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  1. For CE3K? Edit: No other dates announced yet for this yet, if you were asking about this film.
  2. You know I didn't know but I see someone else answered. I was pissed off as there was no program. One thing I love is collecting programs of concerts I go to. And that's usually where I get my info. Still do not know if I will have it spare since this was one of the concerts that no members who own seats got their seats for themselves. We all had to scramble to get our own. Therefor instead of having 5 I have 3 and mine and one other are definitely spoken for. We shall see
  3. Oh I was at the London concert at the Royal Albert Hall. It was fantastic. I took two little vids. I'll put them up on youtube and then share them here. I cried at the end..... I was close and had an extra ticket with me as my friend decided to forget what day it was. I should have asked here.... Next time! Here you go x (excuse the guy to the left of me that I wanted to smack a few times!)
  4. Williams vs Zimmer

    First of all the Conductor is Anthony Inglis. He LOVES film music and is the resident conductor of the London Concert Orchestra who love to play film music. I should have recorded Hook because it was spectacularly played and he said it is one of his all time favorite pieces to conduct bar none especially with this orchestra. He also talked about what a master Williams is and how he has come from a long line of incredible composers before him who have influenced him and his style. I honestly don't see anything wrong with having a little fun be it with film music or when doing something like a classical spectacular where they dress up and do stunts as well and there is no film music played there, only classical music. Williams is one of my favorite composers ever, most of you know that from the way I talk, and some of you know it from how I write, but make no mistake, his film music, as much as I adore it, is not a Mahler Symphony or a Richard Strauss Tone Poem... LOL It is not cheapening his themes to once in a while have fun with it. It just added to the atmosphere, and honestly, each time I watch it I giggle at Darth Vader conducting and Breathing and can still appreciate that this is one of the best, if not, THE BEST, theme ever written for film. But that's me.
  5. Williams vs Zimmer

    There we go!
  6. Williams vs Zimmer

    Oh Come On, lol. You couldn't tell I was joking? Even with me saying "I'm Revolting" at the end?! Sheesh... heh
  7. Williams vs Zimmer

    I think, because it's film music, it is some people's "pop" music. As in popular, not the genre, so people go to have fun and they still love and enjoy the music, but there's an added thing to it. BTW, with the exception of Darth Vader coming in at the encore and the conductor coming out as Captain Jack Sparrow after the intermission, the rest of the concert was like any normal concert. He played pieces and people clapped and cheered after each one. I just was able to film that one because it was the encore. I mean honestly, I risk being thrown out of the Albert Hall to bring you footage that no one else has and this is the thanks I get?! That's it! No More I tell you!!! I'm Revolting!!!!
  8. Williams vs Zimmer

    You people... I thought I was the snob of the group but you guys are something else haha. WTF. For all those going you would never attend a concert like this at the Albert Hall I call bullshit! If someone gave you tickets, you would go in a heartbeat to see this concert Yo also don't see people having as much fun as this at those concerts either. Trust me. I have 90% of the proms night tickets in my living room and going through them to see which ones I want to give back and which ones I want to attend. I go every year. Some fabulous concerts but not as much fun
  9. Williams vs Zimmer

    It's the encore, you can have a little fun with it. Although he did come in as Jack Sparrow before and said his wife is always mistaking him for Johnny Depp.
  10. Williams vs Zimmer

    Here's the first encore. Sorry it was blurry to start. I had to be sneaky to record this and at one point I had to hide my phone!
  11. Williams vs Zimmer

    Well they have the standard full orchestra which Williams writes for (triple winds, big brass section) and Zimmer's music has been arranged for that size orchestra so that his music can be played in concert plus then as I said, prerecords of synths, samples and extra drums for his. BTW, I was gonna say, there are more of me dressed and undressed on my instagram @waelbinali I know you so want to go there lol
  12. Williams vs Zimmer

    Haha, it wasn't a competition between the two. Zimmer had added pre recorded synths to pump up the orchestra, so people got to see two sides of scoring for film. One pure classical orchestral and the other more pop, big orchestral sounds and synth prerecords. It was just about sitting and enjoying the scores you love or like. Some love one over another and others love both. There's room for everyone. Wait, what's wrong with me? Did I OD on Xanax?!
  13. Williams vs Zimmer

    I have to say, it was fun all around. There wasnโ€™t an empty seat anywhere and the whole audience had a great time. I looked around and no one was bored or talking or looking at phones. Most were bopping their heads and just smiles all over the place. On to Close Encounters Concert film next week, probably with my bag as my are again ๐Ÿ˜‚ Off with his Balls! Burn him at the Stake! Stake? Steak? Whatever.... BTW your seat for the Williams Concert is closer than the ones I am on now I'll have you know that the pic I have as my avatar is probably the tamest I have in regards to no shirt, lol.....
  14. Williams vs Zimmer

    I had two seats. This is my date ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was forced to wear one coming into the venue. Very annoying of them! I mean I work out so I donโ€™t have to wear a shirt lol
  15. Williams vs Zimmer

    Intermission.Time for ice cream ๐Ÿ˜› Or champagne? lol