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  1. Do they cast pert naked breasts in Chernobyl (as well as lady actors to go with them)?
  2. So, today was the day user Bespin revealed himself to be JWFan's lone Star Wars nut.
  3. As pure ambience I think the music is throughly effective and I notice and I enjoy it a lot. But I am also very disappointed that there is next to nil musical arc or connective tissue, so to speak, between one cue and the next. It's just isolated tracks, applied to whatever is happening on screen. I'd have been much more impressed if the score to this game had told a really strong musical story. But it's little more than track numbers applied to scenes.
  4. I think we almost got to the end. Assuming there were about 10 episodes. Funnily enough, that one is much more a Stefan Cosman show than an Alexcremers one.
  5. I just listened to the Williams penned track, it was quite nice lounge music. Is the whole album easy listening fare like that?
  6. The attention to detail in Red Dead Redemption 2 is amazing. If I had never have bothered to go inside the theatre in St Denis I would never have known this even existed in the game: There were three acts and I happily sat and watched them all.
  7. That's a point, I remember watching Reloaded on a fitbit at the time.
  8. Wait, Prometheus is still a controversial movie? I suppose that's internet media and forums for you: they'll prolong the misery of what it is to debate bad movies probably for as long as someone uses the web as a platform to find another way of looking at them. Imagine if Pacino's Revolution or Ishtar had come out in the modern era. There'd still be active threads debating them now no doubt. I think it was better when people used to cast final judgement on patently bad movies there and then and be done with it. Awful was awful, there was no other angle to approach shit.
  9. I think the effects look fine and have held up well. The techno line in that action cue though, not so much...
  10. Haunting of Hill House starts off strong but it tapered off fast. Didn't finish it.
  11. I just remember finding it decidedly sterile and dispassionate, especially for a Spielberg film. But I've been meaning to try a reappraisal for years.
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