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  1. Regarding Fire and Water - I hope Jim Ware won't mind me sharing this PM from a few years back: I can't recall if the EE restored any of this, but certainly it wouldn't have been 2 and a half minutes worth of footage (the added bit with Bard can't have been more than 30 seconds - I get the impression this must have included the destruction of the windlance, and the decision not to restore this particular sequence remains inexplicable). So when you add that to the unreleased music from the film, we could be looking at a fairly substantial chunk. Doug has also suggested that there was quite a bit of music for the chariot chase sequence which wasn't featured in the EE.
  2. Second Age?!? If anything was going to get Shore to come on board, it's a different but incredibly exciting setting (that and a huge wad of cash).
  3. He's obviously talking about Conrad Pope. I don't know. Most of the second half of that cannot possibly apply to Shore (about being deeply involved in the project, caring about the characters), so whose to say if all of the first part does? And if Jackson did really want the Misty Mountains theme in films 2 and 3, surely he could have just tracked in one of the numerous versions recorded for AUJ?
  4. With the Amazon LOTR series in the works it's surely only a matter of time. But how they are presented - given the differences between film score and the original score for AUJ in particular - will be very interesting. Plus we'll need our alternates of course, providing they're not forthcoming with Doug's book.
  5. I'm not a big fan of Bolg, but that prize goes to Gothmog surely? Chief issue with Gothmog is that I always considered Orcs to be a society (I use that term loosely) where the biggest and strongest would rule the roost, boss about the other Orcs. You could well believe Azog would be in this position, but gimpy old Gothmog? I didn't work for me.
  6. I was joking btw... In any case, it's small fry compared to where other existing themes would eventually be appropriated. Plus unused ROTK music! I squeezed in some of the other unused ROTK one during the High Fells sequence. The Ring be damned! Edge of the Wild is on the AUJ end credits now, but I'd have liked to squeeze it in the film somewhere.
  7. Finally finished (I think) my edits of all 3 films, took me long enough.As I said before, not perfect by any means (I certainly don't claim to be adept at such things) but given I've never done anything like this before I'm happy with it. Most of the unused music is restored - most of it in the right place, some of it elsewhere (for various reasons). Sometimes it's a little louder than I'd like if I'm having to replace existing music, but there's not much I at least can do in that regard. Some music (mainly of the Woodland and Tauriel variety) is gone, never to return. As Bob Ross would say, "it's your world". I also restored original intentions Shore never actually knew he had, such as this (password is 'barnald'): And yes, it pained me not to put back the Company theme from Edge of the Wild, a real Sophie's choice moment. I was however able to get this in - I know it was meant to come before, but I saw my chance and took it (same password):
  8. A second referendum is surely inevitable now, they've wasted enough time and bred enough apathy to ensure remain is the outcome (and just to be sure they'll probably put three options on the ballot - no deal, May's deal, remain - to split the vote, you could almost see May teeing it up today). From the announcement of the snap election I am inclined to think this gigantic clusterfuck has been by design, we were never going to leave. But putting the decision back in the hands of the people as it were is the best way to go about it.
  9. The Shire theme there almost certainly points towards some kind of alternate (either actual or from early drafts) for the opening of BotFA? Do we know if there actually exists a recorded alternate of that? Just got to the Bard stuff (parts reminiscent of Ironfoot), this is terrific.
  10. It's almost certainly that, given that scoring began in September IIRC. According to Jim's recent tweets the cue comprising Edge of the Wild was recorded around 11th September, and the revised relevant section of 'Over Hill' recorded 8th October, so it appears it was edited out some time in between.
  11. I take it the High Fells sequence was the only remaining remnant of the two-film cut in AUJ by the time the film was scored? There's High Fells bits in the final theatrical trailer (released around 20th September 2012), so it must have been a fairly late decision to cut it (it also features in the AUJ WETA Chronicles books). At that point I wondered if PJ would put it in the AUJ: EE, especially given that he originally said there would be around 25 minutes of additional material. Of course things change, but to go to 13 minutes is quite a drastic difference. Obviously the High Fells wouldn't have accounted for all of that, but it would have been 3-4 minutes I imagine. So just to be clear, you're saying that there is unheard material for Bilbo's speech and the part thereafter, up to Azog's arrival (so not the Shire/Misty Mountains stuff heard in the film)? Very interesting. Any of the Baggins-Took theme in there? Bilbo's Adventure? Seems like as good a moment as any. This question is of also open to @Doug Adams of course! In relation to this, I'll chance my arm and ask in general: are there recordings of the Baggins-Took theme (either together or separately) we haven't heard?
  12. Thanks Jim. One more question if I may. Most seem to think that most of the film music for the 'Where's Bilbo?' scene was tracked from the original version of A Good Omen (it seems to fit, and we're obviously missing the hug on the album), so my question is this: was original music composed (and recorded) for the reveal of Bilbo? I'm hoping for something suitably Bilbo-y again. Presumably it would come just after Brass Buttons in cue terms. Forgive me if Fal has already found this somewhere.
  13. A couple of interesting tweets from Jim last month: I know about the 'Rain' cue which most seem to think was intended to precede the opening of 'Radagast the Brown', but the mention of this being 'another rewrite' would imply that there's another, unheard version of the track with a different opening (however long that is - might be fairly insubstantial). Is this correct Jim? I'm also interested to know how much more music there is of the High Fells as recorded for AUJ. Obviously we have up to the Radagast reveal, and while re-shoots impacted the subsequent scenes (all the stuff outside in DoS is surely new given the dialogue), there's more unheard stuff here (on twitter Jim said that 'a chunk' of the High Fells stuff ended up in Edge of the Wild). How much more is in intriguing, given that the first half of the scene at least must have been longer in this initial cut. I hope we get to see the full AUJ High Fells sequence some day.
  14. I have a small question maybe Doug or Jim or someone else could answer - if the music near the end of Sons of Durin was indeed intended for the Balin-Dwalin exchange and thus tracked for the 'Will you follow me, one last time?' scene, was anything actually composed for that scene in the first place?
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