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  1. The sequel movies are flawed. For certain. I sincerely doubt any reasonable person would argue that. In which ways they're flawed differs from person to person. Just like it differs from movie to movie. And just like the prequels and the originals all had their flaws too. Certainly the reason for the sequels existing at all is more financially motivated than artistic. And of course marketing is generally manipulative and dishonest too. I certainly have zero doubt about any of that. That being said, I believe that within the constraints set by the Disney executives, the movie makers have been trying to do their best. And given the profits made and number of people talking about them, there must be many people out there (myself included) who get enjoyment out of them. So claiming these movies have no right to exist, for me, crosses the line where I believe it is not a reasonable opinion to have. Sure, you're still allowed to have that opinion. I'm certainly not able to force you to change your mind anyway. I will always believe it is unreasonable. What that says about you and about me is not for me to decide. It says something. And who knows... maybe what it says is that I misunderstood something in what is going on here. I like to think so.
  2. Like John Williams does, you mean? If David Arnold ever did anything other than his pop beginning, his film scores, that Olympics theme and some TV shows these days, then I never heard of it. Would be happy to find out there is more though! The guy does good work.
  3. Has he done any concert works that ARE based on his film scores??? All I know is "Parade of the Athletes" from the (2012?) London Olympics. It can be found on a CD named "A Symphony of British Music". Not sure if that counts, but it seemed worth mentioning just in case.
  4. I'm not convinced the movie was sending that message there at all. As far as I'm concerned, it showed two realistically imperfect characters make a bigger mess than needed through bad communication, which is unfortunately very, VERY common in real life too. On the other hand, there is a time and place to question orders. "In the middle of a high-stress life-and-death emergency situation" is not one of them. Last month I took my parents out sailing. I have plenty of experience. They do not. We very nearly crashed in the middle of a very important commercial waterway. Why? Because my father took his own initiative, despite having zero clue about potential consequences. It hadn't even occurred to me that he might do what he did; until it was too late. He behaved like a loose cannon. I managed to save the situation, even though it had suddenly and very unexpectedly turned very dangerous. The situation was perfectly safe before he did that. It would have stayed perfectly safe if he had accepted his place and blindly followed my orders. Suffice it to say, I was NOT happy with him. And the whole debacle ended up needlessly damaging my boat; as I found out later. This is not a movie or other made up situation I'm talking about. This happened for real. Isn't it amazing that you get the luxury to choose yourself where you want the story to end for you? And that other people can make their own different choice if they so wish? And that nobody is being forced one way or another?
  5. I agree that the sequel trilogy undid the happy ending of RotJ. Literally the next movie in the series shows that the bad guys were NOT defeated and, oh, all the characters we knew and loved ended up alone and very unhappy. That is something I do not like about TFA at all. And it results from the apparent desire to make it another soft reboot. To give new fans what the old ones got with ANH and somehow keep the old fans from getting too unhappy either. I honestly don't get why certain fans got so worked up about TLJ and not about TFA. And I also agree... TLJ could've been better still. The way I see it, TFA was disappointing because it tried to cater to old fans while making brand new ones too. And TLJ suffered because it was trying to turn the story in a fresh new direction while still keeping the fans happy. Neither truly succeeded on all parts and the attempt to balance conflicting goals keeps the movies from being too far one way or another. And so they become a bit average. Not bad at all, certainly enjoyable and absolutely far from perfect. And if I'm being very honest, that's nothing new for this series. And that is fine.
  6. I'm perfectly fine with getting more new Star Wars content. It's a world that lends itself to infinitely more stories. Some might be good, some less so, but I see no reason why the James Bond approach would be invalid here. Also, I think Rian Johnson DID try to give the fans what they needed. Whether he succeeded is a different story. But he sure didn't much care about giving them what they wanted. And I respect that. I have less respect for what I've seen of the JJ approach, which does seem to focus much more on what the fans want. On the side, I think where Disney might want more movies for the sake of more money, I get the impression that the filmmakers are fans themselves and very simply want their chance to make a STAR WARS movie of their own. Pretty sure that's what happened with Kevin Feige getting a Star Wars movie. I imagine him going to KK and mentioning that he'd like to do one of those too. Surely, as much as you might like it, doing superheroes over and over must get tiring after a while and you'll crave something different. Then when the same parent company happens to have another IP that you've always been excited about around, you'd be crazy NOT to want to try that too. Just trying to see the movie makers as genuine human beings too. Just like you and me. After all, were you a filmmaker who got into it because of Star Wars, would you not relish the chance?
  7. Everyone can say 'no' for everything. Being in a position to force a 'no' is a different story.
  8. In my experience, excepting actual life-and-death situations, pretty much all people would benefit from having their decisions challenged. Unfortunately far from all people genuinely welcome that and I strongly suspect that truly most people don't. Even if and when they pretend otherwise. Maybe if a challenge is presented in exactly the right way at exactly the right time, people MAY perhaps accept it. But even then, that's hardly a guarantee. And as soon as there's even the slightest hint of conflict, the most common response from people is to go into defense mode and the second that happens, the message is already lost. That means the only method seems to be tremendous subtlety combined with even more random chance. What I just described is extremely common. So I suspect that, while unfortunate, Lucas isn't exactly an exception.
  9. Haha; well, nothing wrong with that, is there? That's quite the fun and catchy melody.
  10. Haven't a clue about the specifics in this case, but I believe one person CAN make that much difference.
  11. Don't even understand the commercial, but yep; that sounded pretty good!
  12. The increasing use of the term "Holiday" in the US is obviously showing support for the emerging Pastafarian religion: https://pastafarians.org.au/pastafarianism/holidays/
  13. But John Williams still gets hired. And James Newton Howard. And John Powell. As far as I'm concerned, David Arnold fits right in. Does he even get to use his sound on these TV shows?
  14. Are those composers somehow not good people to work together with for directors/producers? Is there some sort of social/political component, I wonder?
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