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  1. I'm curious now. Does anyone here have that? Those exist by the Kanagawa Symphony Orchestra. Pretty sure there's a CD release of that, but I cannot find it on the internet right now. Anyone here who can help out?
  2. Cool! Very cool! Here's to hoping (they don't get sued).
  3. Watched this Saturday evening with my family, which included my very picky Lion King enthusiastic mum. The cinema was packed and there was a lot of excitement and applause going on. We all thought the movie was pretty well done and it was certainly an evening well spent. (Still... I like The Jungle Book better and am more looking forward to Mulan later on. And, apparently, TREASURE PLANET!!)
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hnJyL-CHMCKKUV4R7ERS1LXOBJgyikTy I've got a vague memory that the one I've got was done by @GoodMusician after I requested it, but I might be wrong there. I myself have combined and split tracks at will here and there, with little regard to how they were recorded. For example, my "Over the Himalayas" ends early; before the spooky bit for the introduction to the Indian village starts. That part I merged instead with the next cue in "The Starving Village", which seems to flow together beautifully. In theory, I suppose these two tracks should've been one; but with the tone changing so drastically midway, this split seems to make the most sense to me. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ErTbnRl0dCv2CR8BjuQScIu4TdjNt4Df I do something similar with "Water! and The Bridge", which ends right after the British fanfare. "Return to the Village and End Credits" then starts with the happy/relieved music right after. My reasoning is again similar: The music flows well together, but the resulting track is too long and changes pace drastically. The first bit is extremely intense and exciting, while the denouement is basically the exact opposite. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UZfGv3uLetrdmxRzH43gcSOBUb7t_7S1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=173RRl743lw0mGE40N0qZaWP60ro7Cpvh
  5. Someone once made a version of Map that includes the film version AND the alternate in one. That's my favourite! I wonder what people here would think of such an approach.
  6. Sometimes they do make things better. Especially when it merges similar-sounding short tracks from different parts of the movie. On their own, they might not make much of an impact; but grouped together, they can. Even some of the micro-edits do work well. But more often than not, they're silly and cut out the best bits. Shame, really.
  7. Finally!! Only thing missing is a jeep of some kind. The original, smaller LEGO Ideas version did have one and I think that added a lot. Hopefully they'll release that separately then...
  8. I'm no expert here, but... Lair was pretty ambitious, no? That one is still my favourite non-film score I think.
  9. I do like OST track combinations to be maintained when they make musical sense, such as "You Are the Pan". Those two really do fit well together.
  10. For me, it has a really nice variation on Hedwig's Theme that isn't found anywhere else.
  11. In addition, how about: "Ugh, Vines! (Alternate)" from Indiana Jones 4. "Prologue (Alternate)" from Hook. "The Firebolt (Alternate)" from Harry Potter 3. "Sail Barge Assault (Alternate)" from Star Wars VI. "Prelude and Main Title (Alternate)" from Superman.
  12. Michael Giacchino, if IMDB is to be believed.
  13. And that's the truth right there! (Or at least... part of it. )
  14. "Better" is a big word. But "seeing good overcome evil against overwhelming odds" in the media inspires me to keep doing the right things myself, even in difficult situations.
  15. Yup! And (apart from musicals), those are exactly my favourite ones. Especially adventure.
  16. Nope, definitely not. They often feel artificial and fake to me. Even where they seem more realistic, I've already got real life to show realism. I like being inspired to see how real life could be better than it is. I agree with @Chen G.; that does indeed sound very tragic.
  17. I like to be inspired by the media. Sometimes that means being educated by it. Sometimes that means being entertained by it. "Immersion", for me, comes from that inspiration. Dark, dreary and negative content does not inspire me. Therefore I always keep feeling detached from that sort of media.
