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  1. It's fine but I am a bit confused with the Witches of Eastwick/Potter/Schindler's workforce ending..... It doesn't go in my book. I do actually love that type of writing, but it just comes out of left field in a piece that doesn't use those harmonies anywhere beforehand.....
  2. Thank you! haven't been on JWFan for a bit so missed this x
  3. Yes Kylo has 2 motifs only. Not even full theme. That third lower string line is associated with the insecure Kylo Men motif. It can be played by itself, but the association is with that motif and not the Evil Self Assured motif. It's like playing the rhythmic part of The Imperial March without stating the actual theme itself. You still associate it with that, but it's not a separate entity. At least this is how I see it.
  4. I came here earlier to see but no one had said anything. Lots of JW clips tonight at the oscars throughout
  5. The Brass were incredible tonight also at The Royal Albert Hall!!!! Especially the trumpets! ❤️
  6. Korngold's Violin Concerto is my absolute favorite. Followed very closely by Walton, Barber and Mendelssohn ❤️
  7. Hated every score after 3 with the exception of one or two cues here and there. I really wish he had done them all.
  8. Probably why his doctors told him not to fly for years. Has he gotten back to LA? Anyone know? Maybe he can take a boat!
  9. Did you see yourself in the video I posted on Han Solo and the Princess?
  10. or Scruff..... Although Grindr is better, I think, wait, the really amazing one is.... Added instagram. Mine's @waelbinali
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