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  1. I see this is now showing as "temporarily out of stock" on LLL's site. Did the other vendors get their allocation yet? SAE is still showing this as a pre-order. Typical, just when I get paid it's not available to order.
  2. Jaws 3-D is a fantastic score. It feels like Jaws by way of JW's 70s disaster scores. Weird that Alan Parker never did much else (apart from that Stormrider spy thing). Are the bitty track lengths not distracting? I noticed that the OST has much longer cues (presumably some editing took place).
  3. JTWfan77

    Concerts are getting worse

  4. JTWfan77

    Concerts are getting worse

    This thread fills me with relief that we have never had /most likely never will have any LTP concerts on my continent.
  5. JTWfan77

    Williams filmography in Bluray - a list

    Wonder if Earthquake the score would now fall into Williams' "deemed unworthy of release" category.
  6. JTWfan77

    CD deficiencies

    Also these new cardboard sleeves that scratch the discs on removal. My Hobbit AUJ SE got scratched after just one usage, and I was super careful when removing and reinserting the discs. Who thought that was a good idea?
  7. Could anyone who purchased the US CD issue (889854505028) please advise whether it is a pressed CD or a CD-R? Thanks.
  8. Friday, April 12 Sounds interesting. Wonder if there will be any discussion about a future expanded release? https://variety.com/2019/film/news/star-wars-celebration-livestream-how-to-watch-schedule-1203187530/ https://youtu.be/B8USteFyVaY
  9. JTWfan77

    ALIEN: 40th Anniversary Shorts

    I love quite a few bad movies.
  10. JTWfan77

    ALIEN: 40th Anniversary Shorts

    Alien 3 is a bit like The Last Jedi, in the sense that it completely subverted people's expectations. Everyone went in expecting Aliens II. Nobody could have guessed Newt and Hicks would die twenty minutes in.
  11. Which is the better fruit? • Apple • Pear
  12. JTWfan77

    The End of Hook

    I tried playing it about a year ago and was shocked at how bad the noise reduction artefacts make it sound.
  13. I miss the regular Telarc themed re-recordings that were a staple during the 80s and 90s. Kunzel's SpaceCamp rendition easily kicks the equivalent track on the OST into touch (both in sound quality and performance). His Star Trek II, Star Trek IV and The Right Stuff recordings ain't no slouches either. I'd have loved a Kunzel/CPO performance of themes from Horner's Battle Beyond the Stars and Krull.