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  1. I love making the headboard smash against the wall, but it can be a pain when the kids are already downstairs.
  2. You actually went to the effort of typing this up unironically to Drax. I don't know whether to say bravo or to laugh.
  3. Does a radioactive bear shit in a derelict theme park?
  4. People think you're actually interested in them enough to check out their profile!
  5. When you browse JWFan on your phone and accidentally click on someone's profile link and it takes you to their page instead of wherever else you meant to go. I do this all the time FFS.
  6. I never liked the way the forum's native image hosting would reduce the quality, so Imgur is better in that way.
  7. I use Imgur when posting images here anyway.
  8. In stifling heat it's also still perfectly possible to surrender.
  9. They say France is gonna be getting 45C heat on the weekend.
  10. As it 'appens, Wilfrid Brambell (the man on the left) would more memorably later play a dirty old git in Steptoe and Son, to legendary effect.
  11. In '96 my devotion to Williams was at its peak, and I stayed up into the early hours of the night purely to see him perform Summon the Heroes in the opening ceremony. Those were the days.
  12. Yep, unless there's a woman kicking them into touch over it.
  13. When young and growing up, absolutely. I work in a predominantly male environment though, and I've observed that fellas are generally disgusting creatures outside of their own homes. It's common knowledge really.
  14. I'll wash my hands before handling food, handling anything prone to germs that the children may come into contact with; after toilet breaks, after handling grimy or greasy feeling materials, dirty objects and anything else that *feels* like it could be a breeding ground for bacteria. When I use a public toilet I will also use my sleeve or footwear to open the exit door.
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