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  1. Wait - the weird but good Kelly's duplicate episode wasn't the finale? Cool!
  2. Quintus

    American and European Cinema

    It's obvious they played it safe this time, for fear of being shown to be a bunch of trigger happy buffoons on the last occasion.
  3. Quintus

    Transcendental Finales

    It almost a boring cliché to say it now, but it's the greatest finale of them all.
  4. Quintus

    Anyone else miss this?

    Yes, do not try to decipher the mysteries of simple truths.
  5. Quintus

    Anyone else miss this?

    But these scores are old hat. John Williams should be represented by a collage of AI, Memoirs of Geisha, Lincoln and The BFG. These are the scores he is beloved for now.
  6. Quintus


    They'll probably rape some of the white walker women in the next episode or something.
  7. Quintus

    Odds of a 4K UHD LOTR trilogy release?

    Stunning images there. I wish I had a proper desktop version of this one, it's spectacular:
  8. Quintus

    The small talk Thread

    I read absolutely loads of Reddit, it's brilliant.
  9. Quintus

    The small talk Thread

    This was Lisa Riley in Emmerdale:
  10. Quintus

    The small talk Thread

    I only watch Lisa Riley whenever I try to watch 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.
  11. I'll leave The OA as a worthwhile one-off oddity. Glad I watched it.
  12. Quintus

    The small talk Thread

    The only gameshow I can watch and enjoy these days is The Chase.
  13. Quintus

    Thomas Newman's Tolkien (2019)

    So, how are the big set piece cues in this? I'm expecting huge brass, drums and ethereal choir, for the part where JRR goes out onto his front lawn to tell over amorous fans to bugger off.