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  1. They pay a pittance. Offered me next to nothing for my Goodbye, Mr. Chips FSM set.
  2. My replacement disc 3 will be with me shortly. LLL's service is outstanding.
  3. Straight from MM himself: "Fox Music itself is not doing any additional licensing at this point, but there are still some releases coming from deals previously in place. There will be a "pause" as one studio reviews 80 years of another's musical history and the thousands of soundtrack albums that have been done." https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=136481&forumID=1&archive=0&pageID=1&r=529#bottom Could The Towering Inferno have made it through?
  4. And if not, then he certainly has enough now to have prevented Disney from re-issuing same ridiculous 40+ minute sequence in 2018 when LP time constraints are no longer an issue. It sticks out like a sore thumb next to the other five 70+ minute presentations. Help us Mike Matessino, you're our only help.
  5. Aha! So I'm not dreaming. When you say pretty bad, is it William Motzing / City of Prague Philharmonic bad, Richard Harman / Philharmonic Rock bad, or Andrew Lane / Orlando Pops bad? I'm curious about the Jaws 2 recording, do you remember which bit of music it had?
  6. Indeed. Type A personalities achieve greatness because they know what they want and take no prisoners. Wishy-washy types such as myself do not. End of story.
  7. My copy has a tiny notch on the data side of one of the discs, hope it will play/rip fine. Pressing plant QC seems to be slipping, my Superman and Braveheart releases also have tiny scratches on at least one of the discs. I'm too afraid to unseal my other recent LLL purchases to check them.
  8. From Blu-ray.com forums: https://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=319247&page=10 "John Williams lost his touch long ago. His scores have no punch to them anymore. Age catches up to everyone. The guy is in his 80s. The movies need new talent for the music if they want new iconic themes that ppl will recognize without having to be told by nerds "Oh that song belongs to SW!!" LOL we the nerds y'all!
  9. There was a ProArte John Williams compilation CD I saw in a record store (remember those?) in the late 80s / early 90s that had something on from Jaws 2. It was some oddball orchestra like Beverly Hills Pops or Sunset Pops, could very well have been synth too. Could never find it again after that.
  10. All good choices ^ I'd add The Accidental Tourist concert arrangement (the one that's on the Hayman comp), Blood Moon from Images, Nixon and anything from the 60's including Fitzwilly, The Rare Breed, The Plainsman and How to Steal a Million. Dream on
  11. Yeah, but I think they've pretty much disowned that version of Jungle Book so...
  12. I would imagine whatever they have listed on the streaming sites. From memory these include Jungle Book (Poledouris), Billy Bathgate, Consenting Adults, Backdraft and Brazil.
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