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  1. America

    Harsh, but I can't really argue with this.
  2. I always take human form when I'm listening to music.
  3. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    Not quite, but he's written a fair few incidental cues and momentary flushes over the years which fit the description.
  4. Nearing the end of Mad Men season 4, Don's daughter turned up at his work, poor girl, and the US government is asking about Draper after the North American Aviation contract needed to get security clearance on him. Holy crap this is amazing.
  5. America

    I seem to recall you being British too. I don't live in Liverpool btw, although I was born there.
  6. America

    Don't be sorry, I have everything I need.
  7. America

    What's in the US?
  8. America

    The right to visit the US freely is the yardstick for all civil freedoms in the world? LOL okay. I've never been to America and possibly never will do. I'll never be truly free
  9. America

    You're permitted a decent amount of leeway in how you broach the subject, but whatever you do don't joke or make light of it, as it's really upsetting and annoying to the Disco Stus of the world (the by proxy crowd).
  10. America

    Stop it KK, you're speaking far too pragmatically and with common sense for such statements to be acceptable.
  11. America

    I'd been thinking it goes without saying. Do you need to see it stressed or something?
  12. America

    Back in my clubbing days (gawd) it was pretty normal to get one's arse pinched or grabbed on the dance floor. It's probably reasonable to assume I felt up a couple of skirted cheeks on occasion too, I can't remember. Good times; it'd be a pity if this next step in human evolution put a stop to all that for the latest gen of randy teens out on the pull on a Saturday night.
  13. America

    Yes, JWFan is his job.
  14. America

    The genuine perpetrators of these slimy reprehensible abuses ought to be called out and dealt with, they deserve the shame and potentially prosecution for their behaviour - where unlawful (that's the tricky one, isn't it). What gets on my nerves about this latest trending pseudo revolution though is the media (professional and social), once again, and the gluttonous revelry taken in the unveiling of each latest name to be implicated, true or false. The outrageously phony collective shock which we other normal people with otherwise dry and cynical world outlooks have to put up with can sometimes make me feel like emigrating to another fuckin' planet, because I can't relate to the screaming pondlife I share Earth with in times like this.
  15. A very amusing Richard Lewis interview about his relationship with Larry David and Curb: https://www.vice.com/amp/en_ca/article/kz7gqy/i-tried-to-interview-richard-lewis-about-curb-your-enthusiasm-and-he-threatened-to-hunt-me-down