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  1. New haul: Playing catch up with some older titles missing from my collection.
  2. Not really. Just got 'em for a bargain
  3. JTWfan77

    Who's the most famous person you have met?

    I have a friend who met Nelson Mandela. Does that count?
  4. Fortunately I have that one too. In fact, it was the very first Limited Edition soundtrack release I ever purchased.
  5. Fortunately I have those
  6. Had a fun time at the movies seeing this last night. Jurassic World haters should probably just stay at home. The first half and bits of the second feel like revisiting TLW similar to how JW called back to JP1. I had no issues with the CG, but then I tend to go into these kind of movies with my kid glasses on so I don't obsess too much about the minutiae of execution. Nothing in the score really grabbed me but that's usually par for the course for me on a first viewing. However, the few low key JP1 musical references were really nicely done, I feel.
  7. At least two of those shall be mine soon
  8. Wierdly, the 2016 sets still appear to be available to purchase on iTunes and other download sites, alongside the new issues. I would have thought they would have nixed the old ones by now.
  9. Oh well that just sucks... ...unless they are planning a CD release.
  10. So is this available on demand? I can't find the link to the concert on the WCRB website.