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  1. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Me too, especially after the controversy over this last one, lol.... Can't wait for the Solo theme too
  2. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Love it. Thank you for sharing! That timpani concerto is fucking HOT!!!! Excuse my language I've never used Sibelius but my friend Lior Rosner does and he hates Finale, lol. I think it's whatever you are used to. I think we are all derailing the topic at hand here. Maybe we should move all our own stuff into another thread/forum? And it's great to hear other people's work and support each other on here. It's a much more beautiful thing than arguing
  3. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Thanks, yeah I am, its my full time job. And thank you x I keep trying to get work in the film/tv industry and I do here and there but nowadays they want "new" composers to do low budget movies with samples and I only know how to write pencil to paper at a piano and then I orchestrate into finale. Which means I need an orchestra to record it, and most of the time they won't chance a big budget on someone not tried out fully. I just did the main title last year to an upcoming TV show called Medinah, and wrote themes and motives for characters and situations. Recorded the main title with a 94 piece orchestra for them too. But I think we are getting off topic here! OMG I highly doubt that LOL
  4. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    OMG, I still have so much to learn as a composer, trust me!!! But I love learning and growing, so little by little! And I can't remember whom, but someone put one of my pieces on here to mock it last year, so not everyone is going to like what I do. It's all good though.
  5. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    LOL, I'm not quite sure if you are mocking me or being honest. Some people will ike it, others won't, it's all good. I do my best... I sent you a PM with a video of the recording of one of my pieces
  6. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Seriously, my whole family was cracking up at the idiocy of it all....
  7. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    And it's not like many artists throughout history didn't have views and actions that we now see as not conducive to modern day living, thought or ideas. From hating other religions and races to slavery to misogyny etc etc etc... At some point we should separate the artist from the person. It's like this dumb dumb dumb thing in Saudi Arabia. Pokémon Go is banned there, actually anything Pokemon is banned because they deem it a Jewish Conspiracy... WTF, lol, I mean even a Japanese cartoon is being blamed on the Jews?
  8. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Do you think that is because of his writing or some orchestras not being able to play them well? Because in concerts here in LA and in London that I have gone to, be it the LA Phil or LSO or Royal Phil, they play them beautifully. I would chalk bad recordings (and live concerts) to there being far too many mediocre to pretty bad orchestras out there not being able to handle balance and play in tune and in time.
  9. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Yeah I'm done with dumb arguments. Like I said, enjoy what you want to enjoy, when it comes to the listening experience, it's subjective, and there is something for everyone.
  10. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Even when Williams is simple, he writes memorable themes that you remember and can hum. His themes also are not one line statements. Take any big theme he has written. Be it the Jurassic Park theme, Superman, ET, Jaws, Any Star Wars big theme, Indiana Jones, Memoirs of a Geisha, Schindler's List, etc etc etc etc, the themes aren't simple in their structure and they tell a story. There is an A section, a B section, sometimes even a C section before returning to A. There is STRUCTURE. There is reason in the writing. Apart from the song Shore wrote for the last LOTR, where is any other theme with that type of actual writing structure? He writes motifs, sure, simple one line statements like William's Kylo Ren Motif, Poe's Motif, but not actual themes. Don't turn that argument around on my head because it is so not the same, lol. Please Girl! Don't go there!
  11. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Actually If you study many of his scores and his concert works, he can get very complicated harmonically. Have you looked at the score to 5 Sacred Trees? Even SW TPM has some really challenging harmonies and rhythms. I am not talking about his thematic material here. And I think that is his genius in keeping those very simple and very catchy. He is a tunesmith. I'm talking about the meat and potatoes of some of his scores. Again, that is not to say that anyone should like them or that there isn't other more complicated music with tons of other composers.
