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  1. Is this what Disney is doing now? Cancel the movie; convert to TV show? Now I wonder if we'll start seeing links to "Solo" in these shows as well. Surely Darth Maul's re-introduction has to be continued somewhere?!? And what about some young Han Solo cameo's here and there?
  2. I'm curious now. Does anyone here have that? Those exist by the Kanagawa Symphony Orchestra. Pretty sure there's a CD release of that, but I cannot find it on the internet right now. Anyone here who can help out?
  3. Cool! Very cool! Here's to hoping (they don't get sued).
  4. Watched this Saturday evening with my family, which included my very picky Lion King enthusiastic mum. The cinema was packed and there was a lot of excitement and applause going on. We all thought the movie was pretty well done and it was certainly an evening well spent. (Still... I like The Jungle Book better and am more looking forward to Mulan later on. And, apparently, TREASURE PLANET!!)
  5. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hnJyL-CHMCKKUV4R7ERS1LXOBJgyikTy I've got a vague memory that the one I've got was done by @GoodMusician after I requested it, but I might be wrong there. I myself have combined and split tracks at will here and there, with little regard to how they were recorded. For example, my "Over the Himalayas" ends early; before the spooky bit for the introduction to the Indian village starts. That part I merged instead with the next cue in "The Starving Village", which seems to flow together beautifully. In theory, I suppose these two tracks should've been one; but with the tone changing so drastically midway, this split seems to make the most sense to me. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ErTbnRl0dCv2CR8BjuQScIu4TdjNt4Df I do something similar with "Water! and The Bridge", which ends right after the British fanfare. "Return to the Village and End Credits" then starts with the happy/relieved music right after. My reasoning is again similar: The music flows well together, but the resulting track is too long and changes pace drastically. The first bit is extremely intense and exciting, while the denouement is basically the exact opposite. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UZfGv3uLetrdmxRzH43gcSOBUb7t_7S1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=173RRl743lw0mGE40N0qZaWP60ro7Cpvh
  6. Someone once made a version of Map that includes the film version AND the alternate in one. That's my favourite! I wonder what people here would think of such an approach.
  7. Sometimes they do make things better. Especially when it merges similar-sounding short tracks from different parts of the movie. On their own, they might not make much of an impact; but grouped together, they can. Even some of the micro-edits do work well. But more often than not, they're silly and cut out the best bits. Shame, really.
  8. Finally!! Only thing missing is a jeep of some kind. The original, smaller LEGO Ideas version did have one and I think that added a lot. Hopefully they'll release that separately then...
  9. I'm no expert here, but... Lair was pretty ambitious, no? That one is still my favourite non-film score I think.
  10. I do like OST track combinations to be maintained when they make musical sense, such as "You Are the Pan". Those two really do fit well together.
  11. For me, it has a really nice variation on Hedwig's Theme that isn't found anywhere else.
  12. In addition, how about: "Ugh, Vines! (Alternate)" from Indiana Jones 4. "Prologue (Alternate)" from Hook. "The Firebolt (Alternate)" from Harry Potter 3. "Sail Barge Assault (Alternate)" from Star Wars VI. "Prelude and Main Title (Alternate)" from Superman.
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