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  1. Usually just means a reprise of earlier themes, e.g. fans recognising music from their earlier beloved films.
  2. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    I recall recently hearing it mentioned somewhere in this podcast: Sorry it's quite long, not sure I have time to find timestamps. I'd recommend listening though, interesting discussion from an insider about the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit ultimate set that was planned but will likely not see the light of day.
  3. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    I wasn't referring to the arrangement, I meant the sound of the brass itself. Sounds really fake to me.
  4. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    I'm surprised they approved the Avengers theme when it first shows up in the trailer. It's such a fake sounding sampled instrument, like from a fan-made score (which I guess is what trailer music is nowadays).
  5. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    Howard Shore, Martin Freeman, Ian Mckellan and Ken Stott are the best parts for me!
  6. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    Not true. The studio had influence over the Hobbit films - they forced the introduction of a love triangle (something PJ said wouldn’t happen initially).
  7. "On The Music Of Middle Earth"

    Jackson himself said the reason he made the Extended Editions in conjunction with the theatrical releases was because he didn't want to revisit the films later, because he knew he'd change as a filmmaker. He wanted to capture his vision as it was at the time.
  8. There was a segment about him on French TV
  9. Yeah after the success of LOTR it must have been hugely daunting. And then to have his work and reputation damaged in the film mixes/edits, I expect it would have been tough.
  10. Fun-Sized Hobbit Soundtrack Edits

    I made LOTR-OST style 1-disc playlists of all the scores, and they're great fun to listen to! I think the 70 minute limit helps to streamline the listening experience when you aren't in the mood for complete scores. Even just picking out tracks (not editing anything) it works surprisingly well.
  11. Fun-Sized Hobbit Soundtrack Edits

    I enjoyed your experimental use of the Erebor theme over Gandalf's theme - wasn't expecting that!
  12. Amazon buys up Middle-earth, it searches the One Ring!

    Yeah, a good question is will he even be asked to score it? A studio exec with some intelligence might see the success of the LOTR scores - performances worldwide, the symphony and live concerts, how Shore seems to be the number one streaming film score composer on Spotify - and fight to get him back for the series.
  13. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    Highlights from the comment section:
  14. Yeah they aren't frequent, but then they occur they are prominent - particularly the Luke/Force themes.