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  1. Anyone want to hazard a guess of what the future JW expansions might be, mentioned towards the end of the podcast?
  2. Not at all. I was just curious. I'm far less sensitive to sound quality than many around here. For example, I think the Polydor OST of Raiders sounds fine. The things that bother me are drop outs, clicks and pops. Oh, and brickwalling.
  3. Thanks Jay. That's what I was after.
  4. Perhaps by naming some titles which were sourced from 1st gen tapes?
  5. Thanks Jay. Could you elaborate please rather than making me sound like a tit.
  6. JTWfan77

    Top 5 most famous John Williamses

    John Williams the Mercedes Benz dealership!
  7. Great interview! Looking forward to part 2 (and hoping MM drops some hints about future possible JW expansions along the lines of "save your pennies"). On another note, is S:TM the first JW restoration to be sourced from 1st generation tapes?
  8. You've missed out. It's a gorgeous score.
  9. Decca is part of Universal Music Group.
  10. Yep, he's taking the elevator to go catch the plane to England.
  11. I love Banning Back Home (both versions) even if it does supposedly owe something to Dave Grusin's Mountain Dance (which I have not heard).
  12. I'm a Horner fan and can honestly say that there's nothing Sony Music related that I'm disappointed about in terms of expansions that now won't happen.
  13. A little bit of good news from Roger (Intrada forums): Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 Hoping Intrada will give us some good news re titles that "made it through" in time Roger's reply: We have two that are still green lit, but the studio side has been a bit slammed so we're still waiting for clearance on that side to get going.
  14. JTWfan77

    Which E.T. release sounds better?

    Don't forget the picture vinyl!