject like movies to be in any way "unhealthy". One-sided perhaps, but when it comes to cinema, that's really far more harmless than many other subjects would be. In the end, it's only entertainment. That can admittedly be educational and even eye-opening at times. But still...