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  1. This is the same event right? It's being televised tomorrow night: http://elanillounico.com/rtve-canarias-emitira-el-sabado-el-concierto-la-musica-de-howard-shore/ This is apparently the first time it will be shown according to that. And unless I've missed something, we still haven't heard that Hobbit piece in full right, in good quality? Hopefully someone in Spain can help us out, though knowing our luck they'll probably skip Act I and go straight to Act II...
  2. Bottom link takes me to 'Give up the Halfling'.
  3. Barnald

    Will we ever get Hobbit Complete Recordings?

    The music from around 7:30 onwards is not on the album. Clearly this was intended to score (some of) old Bilbo's bits right as the film proper begins (it is Bilbo Adventure-type material by the sounds of things). Instead the album transitions from the Shire statement straight to the music for the map (at least we all suspect that's what it was intended for). This part runs for around 60 seconds, of which we only hear about 20 seconds here? I'm very interested to hear if Shore uses any other thematic material here, I don't believe we've ever had a description of the composition.
  4. Barnald

    Will we ever get Hobbit Complete Recordings?

    Good list SUH. I would also add the complete original composition for the opening part of the prologue, prior to the transition to map. We heard glimpses on that Howard Shore video that came out just before the first film, and it sounded lovely.
  5. Barnald

    Will we ever get Hobbit Complete Recordings?

    With the forthcoming Amazon series I'm confident (moreso than I was before actually) we'll see these commence in the next couple of years.
  6. Your guess is as good as mine, but I suppose there being no real baggage doesn't give people anything to immediately concern themselves with: http://www.theonering.net/torwp/2018/07/28/105341-breaking-news-from-amazon-lord-of-the-rings-original-series/
  7. Barnald

    Worst Scene in The Hobbit?

    I understand the greater emphasis on the Arkenstone in film two, given it will become important. Still, I'm not sure why they brought that seven 'armies' business into it, given that this particular aspect was never going to become relevant. This was done better in the first film at Bag End, where it was mentioned that the meeting of the Ered Luin involved 'envoys from all seven kingdoms'. Dain and the Iron Hills get a specific mention, which is all we needed, since Iron Hills Dwarves are the only ones relevant to this particular tale. To ramp up the significance of this, I'd have started the third film with a flashback to this Ered Luin meeting, setting up the relationship between Thorin and Dain and placing greater emphasis on Dain, since he's to succeed Thorin after all. As for Thrain, again I get why they brought him in here, and I'm happy they did, but it isn't without problems (aside from having a different actor and a different aesthetic, which was very odd - did Sher object to having one eye or something?). I have no issue with the opening scene, but the flashback in Dol Guldur does not explain how Thrain ends up in Dol Guldur. Okay he has his finger removed by Azog, but what happens thereafter? Why couldn't Thorin find him after the battle? Did he simply miss him? And if he did, where did Thrain go? Did he charge into Moria after Azog, where the tables were turned (Balrog sighting paralyzed him with fear?) and he was captured? Did Azog emerge from Moria long after the battle, find the wounded Thrain (when Thorin couldn't) and take him prisoner? Or did Thrain wander off before Thorin could find him, and then follow Azog to Dol Guldur, where he was captured? The film just draws a line from point A to point C - there needs to be something in between. Now this aspect is a mess I'll grant you, albeit not being essential in the grand scheme of things. One issue from Tolkien that the film does solve is how Thrain was able to hide the map and key in the Dol Guldur dungeons - I was bothered by the idea that these wouldn't be taken from him. So again, I'm happy they included Thrain, but it needed to be done with more thought and clarity. And for another thing, there's no pay-off to the Thrain arc whatsoever. It seemed obvious to me that there should have been (or indeed perhaps was) a moment when Gandalf arrives at the walls of Erebor in BotFA just as Thorin is about to chuck Bilbo to oblivion, and reveals that he met Thrain and also relates what Thrain wanted him to tell Thorin (it all relates to that line about Thorin not acting like a king). Thorin seems particularly shocked and fucked off after Gandalf's arrival, and I can imagine something like that messing with his head. Oh and I'll never know why Jackson never restored the Palantir scene to DoS, not only would it have provided a great visual moment but would have helped explain Thrain's ramblings. All we have is some rather terrific music, which makes it all the more painful. As for the bounty on Thorin's head, it's a very strange addition, and contradicts that 'whom did you tell of your quest?' bit in AUJ when the wargs attack.
  8. Barnald

    Worst Scene in The Hobbit?

    True, Alfrid's brand of 'comedy' in BotFA is horribly cringeworthy. He was fine in DoS, they really should have kept Fry around and had them as a double act, I suspect that would have made Alfrid much more bearable.
  9. If sincere, I didn't consider the idea that they couldn't use The Hobbit. I know they wouldn't really need to since much of the relevant information would be in LOTR, but still, interesting.
  10. Some chap on TORN who joined fairly recently is claiming to have been involved in the bids process. It's kind of interesting so I'll relate his posts here, but I'm really not sure if I believe him (the idea of a bunch of execs almost high-fiving each other at the prospect of Gandalf arriving at the end of season five or six just doesn't sound convincing to me - I find it much more realistic that they'd say 'Why can't this happen at the end of season one?'): Go here for the rest: http://newboards.theonering.net/forum/gforum/perl/gforum.cgi?post=946980;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;guest=206510448
  11. I'm gone the moment he rushes in to help Merry and Pippin.
  12. Barnald

    Worst Scene in The Hobbit?

    I'd be Wankrag.
  13. You should be thankful people at TORN aren't as lazy as you or I: That last quote should strike fear into all our hearts. I had to laugh at her answer when pressed on examples of the 'characters we love' - 'I can’t give that out, I don’t have anything for it.'. We could probably guess, even without the TORN spy reports. And if it transpires that Tauriel is in this, we can sue her for false advertising.