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  1. No, we must write off everything based off their less than exquisite debut run, and it must be final. Same goes for any mid series weaker seasons - they should be immediately dismissed from thereon in, and it will be absolute.
  2. I think my wife watched the first season without me and she rated it. I'd been meaning to catch up in time for the follow up, so I'd better get a move on.
  3. I find the OST presentation underwhelming too tbh. Well, at least compared to the originals +1.
  4. Very nice package. "exclusive die-cut acrylic figure of Laura Palmer kissing Special Agent Cooper" I always call these additions "bundled tat."
  5. They forgot their rule of requiring Francis Fratelli to play a part in their movies. He had the golden touch.
  6. Will I need to see the third movie prior to this? Didn't Neo die at the end of it or something though? I hope this is going to be compatible with my "there's only one Matrix film in my universe" stance, and that this is the proper sequel to it.
  7. It seems the success and popularity of Black Panther, particularly in regards to its progressive accomplishments, has bothered some posters. The more you know about people, huh.
  8. It's breathtaking in motion. I'm finding the role play in this game to be mesmeric.
  9. Took what was supposed to be a short excursion sidequest on my way to another destination and now I'm in way over my head with these people. I didn't sign up for this sort of work!
  10. I've consulted a fair few "essentials" lists for these movies, and Thor 2 was never on any of them; however, I did pick up on mention that it features something useful or semi important to the bigger story in a single scene, which I was maybe going to just find on YouTube, if I could be bothered to. I'm thinking it's probably being overemphasised though and I'll be fine watching End Game without it.
  11. This whole Marvel idea I had is sounding worser by the minute 🤔😲
  12. I'm skipping Thor 2. Doesn't that one only have some sort of useful post credits scene or something?
  13. It's okay, I already knew Stefan thinks I'm a piece of ass.
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