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  1. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Actually attended the Dutch press premiere of that movie. Was convenient too, because I really like my adventure movies (which this is). And the actual release was going to be a few days after I'd leave for a 5 month period at sea. I never get to attend press premiers, so... fond memories!
  2. I'll take me some 13th Warrior then, if that's not too much to ask for.
  3. Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    The first track is really fun for sure! Never remembered much of the others. Yep, fun one too!
  4. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    Stays in the Disney family then!
  5. Hey, that's pretty brilliant news! Even the footwarmer had quite some substantial stuff missing, if I recall. And it was only two days ago that I was joking about this one, not believing it would actually happen right now!
  6. Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    Which ones are those? The theme from that track is easily my favourite of the score! Really, really enjoyable. I wonder what it represents. It isn't the main theme, but I reckon it should be. Silvestri at his best is really pretty darn good. But he's not always at his best; not even when he really should be. That makes his "average" scores all the more disappointing; because we all know they COULD have been better.
  7. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    How about this one? https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/seth-macfarlane-fox-tucker-carlson_us_5b26b86ce4b0783ae12a3bcc As far as I can tell, he's got a bit of a point. Except perhaps people with a huge EGO.
  8. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    Huh? Sounds real enough to me...
  9. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    Since there still isn't an announcement about a soundtrack release yet (seriously, I'd expect one by now from such a music-loving producer!), here are the only two tracks that I did find: And this can serve as soundtrack cover: Still better than nothing!
  10. Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    Very true. I only ever remembered a tweet(?) where she kind-of sort-of hinted she may have written that bit, but wasn't sure if anything was officially confirmed. If she actually has been officially credited, then all the better! Takes it out of the realm of rumour, then. Holy overreaction Batman! Whatever did I do to deserve a remark like that?!? Especially considering there are quite a fair few really rather creepy posts elsewhere in this very same thread. Seriously, I haven't the faintest clue why I'm suddenly being singled out for apparently doing something wrong. I only asked a simple question. For the record, my intended implications were: 1. I'm not sure if she did do anything on that track. 2. I'm not sure anything was officially confirmed about her involvement. (Above reasons explain why my two-sentence post had question marks at the conclusion of both sentences.) 3. It is a pretty good track. What did you think I implied??? Thanks for confirming! The point I was hoping to make is that she did a pretty nice job on that track! If the only music of hers I know is a track I quite like, she must've done something right. In other words: reason enough to be positive about this assignment! (And also reason enough to skip certain comments earlier in this thread that I'd really rather not have seen...)
  11. Thanks. I listened to all those timestamps though, and the reference remains elusive to me. I suppose I'll just have to live with only hearing the Lost World game theme in that track...