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  1. @tintacle Any chance you might create some custom covers for the Gerhardt and Kojian Star Wars re-recordings? Preferably using actual poster art from the films?
  2. From FSM: Posted: Jun 17, 2019 - 7:51 PM By: tyuan (Member) "Just listened this new 40th release. As always occour in "new multitrack mixes", lots of music instruments that used to be in the background now are too high in volume, so the perfect and balanced listening experience of the original stereo tracks is completely gone on this "40th edition". Much better to return back to the Holy Blue Box and its 100% "film feeling perfect match". Filmscore totally wins for me!" Any thoughts, JWfan?
  3. He'd call us ingrates and he'd be correct
  4. Since JW has nixed soundtrack releases for The Rare Breed, The Plainsman and Storia un a Donna, isolated scores may be the only (legitimate) way to get these scores out there. Presumably an iso score wold not necessitate his involvement and sign off and may be "under the radar" enough to not attract his attention. That is unless he visits this board
  5. I viewed that Secret Ways post but couldn't see which label was releasing it? Hopefully an iso score will be a) possible and b) likely. Doubt JW would want this out on CD.
  6. Tell us more! What did you get? Edit: Oh wait, which other thread?
  7. Any comments on the SQ vs the Varese? FSM is in a tizzy. I have the Varese and noticed that Mr Erick Labson mastered that one. Brickwalling perhaps? Haven't listened in a while.
  8. I don't know but I remember reading it in that interview. Perhaps it was for the end titles or something. I wish I still had that magazine, I've searched online for it but nothing comes up. Spencer also stated that Toni Tenille had been intended to record Can You Read My Mind for Superman in that same interview. I also remember him relating that he told Williams on their meeting for the first time (regarding all those disaster movie scores) something along the lines of "Shit! Can't you get any decent movies to score?" or something similar. It must have been Soundtrack magazine as I had a bunch of those for a while in the 90's. Can't think of any other magazine that it could have been.
  9. I read an article in the 90's in either Cinemascore or Soundtrack magazine that Julie Andrews had recorded vocals for Childhood from Hook as part of the sessions. I think it was an interview with Herbert W. Spencer if I recall.
  10. Where did you read that? Didn't he write a symphony in the 70's? By the way, nice to meet you, The Original. I really enjoy being insulted for no reason whatsoever by someone I don't know.
  11. Unfortunately the OST does not do justice to the scope of this score, so for me the best compromise between sound quality and presentation is the 93 Anthology release.
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