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  1. America

    Reminds me of this:
  2. Surprised this hasn't been posted yet, unless I've missed something (time to change my avatar it seems)
  3. You basing that verdict on that one ludicrous meltdown which seemed quickly rectified? Otherwise it seems quite the leap.
  4. This kind of thing bothered me from the moment I saw The Force Awakens. And it's basically because Disney wanted Rebellion vs Empire all over again, with the odds stacked against the former, without giving any thought to (in-world) logic.
  5. Teach me how to swear in english

    I'm rather fond of 'wanker', 'bollocks', 'bastard', 'arsehole', and of course 'cunt'. But you can be creative, like 'shitcunt', or 'shit-eating bastard'. Language is beautiful, we can't limit ourselves to a handful of swearwords. Certainly, we ought to be progressing from nothings like 'geez'.
  6. Tauriel

    You need help mstrox. Immediately.
  7. SAE and Unfathomable Incompetence

    Just ignore the insured tracked shipping bit, I've ordered many Twilight Time Blu-rays from them (I'm in the UK) with standard shipping and none have ever gone missing. Not sure about the state bit however.
  8. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    This (he looked pretty great in DoS as well; a huge step up from AUJ). I know it's early days, but going by the Infinity War trailer they're going to have to do some serious work to get Thanos up to that standard. If they ever revisit the LOTR/Hobbit films (yes, I'd allow it), they should really update AUJ Azog to look as good as he did in the next two films.
  9. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    It was undoubtedly a trap.
  10. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    To be clear, I have no objection with you repeating: 'If people here were tired of repeating themselves, most threads wouldn't make it past 2 posts'.
  11. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    Have you noticed how all these threads involving The Hobbit tend to go the same way? By now I would have thought you arseholes would be tired of repeating yourself ad nauseum. As for Kong, Jackson got Kong right, which at least is the most important thing I guess. Almost everything else - cast, pacing, set-pieces, music - I had big problems with. I don't know what this means in all, but I don't think it holds up, and I shan't be watching it again. And my opinion is clearly the only one that matters here. Essentially, this is correct. The 'actors' were shit of course but it was a lot of fun. Shame his own version of the sequence was shit.
  12. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    I actually have a bigger problem with Legolas taking down the Mumakil than most of the shit he gets up to in The Hobbit (in regard to individual feats). In terms of antics in The Hobbit, that bat business is surely the biggest offender (thought the rock climbing is as bad). The chief issue is that he's clogging up the screen and doing those things at all. I have no choice but to blame Tolkien for making Legolas Thranduil's son.
  13. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    The official audio quote you cite doesn't support the logic that Bilbo sees the ring fall - Bilbo watches Gollum violently subdue his catch; as he (being Gollum) does so, a ring falls from his loincloth and lands on a rock'. Nothing about Bilbo seeing that particular thing happen. I would also bear in mind that the cave is probably intended to be a lot darker than it appears (illuminated for the benefit of us and indeed the production crew), so I doubt Bilbo would see it. You could probably see the outline of two people fighting (note the reflection on Gollum's eyes for an indication of how dark it really is), but something that small flying out? The ring was always going to be a big deal in these films, sometimes to their detriment (I've have much preferred a less ominous tone at the closing of BotFA). It would have been nice if Jackson just had Bilbo coming across it, but I understand why he went with the big reveal, even if it did cause confusion.
  14. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    An important distinction: We see it (like they weren't going to make a massive deal of it); Bilbo doesn't. Note how he pretty much stumbles across it in the next scene thanks to Sting's light; he isn't looking for it. If Jackson wanted to show that, he'd have made it more explicit - a reaction shot from Bilbo, for example.