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    The small talk Thread

    You guys come here often then?
  2. I couldn't find a relevant thread with the search function (and believe me, I looked) so I'm posting this here: http://www.empireonline.com/news/feed.asp?NID=23521 If an upcoming projects thread already exists this will need moving, but if not then I guess we now have a place to discuss future movies which aren't necessarily anything to do with John Williams, Indiana Jones or Spielberg etc and all in one tidy thread.
  3. Quintus


    Michael Moore makes his predictions known.
  4. Is it just me or was JW being real smooth with Sue Cook here?
  5. I'm bloody chuffed that'll I'll be able to see The Throne Room played, with Williams directing it(!), however it also means the opening crawl will be sadly absent, but that's a minor disappointment in the scheme of things. I also would have loved a setpiece cue from one of the big marquee Williams movies, but if E.T. does follow the film edited version, then... my mind will be blown. Given that it's the LSO, I'd also be very surprised if something from Raiders didn't show up towards the end.
  6. The LOTR Symphony, in the Albert Hall. Oh shit I just realised there's nowt from TFA at all 😕
  7. I've been a total heathen when it comes to making the effort to see music performed. I saw the RPO with Howard Shore a few years back and that's my lot. Liverpool does actually put on a good season of orchestral music over the summer too, which I've been saying for years I need to go and see.
  8. Given that this is the first and only time I'll be seeing the Maestro perform (AND the LSO to boot), I'm personally very pleasantly surprised and happy about the set list. Surprised because there's more cues than I expected there to be and happy because I've been listening to these tracks for nearly all my life, indeed it is for the most part what I'd call the soundtrack to it. So this is great as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Of the the big hits it's only really missing Raiders and Jaws. Will E.T. feature the flying theme when they take flight? If it's the awful anticlimactic altenate arrangement I'll be sick.
  10. Presenter Sue Cook wasn't joking when she said she knew the other John Williams quite well - she was literally married to him. Also, I bet Alan Partridge was pretty jealous that his old friend got to interview such a Hollywood stalwart.
  11. I remember seeing that while I was eating my weetabix before getting dressed for school.
  12. He's probably starting to get sick of being asked to tell his Schindler's List story all the time.
  13. Isn't that literally the nature and purpose of politeness?
  14. Quintus

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Evil Dead II is the best one by far for me. Then Evil Dead, the original. The special effects at the end of first movie are extremely lo-fi crude though, but everything else is still savage.
  15. Guys, anyone else who would like to join us for the meal at Da Mario's is very welcome, but you'll either have to just show up on the night or try calling the restaurant yourself and ask if they can add you on to the big party booking. They said at the time of booking that they would be happy to accommodate more guests if necessary. I think you'll probably be fine to just show up.
  16. Quintus

    Video Game Music

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2010-11-30-music-to-play-games-by-article Big fan of game scores here, in fact I'm becoming more and more satisfied by game scores than I am by their contemporary movie equivalents. There's a huge amount of creativity to be found in this relatively new industry and it's just producing better and better stuff each year.