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  1. I just read he lost his daughter during production on the movie, I had no idea. Bloody hell.
  2. But... but... He was supposed to be the second coming! (according to a few peeps on the internet)
  3. Marian have you tried accessing these steaming sites on a different TV or device? I don't notice any banding issues with Amazon Prime streaming.
  4. Shazam. This was really good, a breezy and humorous wish fulfillment story big on heart. It seems clich├ę to talk about "heart" in relation to movies these days, but with modern crowd pleasers it just isn't a given there's going to be a tangible pulse running through the things anymore. And this big benign wonder is told in a way that refreshingly doesn't push too far into the 2hr+ mark (although the finale did drag out a bit too much). Thoroughly enjoyed it with my kids though (they were thrilled with the characters and story) and so it motivated me to once again try the Marvel marathon (or at least see the good/essential ones). 3.5 out of 5 Iron Man 3. Although not considered essential (to the bigger arc) I started with this one as I'd already seen the previous two and I seem to remember people at the time saying it was a solid standalone flick. Or did I remember wrong? This was pretty rubbish. A series of completely inconsequential action scenes where CG ragdolls bend and bounce of explosions with nary a scratch or close shave to show for it; a movie entirely bereft of any sense of danger and peril, it was all incredibly boring. That whole thing about the remotely summonable suit parts, flying and fixing perfectly into place on demand, it was just so lazy as plot devices go, and it basically made even mildly suspenseful predicaments feel like going through the motions. Does Tony Stark continue to access this convenient jeopardy clause throughout the rest of the Marvel series? I hope not. And speaking of Stark (and Downey Jr), doesn't anyone else find his smarmy "I've got an effortlessly cool reply to literally anything anybody ever says to me, ever" routine really wearisome after a while? It's as if he's poured just as much cash investment into pioneering snarky comeback research as he has daft flying metal shin guards. Okay, I get that the whole point of his persona is that he's this uber cool billionaire celeb, but a man's man he is not. So yeah, I wasn't really into this movie and it dragged. 2 out of 5 Anyway, so it's Winter Soldier next I believe. Can anyone at least confirm that the trivial human ragdoll physics are never abused as much again in these Marvel movies as they were in Iron Man 3? Do the danger stakes ever become really raised enough for me to care about these characters potentially being killed? Or does everyone (including regular humans) always just stand up and dust themselves off?
  5. Remember melody? It used to be all over movies. Now it's like fuckin' unobtanium.
  6. It's harder to get into than Game of Thrones. I watched and quite enjoyed the first season, but it takes a while to get going. People absolutely rave about the following ones though, and I've been meaning to get around to it... Remembering all of the different factions can be a bit of a nightmare in these big war serials.
  7. I like melody and I like pretty piano, and I'll take pretty piano over the nondescript ruminative piano wallpaper that is industrially plastered ad nauseam over seemingly every new movie that comes out these days. Composers and directors who think plink plonk *pause* plink plonk is to gaze into the very heart of the human condition.
  8. The Edge is closer to the Jaws novel even that Jaws, in some respects.
  9. Talk of Dustin´╗┐ O'Hallaran reminded me of this lush piano theme he wrote years ago: Talented guy who should have risen up the ranks by now.
  10. All that intertwined flourish in the orchestration, it's so garishly overscored!
  11. I don't doubt that Abrams very much understands the worth of a good score, but it's clear there were complications or lack of focus towards the end of TFA's production, which possibly affected the cathartic sweep of Williams' work.
  12. To me the scores sound like they're the victims of nervous and hasty post. The constant re-edits and reshoots undermine any semblance of satisfying musical storytelling their might have once been.
  13. Is this like when crazy unhinged Williams zealots say they hate Ben Burtt's contributions to Star Wars soundtracks?
  14. I dunno, I just thought the teat sucking was gratuitously vulgar. I mean, who wants to see that? Low brow humour has its place in Star Wars I guess.
  15. It's only retroactively gross though. At the time he was perfectly justified in have a stonking veiny lob-on for feisty Leia.
  16. Better hope they don't get Benioff and Weiss for this otherwise it'll be Obi Wank Kenobi.
  17. Star Trek does seem threatened by the rise of The Orville, or "hemmed in" by it, as it were.
  18. The unbelievably daft snail-paced resistance mothership pursuit. They basically hinged the whole plot around it, as if it was supposed to be some sort of gripping suspense device.
  19. It was alright in places. But it has one of the worst and most useless plot devices I've seen in movies and what was with that frickin crap casino sequence anyway?
  20. George Lucas argued the same point. Sold it to Disney shortly after actually.
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