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  1. Fantastic! One of my best friends, Roberto, playing 4th chair cello with the RPO was telling me that she sounded absolutely fantastic during the rehearsals and the concert. Completely different to the CD. Hope you had an amazing time. He said when they played ET he looked up and it was a full moon and that it made it even more special. He also mentioned that his favorite was Sabrina. He also said that originally they were contracted to do the album with her. Not sure why they changed it although he said "I think it's because he is sick".... I hope there is nothing more than him not being able to travel. As for seeing it, he asked me to find it online as it was televised and should be online right now, so we should be able to see the concert.
  2. I'm so happy after all the years of snubbing Korngold's concerto it's now firmly one of the favorites. Seriously I do not understand the snubbery. I will check out Gil's recording for sure! And yes, one of my favorites is Cinderella Liberty on the album. I think she sounds way too harsh on others. You do need that lightness, like you said. I would love to here Ehnes interpretation of Williams concerto!
  3. Say What?! Happy so many of you are enjoying the album. There are a few nice pieces. Although, for me I wish I had someone dynamic who goes into her music with so much passion and loses herself like Janine Jansen, here with the incomparable Berlin Phil playing part of the second movement of Britten's Violin Concerto. Or my favorite, James Ehnes, who's interpretation of the 3 movement Korngold Violin Concerto, in fact this whole CD is astounding. He keeps the original fast tempos with total precision in tune which many did not since Heifetz originated them with the Korngold and Walton. I believe Heifetz debuted both. All three concertos are so haunting in parts (opening and the theme around 2.40 and later in this movement) and vigorous in others, the last movement of the Korngold being spectacular, and the gentleness of the middle movement is almost a lullaby. But I am happy to see any musician want to work with Williams and be energized to record so much. Sorry to derail the conversation a bit and thanks for letting me natter on.....
  4. I agree in that Williams music does not need anything extra to stand on it's own next to some classical pieces and they work beautifully together in a concert.
  5. That's not what I mean about harsh. The Concerto's I mentioned are all concert pieces, and if you want harsh in that sense, listen to Bartok's, the middle movement. I mean Harsh in a way that is not pleasant to hear. It's not well played or crafted, especially the first half of it, to me, others can love it, that's the beauty of any art.
  6. Really? I think the violin playing is way too harsh and it's just written OTT. It's lost it's magic for me totally in this way. I have to turn it off and I love Violin Concertos. Walton, Korngold, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, etc... It's just way too harsh here, an't tell if it's the arrangement or the playing or both. I love Hedwig's Theme, just can't listen to this version without wanting to stick knives into my ears, lol.
  7. I have to say there is some shaky playing here on some tracks which I am surprised over. Either the arrangements were too odd or hard and in a funny key to be played better. Dunno. Surprised though because she is a stellar Violinist. For me the stand out track is Cinderella Liberty. Beautiful and well played. But, Oh My Days, Hedwig's Theme does not work for me AT ALL. It's just not right. Playing is bad, not everything has to be for solo violin and orchestra. Some things are better left for full orchestra. As for Sabrina, Love that main title but I think that is better with Piano and Orchestra. One key ingredient is sorely missing in this CD that was gorgeously present on Cinema Serenade. RIP Angela Morley! Her arrangements were second to none!
  8. Ha! That's initially what I came here to find out. It was supposed to start this summer so I assume it has already started. However we have just heard of extensive reshoots. I say extensive as they are supposed to go through September or into September. If they change a lot then scoring will have to be thrown in after as well. So who knows.....
  9. No one needs to be the Heir Apparent. Not in the sense of doing what Williams has done. It is done anyway, we have it, or will have the 9 films of his. You aren't going to have this ultra classical big orchestral varied scores with tons of themes and incredible chase music once he is gone. Let the composers who come in just do them, then they will succeed in at least that, if you try and get most composers out there to try and match a fraction of what Williams puts in orchestrally in each score, it's just not going to happen, unless they bring in someone who we do not already know about who comes from the Classical world. Williams style right now in Hollywood is seen as too "old school" and not what is in fashion. Everything is cyclical and the rise of big orchestral/classical music in film will come back at some point.
  10. Rogue One is a dreadful score musically in my opinion. However I can understand some people preferring it as we all have different tastes in music. But I just cannot listen to that score. I tried so many times. It just annoys me that he's so weak harmonically and doesn't seem to know how to modulate once he has an idea in his head..... But hey listen, the man gets the gigs and makes the money so more power to him. Now Solo I liked. Very much. Very different to what I usually go for, but I think Powell did a great job in using material that was afforded him not only with the Han themes but also the whole SW catalogue and also making it his own with little motifs and signature little themes. The Rachmaninoffesque closet cue is beautiful for one. The mine stuff is excellent.
  11. It's fine but I am a bit confused with the Witches of Eastwick/Potter/Schindler's workforce ending..... It doesn't go in my book. I do actually love that type of writing, but it just comes out of left field in a piece that doesn't use those harmonies anywhere beforehand.....
  12. Thank you! haven't been on JWFan for a bit so missed this x
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