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  1. Kong Skull Island. Utterly stupid. I mean, I was expecting typical popcorn film stupid, but this was pretty inane. Fun in parts to be sure (the film is a snooze without the John Filey character), but I expected to like it more than I did. I came away with no desire to see a sequel.
  2. I agree that Harmy's work, while outstanding, isn't quite perfect. That's to say, I'd say the vast, vast majority of fans, including die hard Star Wars fans, would be hard pressed to spot the flaws (unless they knew specifically what to look for). It really takes someone with frame by frame knowledge of the films to spot most of the flaws. The other thing is, who's to say a Lucasfilm/Disney release would be perfect, or even superior? Even if it was the original, unaltered trilogy, there are plenty of things they could do with colour and sound to screw it up. What if it has the green tint that seems to be the curse of many BD releases these days? What if the effects are mixed too loud and the music too low? Even setting aside the special edition changes, the 2011 BD's were awful in terms of colour and sound. And no official BD is going to give you the original surround mix, the original stereo mix, the original mono mix, the isolated score, four commentary tracks, etc. that you get with Harmy. So while I want an official release as much as anyone, it's unlikely they can put something out that will please everyone. In the meantime, Harmy's work looks damn good. Let's put it this way...if HD GOUT release never happened, I'd be fine with Harmys. I agree with your comments about Kennedy....I think this is all about respecting the wishes of Lucas, and not about any legal constraints. I don't think it's going to happen until George says so or he's gone.
  3. The Day Begins (Moody Blues w/The London Festival Orchestra). Inspired by Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No. 9.
  4. How would you describe the most significant changes?
  5. Some of the 35mm print scans are great. But in terms of replicating what an proper BD release of the OT would look like, Harmy is the way to go. Though yeah, both have their place, it depends on what kind of experience you're looking for.
  6. I'd change "talent" in this case to creativity. For example, many musicians in cover bands are extremely talented at their respective instruments (sometimes even better than the musicians their imitating), even if they're not so creative. It also takes quite a bit of raw talent to be forge a painting convincingly. Again, creative inspiration, and the ability to make something original from nothing, is another matter. That said, I do agree that composing by committee will seldom yield any more than pedestrian results. True genius is a solitary thing.
  7. Not true. Harmys Despecialised Editions are outstanding...they're the only versions I'll watch.
  8. Yes, they're awful. Aside from the terrible 90's CGI which looked bad even then and sticks out like sore thumb (and didn't improve much even in the 2011 versions), the colours (pink lightsabres?) and sound mix is all off. Then there's the editing problems, including Vader's "Alert my Star Destroyer" line which ruins the pacing at the end of Empire. And Jabba in ANH is not only wrong for that film, he looks awful, in both the 97 and 2011 versions. EDIT: And everything Godzilla mentioned above.
  9. I'm on board with another actor playing a younger Indy, but keep it in the same universe. Lots of territory to mine in the inter-war years. No, I don't mean a very young Indy being tutored by Gandhi or fighting with Pancho Villa or any such nonsense. But maybe 10 year priors to Raiders younger.
  10. First we hear there may not be another Abramsverse Star Trek movie, now word comes that we won't be getting the unaltered versions of Star Wars OT any time soon. Oh well, I guess we have to take the good with the bad.
  11. Ugh. So much for a new hope. Star Wars: Disney Won't Release Original Cuts Well this is disappointing. Without Harmy all hope would be lost.
  12. Thanks...going through a bit of a rediscovery of Barry at the moment. I had forgotten how good High Road to China is (and how much you can hear it in OOA).