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  1. Quintus

    Does Williams write the Lyrics for his songs?

    That was Don Draper.
  2. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Apparently "final deal" and "no movement on the deal" terminology is something the EU is known for, before reopening negotiations and giving another inch. Maastricht isn't that long ago here. I'm not sure you two agree who the lunatics are.
  3. Same 'ere, generally (for things I tend to be actively interested in). But there's also a fine line between enthusiasm and hyperbole.
  4. Sorry to hear that Richard. I was and to some extent still am in the workplace doldrums this past couple of years. I'm going through a transitional employment period myself and am finding it difficult to adjust, but I'm trying to stick it out in the hope it'll settle down once I get used to all the changes. Do you at least have options?
  5. Quintus


    Crap, I just remembered I forgot to finish this.
  6. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    That's a question for a second referendum. I don't think it'll happen now.
  7. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Personally, I'm fine with a hypothetical backstop arrangement. I think a lot are. The only sticking point is the indefinite EU jurisdictional nature of the agreement up to now, which is where I think some progress is going to be made on the part of the UK government in the next few weeks.
  8. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    For something that only amounts to around 5% of Northern Ireland's GDP, it's become absurd how much mania has surrounded the EU's Irish fault line just in the last couple of weeks. It's that debacle which completely unnecessarily and wholly disproportionately derailed the wider BREXIT proceedings thus far the most.
  9. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    She's going to get some legislative assurances in regards to the Backstop. That'll get her the backing she needs to push her deal through. The whole Irish border thing has been badly handled all along though, with a disproportionate degree of emphasis placed on it.
  10. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Say what you want about Theresa, but she's one stoic mofo.
  11. Quintus

    Anyone else like pickles?

    I love a sliced picked onion with cheddar cheese and crackers.
  12. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

  13. Quintus

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I think David Davis is said to be a front runner.
  14. Quintus

    Video Game Thread II

    It just looks exactly like a Fallout rip-off but with a better engine. I don't even think they've bothered to disguise the fact that it's a Fallout clone. It could also be quite good, for fans of those sorts of games.