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  1. You should be thankful people at TORN aren't as lazy as you or I: That last quote should strike fear into all our hearts. I had to laugh at her answer when pressed on examples of the 'characters we love' - 'I can’t give that out, I don’t have anything for it.'. We could probably guess, even without the TORN spy reports. And if it transpires that Tauriel is in this, we can sue her for false advertising.
  2. Various pieces with Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios:
  3. As someone who loves AUJ, and likes parts of the other two (moreso now since I'm editing them, but I'm not a miracle worker), I too get somewhat frustrated when I read all the hate, but each to their own. While I admire Chen's attempts to defend the films (and he has every right to do so), this is precisely the kind of thing I can't be arsed with doing, since I'm never going to change anyone's minds, it's just a waste of time. And as I said, it is entirely their prerogative to dislike the films. I do however object to citing the reviews of 'professional' critics and bloggers as some kind of evidence that these films are a 'travesty'. If someone feels that way, that's fine, but I fail to see the merit in efforts to develop some kind of concordance that a film is unequivocally awful, or that everyone in the world hated a film, based on the likes of RT and reviewers (they can have a view sure, but I'm not going to privilege it ahead of others). These are the same types who raved over Get Out, which I found to be a laughable piece of garbage, but there you go. I could probably trawl through the many thousands of reviews of The Hobbit films on the likes of Amazon, IMDB, Metacritic, etc and suggest to you on that basis that general audience reaction was positive, but that would be A) still based on a comparatively small sample; and B) a pointless exercise, since, of course, anyone who disliked the film would still feel the same way, knowing they're in an apparent minority or otherwise.
  4. And so another Middle-earth related thread goes the same way.... Sigh. Anyway I've looked into my palantir and have foreseen a surprising amount of 'Compared to this maybe Jackson's Hobbit wasn't that bad' comments once this Amazon series is in full swing. I have to laugh at these people who talk about fresh eyes respecting the work of Tolkien, I think I have a much more realistic idea of what's coming.
  5. Thing is though, regardless of whether or not Jackson is involved, you will still be getting a world that undoubtedly looks very similar to his (possibly even with some of the same actors), so this certainly won't be an entirely new vision. What the showrunner and various directors will bring to it is anyone's guess, but I'm getting an increasingly nagging feeling that I'm going to hate whatever they came up with.
  6. There's some confusion over the various stories yesterday. Some think that he was kind of involved, helping co-coordinating the creative team, but isn't involved anymore, and as such both answers are correct.
  7. I resolved to teach myself how to use Adobe Premiere Pro over the last six months or so, and today finally completed my edit of Battle of the Five Armies. As I've said before I like these films a good deal so my trims aren't as brutal as most. It's down to about 2hrs 17mins, though much of that is because I've moved Smaug's attack on Laketown to the end of the second film (the film now starts with Dol Guldur, which I find works better, and the title card appears as the four stragglers are traveling to Erebor). The rest of the cuts largely involved Alfried, Tauriel and Legolas. I was able to re-edit Fili and Kili's death as part of the same scene (based on what that chap did previously), and had the Durin theme from 'In the Shadow of the Mountain' play over it, which has somehow made their deaths much more moving (I didn't think this possible). But what I'm most happy about is the amount of music I was able to change/add. There's so much dead space in this film, and thanks to Audio Channel 4 being blank (for me at least) you can have a field day. I've restored as much as I could, and inevitably used music from elsewhere in a few places. I used the Ringwraith theme from 'Wraiths on Wings' for Saruman and Elrond battling the Nazgul (it deserved to go somewhere), brought in Bilbo's themes in various places, there's a few Misty Mountains uses in there, and I re-did the music for the respective charges of the Iron Hills Dwarves and Thorin, so that it's much louder (and better). I also murdered Bard's family theme in most places, not least since I've brought in the new Bard theme instead. It's not perfect by any means (some edits aren't always smooth, particularly in regard to audio), but it'll do for me. I checked it on my TV earlier and was delighted, I figured the quality would drop but it looks about the same as the Blu. At least now I can watch it without having to reach for the fast-forward button at any point. I liked much of the film already but now it's infinitely more enjoyable. Anyway I'll proceed to Desolation now. I've actually started with this already, adding the music for Bombur's bouncing and some Smaug stuff, but there's a lot to do. AUJ will be a much easier affair, probably more a case of changing some bits and pieces there (Thorin's walk from the tree being the obvious one).
