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  1. I still might not necessarily watch it, but at least then I could watch it blindfolded.
  2. https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-lord-of-the-rings-veterans-favorite-things-11563971720?fbclid=IwAR0sBbFBxT1QdeSBEd-pWvRKLiLQpoNVWtQWnuRlqLhGySRR4o5JnbuN8Jg Shore has a Numenorean helmet on his desk. I think we all know what this means.
  3. With regard to the Tolkien Estate - do we even know what the current custodians are like with regard to the material? Obviously no one expects them to be as militant as Christopher, and the fact that they've softened their stance on licencing says a lot, but I wonder if this apparent power to veto is paying lip-service to their role as Christopher's successors, as guardians of Tolkien's work if you will. I guess we won't find out until the show is in full swing, but given how much Amazon have paid I'm not expecting the Estate to be all that meddlesome. And as for Shippey, I think the fact that he hasn't really met any of the writing team yet is instructive. I read something recently about the apparent Tolkien advisor on The Hobbit and Shadows of Mordor (lol), who said something about her role being to make sure that the filmmakers/developers stayed within the boundaries of the material that was available to them. And given the scope of Shippey's interview, and the area in which he seems most knowledgeable (in relation to the production I mean), I suspect that his role here is a similar one. And finally we're getting the 'sequel' we've all been waiting for. Angus MacFadyen about to show that upstart Chris Pine who the real Robert the Bruce is. He'll probably get his dick out as well just to hammer home the point.
  4. Just a couple of many: This is going to be fun. 'Old white man' Tolkien about to get the woke treatment.
  5. I stumbled across one of her tweets: I think the show is in good hands.
  6. The 'writing consultant' is especially peculiar. She has no real credits aside from being an Assistant Editor on a handful of productions. Certainly nothing in terms of writing for film/TV, and no online profile. You'd think... nevermind. Anyway if turns out to be anything other than stupendously awful and a thorough defiling of Tolkien's writing and world I'll sell my arse on Amazon.
  7. Also interesting there is the possible suggestion (maybe I'm reading too much into it) that Amazon's series may ultimately form part of that 'giant tapestry' (perhaps regardless of Shore's direct involvement, though far preferably with it).
  8. I think they probably will branch out where need be, though being close to WETA and the pre-existing sets (where needed) can only be a good thing.
  9. So they are filming it (or at least most of it) in New Zealand after all: https://www.theonering.net/torwp/2019/06/30/106671-amazon-middle-earth-series-to-film-in-new-zealand/ I'm not convinced they were ever really set on Scotland, I think that was just intended to exert pressure on the New Zealand folks to offer better terms, given that we know negotiations reached an impasse several months back. And that stuff about them wanting safety assurances after Christchurch strikes me as nonsensical (their government has pretty much said as much), you'd struggle to find anywhere safer than New Zealand I'm sure. And more new developments: https://deadline.com/2019/07/the-lord-of-the-rings-j-a-bayona-direct-amazon-series-juan-antonio-bayona-1202640048/
  10. Regarding Fire and Water - I hope Jim Ware won't mind me sharing this PM from a few years back: I can't recall if the EE restored any of this, but certainly it wouldn't have been 2 and a half minutes worth of footage (the added bit with Bard can't have been more than 30 seconds - I get the impression this must have included the destruction of the windlance, and the decision not to restore this particular sequence remains inexplicable). So when you add that to the unreleased music from the film, we could be looking at a fairly substantial chunk. Doug has also suggested that there was quite a bit of music for the chariot chase sequence which wasn't featured in the EE.
  11. Second Age?!? If anything was going to get Shore to come on board, it's a different but incredibly exciting setting (that and a huge wad of cash).
  12. He's obviously talking about Conrad Pope. I don't know. Most of the second half of that cannot possibly apply to Shore (about being deeply involved in the project, caring about the characters), so whose to say if all of the first part does? And if Jackson did really want the Misty Mountains theme in films 2 and 3, surely he could have just tracked in one of the numerous versions recorded for AUJ?
  13. With the Amazon LOTR series in the works it's surely only a matter of time. But how they are presented - given the differences between film score and the original score for AUJ in particular - will be very interesting. Plus we'll need our alternates of course, providing they're not forthcoming with Doug's book.
  14. I'm not a big fan of Bolg, but that prize goes to Gothmog surely? Chief issue with Gothmog is that I always considered Orcs to be a society (I use that term loosely) where the biggest and strongest would rule the roost, boss about the other Orcs. You could well believe Azog would be in this position, but gimpy old Gothmog? I didn't work for me.
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