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  1. MarnixBilderbeek

    Back to the Future the musical!

    Shame they couldn't get the composer who wrote the music for Back to the Future, whoever that guy was. Dude... Silvestri composed the music for all three Back to the Future movies...
  2. I'd be very happy to see Newman finally win an oscar, same goes for Desplat. And for Williams obviously. I would be disappointed if one of the other two won.
  3. MarnixBilderbeek

    Alan Silvestri's The Croods

    Absolutely love this score
  4. MarnixBilderbeek

    John Williams Concert in Amsterdam, July 19

    Last year I had the privilege to listen to the JFK theme being performed live. I loved it and it's not played that often, or is it?
  5. Dang how I would have loved to hear the music from The Croods being performed live...
  6. MarnixBilderbeek

    John Williams Concert in Amsterdam, July 19

    And so am I It would have been cool though if they had included some pieces of the Lincoln soundtrack, but I can definitely live with this program ^^
  7. MarnixBilderbeek

    John Williams Concert in Amsterdam, July 19

    Just bought a ticket can't wait!
  8. MarnixBilderbeek

    Friday Night Is Music Night 2012 & 2017

    Hey, I've recorded the whole concert and put all pieces into separate MP3-files. If anyone is interested in it, hit me up. (I cut out Ken Bruce's commentary and the interval though).
  9. MarnixBilderbeek

    Friday Night Is Music Night 2012 & 2017

    It looks like the only bit of the concert not to make the radio broadcast was the brief Making The Plane music that was played in between Somewhere In My Memory and Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas. I noticed the same thing, I was kinda surprised they didn't put it in! Would you have any idea why they cut that out? Only thing I could think of is that they weren't fully content with how it sounded. When they played it I found it to sound just a little unbalanced, perhaps due to the slightly disproportionate number of different instruments (many brass instruments and percussionists but only four double basses). Though I do think that the rest of the concert was absolutely great! I loved hearing it again on the radio
  10. MarnixBilderbeek

    Friday Night Is Music Night 2012 & 2017

    This concert was so fantastic! I live in the Netherlands and unfortunately, hardly any film music (left alone John Williams) concerts are performed, so I really wanted to visit a John Williams concert in the UK. Actually, I intended to visit the RPO concert in the Royal Albert Hall, but sadly I couldn't make it that date, so I was happy to find that the BBC Concert Orchestra was going to perform a Williams concert too! I booked a ticket and travelled all the way to London to see and listen to the beautiful music played by the orchestra and the London Voices. The selection of musical pieces was great, and I was thrilled to hear the Home Alone music too I also adored the performance of the Schindler's List Theme - it's such beautiful music, and I think I'm a fan of violinist Charlie Siem too now haha, he played with such great emotion! I'm so happy I went and I can't wait to hear the concert again on the radio on December 14! I recommend everyone to listen!