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  1. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Seen and enjoyed anew through the eyes of a manchild.
  2. Good one, actually. Another thing about Arrested Development and its curious cult following is the sheer number of famous faces it attracts in either cameo or properly fleshed out parts. Off the top of of my head I can list: Henry Winkler Liza Minnelli Charlize Theron Ben Stiller Julia Louis-Dreyfus Carl Weathers Seth Rogan Martin Short Tom Jane Judge Reinhold There are doubtless quite a few more. We're about 8 episodes into the remix and it's an abomination. For me, I would consider the first 22 episodes (S1) to be the very strongest crème de la crème of the entire series. It's just on fire from beginning to end. Is this something of a phenomenon for a comedy series' first run? Most I can think of start out fair to middling before finding their feet (and audience) later on. Curb started out strong too, and got better. But I think AD enjoyed its most electric ensemble farce in that first batch. I'm praying the second half is significantly improved over the near unwatchable episodes I've seen so far. It's an absolute car crash, just as I remember it as being when I gave up with the original cut a few years back. Ron Howard's narration is drastically increased on this occasion to basically do all the heavy lifting, but it gets to the point where instead of him being used sparingly as a handy storyteller or delivering the punchline to a long setup joke, you just want him to shut the fuck up. Please Ron, just stop fucking talking for five minutes. Sometimes he even speaks over the characters! In the earlier seasons, Howard was an essential part of the formula, but this is too much. So yeah, season 4 is absolutely horrible for me, but I'm willing to at least try and make it through to the second half, and see if any of these claims of "it gets good" I've seen online are right. And because I want to feel "complete" as I go into the brand new fifth season. But either way, Arrested Dev is still one of the best TV comedies I've seen. Because of its first three seasons.
  3. America

    If you'd been here longer you'd be aware of Joey's demeanor. He's actually alright, but all things Trump really brings out his erm, "catty" side.
  4. America

    It's a very long neck. Considered beautiful in many cultures.
  5. America

    There's nothing wrong with having aspirations for a better life for you and your offspring. But when you arrive in the promised land some of the locals might absolutely fucking hate you for it.
  6. America

    Is Mexico that bad these days? We were looking at booking a holiday there.
  7. America

    It's a tough stance, but if anything has a chance of deterring unentitled immigrants from attempting to gain entry to another country, this is it.
  8. The spiritual high octane sequel to The OA is here!
  9. Okay, well at least you lasted for two posts. It's a start.
  10. I think he's gonna start it up right after he's finished up with The Equaliser starring Edward Woodward.
  11. "This show called Curb Your Enthusiasm." Lmao planet Cremers sounds like a helluva sheltered world.
  12. I only played the original two. Legendary games and at one time my all time favourite video games. But now played and done.
  13. America

    Zephram Cochrane is... Donald Trump?
  14. Australia Doesn't Exist - Flat Earthers Claim

    Can't we say to the flat earthers, "pics or it didn't happen"?
  15. I hope it's not another Paranormal Activity situation. "OMG IT'S SO SCARY 😱"