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  1. Nick1066

    Anyone else ever get tinnitus?

    Your increased sensitivity to noise is most likely hyperacusis. Which is related to tinnitus but is it's own thing, which may or may not go away on its own (like the tinnitus). GP's and ENT's really don't understand tinnitus, because we just don't understand tinnitus. It's not really about your ears, it's about your brain. We know what can cause tinnitus, but really don't understand how it works. It can, and does, go away on its own. Though the longer you have it, the less likely that is to happen (though it can still happen). There are sound therapies that are available, that some people have had success with. The herbal medicines, etc., seem to be of limited use. With regards to headphones, do what you think is best, but the fact is decibels are decibels. The key is to not listen to music at loud levels. I know people (like Alex) who have tinnitus and headphones have been a lifesaver, if for no other reason than they use them for white noise. DO NOT give in to despair, and DO NOT give up. No matter what happens with the ringing in your ears, it will get better. And you're not alone.
  2. Nick1066

    RIP Gary Kurtz

    So sad to hear. Star Wars owes to much to Kurtz, and the series wasn't the same after he left. And he was a refreshing voice of honesty, cutting through GL's BS when talking about SW history. RIP Gary. The Force will be with you, always.
  3. Perhaps in the future the technology will catch up and Ron Howard can realise his original vision for the character.
  4. Nick1066

    Has the score to Gladiator aged well?

    Has Wagner's score to Nazi Germany aged well?
  5. Nick1066

    Has the score to Gladiator aged well?

  6. I'm not a fan. Nor of the tomato. Though I appreciate everything that comes from the tomato...pasta sauce, ketchup, salsa, tomato soup, etc. Slavs eat tomato & cucumber salad like the English gorge on chips.
  7. My edition came with Shore conducting the score with a chamber orchestra in my drawing room. Howard’s fond of the cucumber sandwich. With tea.
  8. Nick1066

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Crom! Yeah, I know. Meant to say Basil's original.
  9. Nick1066

    The Introversion and Anxiety Collective

    It is good advice. For anyone. It just has absolutely nothing to do with what being introverted means.
  10. I think they should bring back Short Round in the next one. Only now he has one eye and is bitter at Indy for abandoning him on a boat on the Yangtze. So today he's the henchman of the son of Belloq, bound for revenge. And they've already claimed their first victim: a kid called Mutt.