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  1. What in the holy mother of fuck? I dare someone to all of watch this!
  2. I wonder how Lynch feels about TV on handheld devices. I remember watching the entire final season of The Sopranos on an early LG LED touch screen phone. The finale, with that last shot on Tony Soprano... still one of TV's best endings.
  3. Disney are following the Netflix pricing model I see. It's just £4.99 now, but eighteen months from now it'll be 7.99 for the standard package and 9.99+ for 4K on multiple devices.
  4. Would I enjoy it? I like light sci-fi if it's not too nerdy.
  5. I watched Gravity on an iPad. Everyone went on about the great spectacle of that movie, but I thought it was nothing extraordinary. It was all quite small scale really.
  6. Anyone else prefer cassette game loading times to cartridge?
  7. I skipped the failed movie adaptation so the new series will be my intro to this fiction. Should I decide to watch it (I believe it had rave reviews).
  8. You know there's bound to be die-hard SW nutters out there who MUST study these official 4K releases asap!
  9. Never heard of it but the shooting combat looks rote AF. Whatever happened to your strictly offline gaming only stance anyway?
  10. The biggest mugs are the ones paying yet again for these movies. Lucas is an actual cunt though, regardless. I think he's always come off as one in interviews.
  11. I was reading on Reddit, some dude was saying that S9 was very hard work and that basically the show was just bereft of laughs by that point. That sounds like something I've experienced before with shows, but I'll see. We can't bring ourselves to watch beyond the first episode of the final The Good Place for similar reasons.
  12. I've heard there's a serious drop off before the end. So is that two seasons (8-9) that can be skipped wholesale then?
  13. Spending yet more money to own these movies again? I couldn't think of anything worse.
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