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  1. That's a good question! 16:9 is the new Pan and Scamn. Our local satellite broadcaster does this with all 'Scope ratio films. So glad I have my OAR LDs, DVDs and BDs. I love WOTW, probably my favourite Spielberg of this century.
  2. Sorry, I've never done this. Too much of a good thing and all that.
  3. Must confess, I haven't heard the score, but it was cheap and he has done some good work (love Dangerous Liaisons), so I figured why not?
  4. I've never understood why tickets go on sale so far in advance. I mean, two months before release?! Do people actually plan their movie watching so far ahead? Weird. My showing of TLJ had plenty of seats available on opening day, we bought our tickets the same morning.
  5. Well he is an artificial lifeform so fake hair kind of works
  6. It seems to be dead in the water. I've asked MV numerous times and he keeps saying there's nothing to report.
  7. Don't all recordings have hiss (some less, some more)? I just listen to the music.
  8. I can confirm that the sound quality is crappy (TMWLCD even more so).
  9. I have the one that's paired with The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing.
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