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  1. Han Solo at Stars End! Han Solo's Revenge! Han Solo and the Lost Legacy!
  2. OK, I actually wouldn't mind seeing this. Just as he's closing the door to the Falcon! Fett replies "That can be arranged"
  3. Did ya hear the one about the guy who couldn't afford personalized plates, so he went and changed his name to J2L 4685?
  4. Top 20 things I want to see in Solo: Han Solo Origins: A Star Wars Story Anthology 1. We find out how Han met Chewie 2. We find out how Han met Lando 3. We find out how Lando met Chewie 4. We find out how Han won the Falcon from Lando 5. We find out why Han says "I've got a bad feeling about this." 6. We see Han make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs & outrun big Corellian ships. 7. We find out what the Kessel Run is. We find out what a parsec is. We find out what a Corellian is. 8. We see Han shoot first. 9. We see Han fly from one end of the Galaxy to another and see some strange stuff 10. We find out why Han wears B&W all the time 11. We find out why Han has a scar on his chin 12. We find out how Han met Jabba the Hutt. We find out what a Hutt is. 13. We see Han get boarded & dump Jabba's shipment (worth 10,000) 14. We see Emila Clarke call Han a scoundrel 15. We see Han meet Greedo. And Boba Fett. 16. We find out why Han never wants anyone to tell him the odds* 17. We see Han encounter Mynocks. Why do Mynocks like to chew on power cables? We find out. 18. We find out why money is all that Han loves and why he only takes orders from just one person...himself. 19. We see Han smuggle stuff (but not himself) in the Falcon's hidden compartments 20. We see Han make a lot of special modifications to the Falcon. We find out why this one goes there and that one goes there. The movie should end with Han and Chewie going into the Cantina on Tattoine and sitting as the same table where he met Ben and Luke. Han is talking about how he owes Jabba 10,000 and that Greedo is looking for him, and wonders if there's anything that could save his neck. They hear someone in the bar is looking for a fast ship. We hear the bartender yell "no blasters! no blasters!" In the background there's the sound of a light sabre and a scream. Chewy leaves the table to talk to Ben. Chewie returns and we see Han look up and say "Han Solo. I'm captain of the Millennium Falcon..." Wipe to credits Cue fanfare Directed by Ron Howard *This will happen during the card game when Han wins the Falcon. Someone will tell Han that the odds of him beating Lando's hand is 10,000 to 1.
  5. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    Do you really believe Stef isn't watching?
  6. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    In the spirit of the "new niceness" sweeping JWFan, I cannot...nay, will not...join in your vicious attack on Steefs TV viewing preferences, nor your callous words about Star Trek in general. That said, The Specimen is being stubborn in not giving Orville a try, which surprises me because in my many travels to his homeland I find his country people to be very open minded and willing to experiment with new things.
  7. Good advice for anyone participating in this thread.
  8. Film Confessions

    Of course. But that's at least partially my point. BR 2049 is critically adored, with near universal acclaim, despite the score (or who knows, maybe the critics love the music). And I'm sure you might be right, that "countless other" Blade Runner fans won't feel the same about the sequel as the original. But that goes for Star Wars and pretty much every revival of a nostalgia property, doesn't it? Fair enough! But of course, we'll never know. Vangelis did do the score, and the rest is history. But don't you really think you should give the sequel a chance?
  9. Film Confessions

    Well that explains it...he's a composer, so he can't imagine Blade Runner without the music. I'm sure Ben Burtt might look at it and say he can't imagine it without the sound design. And an effects artist or production designer would point out to you that it's Blade Runner's visuals that have made it more influential than anything. It's the look of the film that's been copied over the years, not the score. So I completely disagree that it's the music that made Blade Runner "more than just another SF movie from the 80's." There's no doubt that the music is important to the film. But I don't think it's more a more vital component to the film than the look. The complement each other, but to suggest that one is more important than the other, again, in this case the music, is simply a statement of personal preference. No one would be talking about Blade Runner today if the score by Vangelis was accompanied by the production design of Ice Pirates. And while the sequel deliberately copies and evolves Blade Runner's look, I don't think the lack of music by Vangelis has hurt its critical reception. And I'm not saying Alexander's "feelings" are ridiculous...just the pretensions he wraps them in.
  10. Film Confessions

    What a ridiculous statement. So Blade Runner's music had a profound impact on Alexander as a child, and therefore it's music is more important than in any other mainstream movie. Or any other aspect of the film (including, presumably, PKD's ideas). He's making a pretentious argument out of sentiment. "Hard wired into my soul?" Blimey. There's no question the music is important to the film, but this is just hyperbole. Blade Runner couldn't exist without its music? What does that even mean? I assure you it could. I love Blade Runner. It's its most ardent fans I can do without (and that's not directed at you Alex).