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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-39407641 Good god wtf.
  2. Imperial March performance...
  3. Meanwhile, I've said before you always reminded me of this little charmer:
  4. Heh, hadn't thought about it before, but it's true you and Pilkington actually are
  5. To me it's an anti-climatic approach which I purposefully avoid in these sorts of games. When I know I'm about to go beyond the point of no return, I make sure I've done what I wanted to do up to that point and I 'make my peace' with the unfinished quest markers on my map or in my list. If I go on to the finale and beat the final boss, I have already made the decision to let those unfinished quests go, to ignore them for good. If I were a completionist, I wouldn't take on the final boss until I'd done everything else in the game first.
  6. No it absolutely was not. The Big Lebowski Seven Eyes Wide Shut Goodfellas The Silence of the Lambs Reservoir Dogs Trainspotting Shawshank Groundhog Day Dances With Wolves Heavenly Creatures Being John Malkovich You could go on and on for ages rolling great nineties movies off the tongue. May as well disregard silly contrary statements.
  7. Star Trek humour. It's funny to Trekkies, presumably.
  8. What was the surprising CGI people mentioned earlier?
  9. Beeb concert orchestra.
  10. It's priceless that Drax cited Godzilla as an avenue into 'grown up' political themes he's capable of appreciating. Hahaha! As I said, monsters fighting robots. It's accessible to him because it is comfortable to him.
  11. Reading his last comment, I can see why he struggles with mature themes and writing. For Drax life's just easier when he's watching monsters and robots fighting each other.