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  1. Met up with Stefan in Liverpool the week before last!
  2. I didn't get through season 2. Given its status, it was honestly one of the worst things I've ever seen.
  3. Ah, HMV was my favourite shop by far back in the day. Twenty years ago this new one would have felt like heaven on earth to me.
  4. By all accounts it's nothing like it and it's more like Mario Galaxy. Vaguely.
  5. Return of the Jedi is good. A rousing finale with some of the trilogy's most memorable scenes and exchanges. The teddies don't ruin the whole thing for me like they do for others. I'm just not emotionally attached enough to the whole thing to really be bothered. Had this exact discussion on here a million times.
  6. Facebook shitposting groups is where its at. My last effort on Shireposting there got 3.2K reacts, it was glorious. That blade runner effort is a work of art though.
  7. As a grizzled and easily bored gamer these days, this is exactly what I look for in new single player experiences. Out of interest, have you heard of The Outer Wilds? It's supposed to be crazy inventive and surprising. Game of the year for a lot of people it seems.
  8. I've seen three quarters of it, over four evenings, over the course of a fortnight. Oh no wait that was Winter Soldier.
  9. The specific question posed by the poll means it doesn't really reflect a true picture of what people are playing anyway. For instance, I enjoy certain 2D and 3D platformers, racing games and puzzle titles (Portal 2 is in my top 3 GOAT), but generally these genres aren't necessarily my 'go to' experiences, or my "favourites". Anyone else also occasionally partial to RTS war games? Huge genre not on the list.
  10. Richard just likes to act like he's out of touch with new fangled tech, but I bet he knows plenty really
  11. May as well, especially if it means more financial assistance. But for me the big clue is that you posted all about your current MCU obsession in this thread rather than in the film one
  12. Richard: Check out my naive old fart routine everyone, isn't it convincing? Everyone: No it isn't!
  13. This viewing behaviour is fairly common in Stefan as long as I've known him. You seem to go through compulsive phases with specific media, Steef. I always assumed it was a sign of autism, as it's certainly a characteristic of that big spectrum.
  14. Climate change is happening and some of it is man made. I support the youth movement headed off by Greta Thunberg, but can any of you guys think of a good response to this?
  15. I find these people as vapid as the next person, but I'm also a regular male. Therefore I garner a sense of enjoyment when stumbling on random internet hotties/skimpy attention seekers such as the tottie pictured above. Share your finds here!
  16. Raiders was my first love and we're still together. The love of my life.
  17. Got to report to Headquarters - if there's anything left of it.
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