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  1. Pieter_Boelen

    Adding choir lyrics to existing Star Wars pieces

    Ah, that finally explains the one piece of music I couldn't recognise: Mykola Lysenko – Ouverture from Taras Bulba
  2. I kind-of liked that edit job and probably wouldn't have minded that being replicated on the new set? Seems like a nice way of using good extra stuff in the main program, rather than hiding a short track in the bonus section. So... How crazy am I for thinking that...?
  3. https://screenrant.com/fantastic-beasts-problem-rowling-director/amp/ Just ran across this article and I think the writer has the right ideas. He even mentioned the music as a good thing, so that helps.
  4. Fair enough. Maybe I've just been lucky then to not have seen any others. Taken on its own, it seemed like a well-made film with a lot of heart, good acting, good visuals, fitting music and more humour than I expected, which was welcome too. Ah; gotcha! I didn't think Kloves did the greatest job either though. There's some seriously weird story choices in basically all the Harry Potter movies.
  5. Steve Kloves didn't write it? Problems in Murder on the Orient Express? I thought that movie was exceptionally well-done; one of my favourites of recent years.
  6. Truth be told, I think I would've respected that more. At least that title doesn't change the name of something that has actually been a real myth for at least a thousand years.
  7. Pieter_Boelen

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    I like Dinosaur a bit, Treasure Planet quite a bit and Atlantis is probably my favourite Disney animated movie ever (though Mulan gives it a run for its money). But I can understand why people wouldn't like Atlantis, because that movie seems to mostly have been made especially for me.
  8. Thanks for that! Those really do sound atrocious.
  9. AAAGH!!! Dutch Harry Potter name translations! Take it away, take it away!!!
  10. Wasn't Mike already quite flexible on it back in the Star Wars days? It sounds to me like he's doing a pretty good job at finding a reasonable balance between the alternative approaches. And that's the way I prefer it myself too. Nicely balanced!
  11. I barely listen to those, but of course I should. Of course virtually always chronological will be the way to go and I'm not advocating throwing it all way out of whack. But in some cases, once in a while, an alternative approach here and there can improve things further.
  12. Don't know him well enough for that. But when I'm mentioning purely my own preferences here, I see no need to consider what others want. Have to admit though that it's interesting to see people here who are more OCD than me. Films aren't made with listening experience in mind and the composer serves the film. But that doesn't mean that the film order is necessarily musically the best order. It's got nothing to do with the composer making a mistake. As composed, it was right for the film. But it can be even better. So who's going to make the poll on this subject?
  13. I hope so. Everything there, but nicer to listen to than just plain recording sessions. I appreciate that they're putting some extra thought into it.
  14. In some cases, I really do think certain cue combinations work wonders for the listening experience. I'm thinking for example the OST "Face of Pan" from Hook.
  15. You did it! Thanks!! This is really useful!!! I think I was one of those people.