  12. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Meh, I don't think that is what I am saying. I love Britney Spears for crying out loud, lol.... That's who I work out to and other simple dance music remixes that have maybe 2 chords throughout with a beat?! And in composition post grad schools I fought against snobs and teachers who put down Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Puccini, Goldsmith and Williams as simple and meaning nothing and how it's throwaway. I'm definitely not a musical snob. So if I came off that way, it's not actually my intent. But the world is going towards a simpler taste. Most people gravitate to simple harmony and music. Anything complicated goes above most people's heads, and does not hit emotionally to them. That is my point. I might have said it in a crappy way, I'm just being honest. Even pop music has become simpler, and that is already the simplest form of music. Take The Beatles. Simple music but there is harmony and the songs tell a story. Now take Beyoncé. Some of her biggest hits are essentially one chord throughout the whole song. But they are the biggest money makers for a reason. People do not want and can not handle complicated music and harmony. BTW I think Horner's Titanic is Symphonic Enya too, and that also won best score (I do not like it at all though)
  13. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Let me start by saying that people can choose to prefer anything they prefer. As Maggie Smith once said in A Prime For Miss Jean Brodie "For those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like".... Now to what I am going to say.... I personally can't listen to 85% of the music that Shore wrote for LOTR. I think it works fine in the movies, but as a listening experience for me, it's as bland as chalk and completely pedestrian. His music to the hobbit area is like composing 101 and his action writing is very limited. Also, he had a whole world to write for and the music sounds the same throughout. If you guys have ever heard Ravel's score to Daphnis and Chloe. The 2nd suite. The way the woodwinds bubble under the strings brings to mind hearing the animals and feeling nature all around you. That's what I wanted to hear in the Elven realms. They could hear the trees and animals and communicate with nature of sorts. But the music was the same as it was everywhere else and I was left feeling a bit let down by it. And the loud stuff was just LOUD with no form or function. Like someone said, Oh by the way, this is an Epic so he just had the whole orchestra blasting away without any break. No breathing room. No ebb and flow. The brass were just all the brass all the time. Where's the orchestration? Where's the finesse? Those are just a few of my problems. HOWEVER, I do understand why it works for so many other people out there and that's fantastic! I understand why it hits people more emotionally than Williams's writing. The simplicity of harmony and the pop cadence to his writing is what people nowadays are used to, it's like symphonic Enya. World music that is just emotion but with no heart or substance really. He doesn't go harmonically anywhere interesting or complex because he simply cannot go there, not because he does not want to. But, I think, because of that, it grabbed most of the world and it was a complete winner, because most people love simplicity and emotion. It stole people's hearts and took them to a place they wanted to go at that time. The music was tragic through and through. Congrats to him in the end of the day and to his awards! But please, for crying out loud, comparing either Williams or Shore to Wagner is laughable. Wagner is on a completely different level altogether, and at the time Wagner was writing his Operas, he was on his OWN level with no one to match him..... Harmonically and otherwise! He was the father of what became the late Romantic period and modern writing. His complex textures and shifting harmonies, in the 19th century were like no other. We are talking 1800s.... Remember, he was born 200 years ago. That music is so far ahead of it's time. Without him I do not believe there would be the great Richard Strauss or Gustav Mahler amongst. At least not in how they sound because of his innovation. Tristan and Isolde remains one of my favorite works and so complex. I do not think anything in LOTR even comes close to a few bars of that Opera. Williams on the other hand actually does sound as complex, harmonically and otherwise, HOWEVER, when Wagner did it, it was new, never done before, not so with either of these film music giants! That is the huge difference! Wagner was a leader, not a follower. Remember that! But again, love who you love, listen to who you want to listen to, but lets be real about it, lol
  14. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Let me let you in on something I know about The Last Jedi. When Rian Johnson would send Williams his music put to scenes already done and scored, Williams himself then went and said (on many areas) Let me change this. I think I can hit it better emotionally. Without Johnson asking for it and without his input. That alone is admirable. The notion that he only spent a few weeks composing is bullshit. On both the last two SW scores and on TinTin I know he spent months on them. Rey's theme was revised countless times and rewritten plenty because he didn't like it till he finally nailed it. That alone took weeks. Just honestly hush up already. Unless you are an orchestral composer, do not presume how long things do or should take. Besides, some of the best known loved and admired pieces in History have taken anywhere from 1 week to 1 year to finish. Time does not indicate how good anything is, the product does. Love it or Hate it, that's personal choice, but the guy has done something in film, never done before, you can never take that away from him!