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  1. Who are your top 5 rudest JW fans?

    The first words Steef ever said to me on this forum were "Well Fuck You!" Yet for some reason it doesn't seem rude when he says it, and I find him somewhat charming (in a Rain Man kind of way).
  2. Headphones

    Yep. Thanks for rec on them (@Blumenkohl & @Koray Savas as well).
  3. Headphones

    Got my Airpods the other day. Beyond impressed. This simple little product is probably the best thing Apple has made in years. Sound quality probably won't satisfy audiophiles, but for my purposes they're perfect. And any sacrifice in fidelity is more than made up for, in my opinion, in convenience, comfort, and reliablity. They paired instantly and perfectly with my Macbook Pro and iPhone, and even work great with my Kindle Fire HD. Haven't had a single drop out, and I barely notice them in my ears. I do wish they were noise isolating, and that I could control the volume from the Airpods themselves, but those are minor quibbles. Apple has done a pretty good job of annoying me lately, but they hit it out of the park with these things. Got a good price (relatively speaking) on them as well.
  4. That's just what I did...ripped the DVD-A tracks. I won't double dip on this set just to get the BD, however.
  5. So it sounds like, even without the DVD-A equipment, pretty much anyone who has a standard DVD player can at least enjoy the music in 5.1, even if it does lack bit of the depth of the high res track. As i said, I have the set and have never heard the DVD-A track. It's moot anyway. For most people, they'll have the Blu-Ray in the new set. It will be interesting to see the specs on that. Anyway, great post. Thanks for taking the time to share your analysis!
  6. Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    I didn't think the problem with the unwatchable KOTCS was Ford's age, but rather what they had him doing via the terrible script and bad supporting characters across the board. This could work, maybe, if they do it right....i.e. an Indy movie that relies more on Indy the archeologist, professor and acquirer of rare antiquities, and less the action hero. Obviously, you can have some of that, but not so much as to strain credulity. Indy will clearly need a new sidekick to handle a good deal of the action...perhaps one of his students (and they'll probably make it a woman, some kind of prodigy). And it goes without saying, no to Marion, and certainly no to Mutt. Yes to Sallah. I'm not hopeful. Koepp can't write and Spielberg doesn't know how to direct movies like this anymore. And I've resigned myself that at a minimum the film won't look anything like an Indy film thanks to Kaminsky's awful, gauzy, over stylized cinematography. And who knows if it will sound like an Indy film because there's no guarantee Williams will be doing it. As it is, I consider the Indy films a trilogy, and he rode off into the sunset after Last Crusade and that was it.
  7. Aside from a higher bitrate, how is the DVD-A any better than the DD 5.1 tracks, which anyone who has a DVD player should be able to play? I have the CR's, but have never been able to hear the DVD-A simply because I had no desire to invest in the player.
  8. Let me think about it a bit and get back to you.
  9. Headphones

    Taken at Jay's property in Massachusetts. Notice the lack of protective ear wear.
  10. Headphones

    Are there any good podcasts? I listend to audiobooks and lectures from The Teaching Company.
  11. Sorry, I've only been skimming this thread, and mostly it was a lot of complaining about how LOW quality the music is. Where can I get it?
  12. So is there a high quality audio rip of this out there yet, split into tracks?
  13. Headphones

    Seriously mate, anything you listen to on headphones that you're going to have to crank loud enough to overcome the sounds of a lawn mower probably isn't going to be good for your hearing.
  14. Software question

    From what I see in the features though, it does say it has individual file/folder backup between external drives, in addition to a full system backup from your PC. Well, it's free so I guess the solution is for someone with Windows to just give it a go.