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  1. JTWfan77

    Anyone else love John Scott?

    Yes that's a good one, also The Right Stuff and Broadcast News. I'm not fond of his popish stuff though. Anyone heard Scott's Second Jungle Book, The Deceivers or Ruby?
  2. JTWfan77

    Anyone else love John Scott?

    King Kong Lives Man on Fire Yor, the Hunter From the Future (!) in addition to the others mentioned I've heard good things about Lionheart a.k.a. AWOL too
  3. JTWfan77

    The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    You had better be right about this one, or I shall transform into a bat and bite you in the neck.
  4. Love Legend. First Goldsmith I ever bought (that old bootey looking Up-Art CD):
  5. Williams followed by (in no particular order): to be continued
  6. I find it a bit soulless myself. Technically proficient but impossible to engage with (for me at least).
  7. Will someone be posting pics of the after revelry?
  8. JTWfan77

    Anyone else miss all the specks in movies?

    Things I don't miss: VHS tapes Pan and Scan video releases Optical audio Mono film audio where a stereo / multichannel track exists Films that are cut or banned Things I don't miss but which are still around: People commenting on the film during the film People talking in general during the film People kicking my seat Hence my not going to the cinema anymore
  9. So is this still set for December, based on MV's comments re the LLL schedule: Posted: Oct 14, 2018 - 6:40 PM By: La La Land Records (Member) There must be something in the Fall air because we too need to delay our planned next batch...this time due to approvals. We are still waiting on final art approvals for 5 of the 7 titles we had planned for Oct 23. We should have those approvals shortly, but instead of taking orders on the 23rd as originally scheduled and shipping the following week we are just gonna shift our release slate by a week until we get to Black Friday. So, we now have the following schedule lined up: October 30: Superman 2/3, 5 Blake Neely titles, and Electric Dreams November 13: 3 CD set, 1 CD and maybe a 3rd title November 27: Black Friday batch (announced on Nov 23). Thus far, 2 titles are signed off on...2 or 3 more to come. Since we are changing up the slate we have decided to extend our Sweet 16 sale to Oct 23. MV
  10. Agreed on both counts. Would love a release of the rejected Bernstein score too.
  11. I purchased the V/S release of Goldsmith's Explorers (which was a direct port of the original MCA album's sequence) a while after acquiring Intrada's expansion, mainly because the V/S price on the secondary market plummeted after the Intrada was released.
  12. Just checked on Amazon and saw someone's selling a used copy for over $100! Are they smoking their socks or something?
  13. Made the decision to sell it as the only SACD titles I own are Kunzel 's Great Film Fantasies, E.T. 20th, Goldsmith's rejected Timeline and The Great Train Robbery (all of which are dual layer with CD capability). It was an easy decision as I have too many source components and barely use my hi-fi /home theatre anymore.
  14. So cool that SACD is still a thing. So sad that I recently sold my SACD player.