  18. Here's something along the lines I was thinking: 1941 The Battle of Hollywood (consists of *???* expanded edition tracks) End Credits (used as basis for "March from 1941") A.I. The Search For The Blue Fairy (consists of *???* expanded edition tracks) Where Dreams Are Born (re-recorded) Adventures of Tintin - Secret of the Unicorn The Adventures of Tintin (main title track) Snowy's Theme (actual concert suite, unused in the film) Sir Francis and the Unicorn (OST track later adapted into the "Sea Battle" concert suite) The Adventure Continues (actual concert suite for the end titles; re-recorded as "The Duel") Always Among the Clouds (is this what the Theme suite was adapted from?) Dorinda's Solo Flight (re-recording available) Follow Me (an alternate exists; is one some sort of suite?) Amazing Stories (no real concert tracks, but these are probably the closest) Main Title The Mission End Credits Amistad The Long Road to Justice (re-recording available) Dry Your Tears, Afrika (Reprise) (End Title theme, re-recording available) Angela's Ashes End Title (re-recording available) Black Sunday (No concert tracks from original recordings. What tracks is the Suite adapted from?) Born on the Fourth of July The Early Days, Massapequa, 1957 (re-recording available) Cua Viet River, Vietnam, 1968 (re-recording available) End Title ("Theme" is quite different) Catch Me If You Can Catch Me If You Can (adapted into "Closing In") The ''Float'' (adapted into "Joy Ride") Recollections (The Father's Theme) (adapted into "Reflections") Catch Me If You Can (Reprise and End Credits) (End Title suite) Close Encounters of the Third Kind The Dialogue (re-recording available) (No concert tracks from original recordings. What tracks are the Excerpts excerpted from?) Dracula Main Title & Storm Sequence (re-recording available) Night Journeys (re-recording available) End Titles (re-recording available) The Love Scene (Extended Version) E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Album) Most of the OST album consists of suites? Three Million Light Years From Home + Abandoned and Pursued (adapted into "Three Million Light Years From Home" suite) E.T. and Me (OST suite, adapted into "Stargazers" suite) Flying (film track, re-recording available) Over the Moon (end title track, re-recording available) Adventures on Earth (film track, re-recording available) Earthquake Main Title (re-recording available) Love Theme (unique to OST) Finale, End Title (end title track) Empire of the Sun Home and Hearth (adapted into "Toy Planes, Home and Hearth" suite) Jim's New Life (re-recording available) Cadillac of the Skies (adapted into "Cadillac of the Skies" suite) End Title (re-recorded as "Exsultate Justi" suite) Family Plot End Title (re-recording available as "Finale") Far and Away Blowing Off Steam (re-recording available) End Credits (End Title suite) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Harry's Wondrous World (film version for end credits) Hedwig's Theme (film version for end credits) Prologue (Children's Suite version) Hogwarts Forever (Children's Suite version) Voldemort (Children's Suite version) Nimbus 2000 (Children's Suite version) Fluffy's Harp (Children's Suite version) Quidditch (Children's Suite version) Family Portrait (Children's Suite version) Diagon Alley (Children's Suite version, further expanded suite exists but isn't officially available) Harry's Wondrous World (Children's Suite version) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Gilderoy Lockhart (OST track, re-recording available) Dobby the House Elf (re-recording available) Fawkes the Phoenix (re-recording available) The Chamber of Secrets (re-recording available) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Aunt Marge's Waltz (re-recording available) Double Trouble ( (instrumental?) re-recording available) Window to the Past (concert opening continued with film tracks, adapted into "A Bridge to the Past" suite) Quidditch, Third Year + The Snowball Fight (adapted into "Witches, Wands and Wizards" suite) Misschien Managed! (editorially created suite, re-recording available) Heartbeeps Main Title Crimebuster (theme track?) End Credits Heidi Main Title and Overture (re-recording available) Love Theme from Heidi (unique to OST) Home Alone We Slept In + We Slept In (adapted into shorter "Holiday Flight" suite) Somewhere In My Memory (re-recording available) Star of Bethlehem (re-recording available) Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York We Overslept Again, Holiday Flight (longer than Home Alone 1 OST and suite version) Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas Hook Prologue The Arrival of Tink and The Flight to Neverland The Lost Boy Chase (film track, re-recording available as "The Lost Boys' Ballet") Smee's Plan (film track, re-recording available) The Banquet + The Never-Feast (film tracks, combined into "The Banquet Scene" suite) You Are the Pan (combined film tracks, adapted into "The Face of Pan" suite) How to Steal a Million Main Title Two Lovers End Title Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark The Raiders March (re-recording available) The Basket Game (adapted into "The Basket Game" suite) The Map Room - Dawn (re-recording available) Marion's Theme (combined film tracks, adapted into "Marion's Theme" suite) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Short Round's Theme (OST track "The Trek"/"The Elephant Ride") Parade of the Slave Children (OST track part of "Underground Chaos", adapted into full and shortened suites) Nocturnal Activities + The Mine Car Chase (combined into "The Mine Car Chase" re-recorded suite) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Indy's Very First Adventure (re-recording available) Escape from Venice (re-recording available) Keeping Up With the Joneses (unused in film, suite unique to OST?) Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra (film track, adapted into "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra" suite) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull A Whirl Through Academe (re-recording available) Call of the Crystal (suite with re-recording available) The Adventures of Mutt (suite with re-recording available) Irina's Theme (OST version is editorially created from film tracks, later adapted into actual "Irina's Theme" suite) Russians (fan editiorally created edit from OST tracks) Jane Eyre Love Theme (suite unique to OST?) Main Title (film track, unique to OST?) Lowood (adapted into "At Lowood") To Thornfield (adapted into "To Thornfield") Reunion (adapted into "The Return") Jaws Entire OST album consists of suites Main Theme (is "Theme" suite track) Sea Attack Number One (is "The Barrel Chase" suite) Preparing the Cage (adapted into "Out to Sea/The Shark Cage Fugue" suite) Jaws 2 No suites on OST, but various tracks combined to fit together The Catamaran Race + More Boating Probably there's a lot of errors in the above, so feel free to correct them and add more details here and there. I've done enough for today. May continue again some other time.
  19. Ah, gotcha. In that case: I'm interested in both.
  20. There is a difference? That's indeed what I was getting at... Well, I'm trying now. Let's see how that goes.
  21. Very cool! But shouldn't Coruscant and Naboo be swapped around for TPM and AotC?
  22. Hey all, Is there a list somewhere on which tracks on the various OST CD releases are concert suites rather than in-movie tracks? Most are fairly self-explanatory, but sometimes it's really quite fuzzy. Any and all helps would be welcome.
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