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  1. I luckily watched that at home. Amazing soundtrack on it.
  2. Really appreciate your reply, it was honest and illuminating. Thank you, and good to know you.
  3. Easily the best part of the film, but then again I'm British.
  4. I like personal stories, or "small stories on a big backdrop", but they're hard to pull off, to get the balance right. Spielberg tried something similar with War Horse. Again, I didn't think that was too successful either. But Zimmer crossed a line I didn't entirely realise I had in place with this one. I don't like overbearing sound, I don't appreciate being bashed around the head by incessant and relentless scoring which is the experiment of an audio designer who has no care for the sensibility thresholds of others (what makes this latest "churning propeller" Zimmerism any less obnoxious than his Superman "drum circles", really?). Mad Max is another recent audiovisual assault which I detested for very similar reasons. I won't be beaten down into somehow respecting a film by its dictorial audio signature just because that was what they hoped for, just because they were trying something different or new.
  5. He's one of the most popular comedians in the UK. Probably the biggest mainstream comedian here, with his own Saturday night show and everything.
  6. I'm the latter, yes. A score isn't supposed to tear the beholder out of his seat every other minute and remind them that they are indeed watching a movie which has been made. Zimmer nigh on constantly disrupted my synergy with the film, it became a meta as the film progressed.
  7. Perfect!
  8. Yep, or rather, words to that effect. Saving Private Ryan has its flaws (meandering and preachy middle section, the bad dialogue in the church night camp being the lowest point), but I disagree with the notion that Dunkirk is some kind of equal to it. It really should have been, given the subject, and I was hoping it would be, but no. This is very interesting to me actually, as a Brit. How are films like this one received in your country? Do you find the more patriotic content of the film difficult to digest?
  9. You grew a few extra layers, quick-smart.
  10. Yes, he's the most accessible of our in-house comedians.
  11. I didn't get online till 2004. Found JWfan.com a year later.
  12. Gravity isn't a particularly great film in my view, and I could have done without its corny melodrama. Its visceral space scenes though were excellent, especially with the accompanying soundtrack. But I'd never have mentioned that movie nor thought about it if I hadn't seen it brought up and compared to Dunkirk in the thread. I know and I totally appreciate that intention. I just don't think it was very successful in execution. Parts were very effective, but overall I was unsatisfied by the storytelling. And Hans Zimmer CONSTANTLY ripped me out of the immersive quality the film often had.
  13. No need to imagine anything when it's all so well documented (and photographed). This isn't medieval history. "Never let the truth/facts get in the way of a good story", goes the saying. Dunkirk is what happens when Christopher Nolan gets in the way of an amazing story.
  14. This was about the evacuation at Dunkirk.
  15. The big vista shots looked like earlier season Game of Thrones, it wasn't large scale. It didn't look anything like 300,000 at any time.