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    Anyone here succumbed to Ultra HD Blu-ray?

    Wow, missed this news, thanks @JoeinAR http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=23779 And in Dolby Atmos, no less. Mmmm, perhaps the missing audio tapes of the final scenes have turned up *holding thumbs* I'd be thrilled with a restored extended cut that brings back the missing day but this will be interesting nonetheless.
  2. Tablecloths are so passé
  3. I thought Intrada was opposed to brickwalling. Roger had some major (valid) issues with Erick Labson's horribly brickwalled remaster of Peggy Sue Got Married. Strange that they've seemingly done the same with TMR. Pity.
  4. I've heard that Backtrack is also willing to receive orders from Amazon sellers to combine with orders from the store into one package to save on shipping (also many Amazon sellers don't ship outside the UK). Nice for those of us stuck in the Outer Rim.
  5. Fantastic! Be sure to post feedback afterwards. Are you close by?
  6. It wouldn't be Hurricane Records by any chance? I know they sell certain, um, undesirables online, although looking at the photo of the store front (from the outside) it doesn't appear huge. Has anyone been to Backtrack in Rye?
  7. JTWfan77

    Good Film Music Oriented Podcasts

    Love Cinematic Sound Radio, any other podcasts that feature full tracks rather than clips?
  8. JTWfan77

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    As long as they are all JW ones, I don't mind waiting.
  9. My wife and I are planning a European trip mid 2019 to visit her family in the Netherlands, and we'll probably visit the UK and a couple of other major European cities. I know of Backtrack in Rye, Sussex and definitely will make a point of visiting there. Are there any other physical stores in existence in the cities I mentioned in the subject line that have a decent selection of LE soundtracks? I'm thinking of stuff from Intrada, LLL, Quartet, FSM, Varese and other beloved speciality labels, not the stock standard stuff that's readily available from the majors. Thanks in advance, looking forward to reading the replies
  10. JTWfan77

    Anyone here succumbed to Ultra HD Blu-ray?

    Yes close up one can see the green dithering effect (it's quite alarming actually) but at a proper viewing distance it's not visible. Well with DV and HLG and HDR10+ we get dynamic meta data which allows filmmakers to define the HDR grading on a scene or frame level, whereas vanilla HDR10 is static for the whole programme.
  11. JTWfan77

    Anyone here succumbed to Ultra HD Blu-ray?

    Well I'm using a 1080i only capable Plasma set and my Blu-rays look fantastic to my eyes. I've been very tempted to dip into UHD HDR though as I'd like to get a larger display than my current 51" and since everything over that size is now UHD capable it seems like a no-brainer. Whether I'll purchase a lot of 4k software is another matter though, there's not much that tickles me at this stage, however if S: TM gets that rumoured UHD release I'll most def pick that one up. Also as half of my HP HD-DVDs have crapped out (thanks Warner) I'd like to get the UHD, also because the early films' HD transfers weren't that good and these new ones seem like a worthwhile upgrade. Now the question is what to do about this silly HDR bun fight. Has anyone done an A/B with regular HDR 10 and Dolby Vision (on the same software)? Is DV worth the extra dosh and the wait?
  12. That's what I'm wondering as I don't know any.