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  1. I gave these scores a listen recently for a first time in a while. A couple of comments on AUJ: - My goodness the Radagast theme played over the Warg material is fantastic! - The History of the Ring variations are great. I never appreciated how differently he played with the theme here, shifting from the mythical theme introduced in FOTR to an unassuming idea describing the intrigue of Bilbo towards the ring.
  2. Continuity wise it was a bit of a shame. But at least we still have those stellar themes on the AUJ soundtrack, and DOS and BOTFA being terrific scores consistent with the movie AUJ.
  3. Yeah silly you. Bilbo’s Theme would have been great to develop with the character through the trilogy but it seems to be a result of the film AUJ that certain original Hobbit themes were dropped. Given his representation by the shire theme, it makes sense to use it fleetingly as the character moves away from home and focus on the experience of the new worlds around him.
  4. I remember that being the speculation here, but not sure where the film makers would have mentioned it. They didn’t discuss the score much, although Boyens mentioned she liked the DOS score in the commentary. No? The whole point is he’s travelling outside of home and his comfort zone. There are a few reflective Shire related moments just like in LOTR.
  5. That is not the reason Shore gave in the interview. It’s also worth noting that musically Bilbo and dwarves are connected through the Thorin/Erebor/Shire/Bilbo themes sharing the same fundamental melodic notes. This explanation came from fans though?
  6. I don't think I've heard anyone make that suggestion before!
  7. Well that question didn't beat around the bush.
  8. He’s saying all lyrics will be included, more specifically confirming the Nazgul alternate will be there (given the thread title).
  9. I think I asked specifically about that Nazgul piece, after Doug teasing that it featured lyrics written about the Azog, and he said the book discusses the original intentions but includes all lyrics (including the Azog/Thorin alternate).
  10. Welcome, great questions! I seem to recall we had confirmation that the Thorin v Azog alternate lyrics were included in the book, but I can't remember where I saw that (either twitter or here).
  11. The Hobbit: Four Movements for Symphony Orchestra by Howard Shore

    Still planning on sharing more?
  12. Harry Potter 1-5 Vinyl OSTs coming in November

    At least they didn’t call it Sorcerer’s stone!