  8. Shamelessly lifted from the TORN forums: Source:
  9. Well they might want to explore the war in the north, who knows. The scope offered by the books is rather thin on the ground, so they might choose to latch onto such things. They might do an episode where Aragorn ventures to Dale and Erebor, who can say at this point? We might consider the possibility that rather than a season about Aragorn, then something else, then something else, and so forth, they might simply decide to do the whole proposed series as one themed around the life of Aragorn and the timeline between The Hobbit and LOTR, using him as the main character to structure the narrative around. Ergo, we might have one season devoted to his upbringing in and around Rivendell (with flashbacks to pad it out), another to his time in Rohan and Gondor, another to his journeys in the south, perhaps the fourth could bring him back north and set him among the rangers, and the last for the hunt for Gollum. This is just a thin sketch of course, I doubt they'll go with this.
  10. There's also room for much younger incarnations of Denethor and Theoden, depending on the timeline. You'd hope they wouldn't do something very unnecessary and include Boromir as a young boy. I believe he was born around 2977/78, and Aragorn's 'adventures' in those parts are said to have ended around 2980. It all depends on how much they want to skew things.
  11. 'I don't see a reason for so-and-so to feature' won't factor much into the heads of the showrunners and writers I expect.
  12. While they might end up having to do so, I certainly think they will throw all they can at getting Weaving, Blanchett and McKellen, who can still pull off their roles I'm sure. They'll want some connective tissue with the film series in terms of casting, that much is evident, and having a familiar face or two will undoubtedly help to draw in viewers. If they get to the hunt for Gollum (and I'm sure they'll want to, bring us right up there), I don't see why Serkis wouldn't return for likely a very brief role (particularly in terms of dialogue). They'll obviously have to cast a younger Aragorn (likely several you suspect for the early years), and I don't think they'd want Bloom to return as Legolas. Perhaps they might seek Viggo (and even Liv Tyler) in some kind of bookending framing role if they wish to go down that route. As for other characters from the films who may or may not return: Thranduil - could they get Pace? I'm not sure. I wouldn't mind seeing it recast in any case Bard - would Evans return? Possibly. If Bain is present I imagine he'd be played by an older actor Haldir - will need recasting I think Celeborn - again, can't see Csokas doing it, may as well recast Tauriel - banish to the depths of Hades, but if included they'd probably recast with Lily in Marvel land now Saruman - sigh Radagast - they'll probably recast, though I've no problem with McCoy if they dialled it down and made him more dignified Balin - has to be Stott, no reason it can't. His inclusion would probably also mean that of Oin (keep Callan) and Ori (recast please) Dain - obviously needs recasting Gimli - needs recasting Bilbo - Freeman might do it if just a small role, which you imagine it would be. If they throw in a young-ish Frodo, you suspect he'd be recast but then Elijah doesn't age much. Hard to say if they'll do anything with the other Dwarves (Gloin and Dwalin are probably the most likely to feature, if any), but if so I'd be happy to see the same actors in the roles.
  13. Nah I'm not buying that. If Legolas turns up in this I guess we'll have our answer.
  14. Well I was spot on in thinking that Strider mention at the end of BotFA was a studio insertion. These people are always thinking ahead. But even if Legolas is in this, I expect he'll be recast. It will be pretty silly having a youthful-looking Strider going around with a fuller, 40-something Bloom. This could be good, and in terms of history could have flashbacks galore (perhaps even entire episodes). It almost certainly won't be, but it could be. If I was Bezos I'd be throwing everything at trying to get Shore, even kidnapping family members if need be (I jest of course). I expect this to be consistent with Jackson's world, to a point. I think they'll be desperately trying to get Hugo Weaving, as Elrond will likely feature pretty prominently in this, and there would be an immediate link there. McKellen as Gandalf? Cate Blanchatt as Galadriel? It's quite possible, as they wouldn't have to be in it a great deal. And again, it would provide a significant boost to the series from the get-go. As for the timeline, who knows. In terms of conflating and shifting events I wouldn't be at all surprised if they had Celebrian in this (well we're only about 450 years out). It would allow a lot of drama for Elrond and his sons, presuming they're in this, plus it would make for a strong arc.