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  1. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I keep checking the sexy celeb thread, but it's a shadow of its former self. And the video game one is basically the Nintendo appreciation group these days.
  2. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Does it seem that way? I'm really not. Loads going on for me outside of this thread mate. I just think it can be amusing to break the trend of collective sneering with a bit of straight up trash talk, on occasion. It's nothing really though.
  3. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    The local EU'ers here willing the UK to go down in flames just for kicks is pretty sad tbh. Useful to know though, know what I mean? I mean, I suppose I could say I'm disappointed in some people, but the likes of Bilbo are easily to shrug off, such is his longstanding vitriol towards Britain (and its people, I suspect) as documented in various threads over the years - all while looking like Harry Potter with Downs, no less. But Chaac was another, and look at him/her... I can't take these people seriously. The others I just sort of expect it by now. Course I'm going personal, don't act all shocked.
  4. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Leave 'em to their freak outs, Rich. Herd mentality etc
  5. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    "Cave in" is a bit extreme isn't it? Sounds very dramatic compared to wiggle room, or "give another inch", something which I genuinely wouldn't be surprised to see happening before the end date. Alternatively, a second referendum may yet occur. A no deal situation is still off the table, I reckon. Cool heads, gentlemen. This isn't The Mail message board, is it?
  6. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    In the same breath: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who holds the rotating EU presidency, suggested there could be a special Brexit summit in January to agree "additional assurances".
  7. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Nah I don't mind Xmas really. At the the very least it's a few days off work
  8. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I wouldn't expect there to be. It's like the finale of the 1812 Overture with real cannons here though.
  9. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Yeah I know. I'm just saying that some of us see through it. Yet all I hear everywhere is "the deal is final blah blah blah." It's just the usual hysteria BS as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Quintus

    Does Williams write the Lyrics for his songs?

    That was Don Draper.
  11. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Apparently "final deal" and "no movement on the deal" terminology is something the EU is known for, before reopening negotiations and giving another inch. Maastricht isn't that long ago here. I'm not sure you two agree who the lunatics are.
  12. Same 'ere, generally (for things I tend to be actively interested in). But there's also a fine line between enthusiasm and hyperbole.
  13. Quintus

    The Bespin Thread

    Sorry to hear that Richard. I was and to some extent still am in the workplace doldrums this past couple of years. I'm going through a transitional employment period myself and am finding it difficult to adjust, but I'm trying to stick it out in the hope it'll settle down once I get used to all the changes. Do you at least have options?
  14. Quintus


    Crap, I just remembered I forgot to finish this.