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  1. Anyone here bit the bullet and invested in an Ultra HD Blu-ray player and the requisite HDR 4K display device and UHD discs?
  2. JTWfan77

    The Phantom Menace is 20 years old.

    Wow Thor, never would have thought you are younger than me.
  3. JTWfan77

    The Goonies by Dave Grusin

    Goonies and Ghostbusters scores re-issued after being OOP for years? Could this be the start of a new film score release Renaissance?
  4. Anyone perhaps know which cues make up the Matrix Reloaded suite from the OST?
  5. JTWfan77

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    You can add me to the list too! I distinctly remember the audience members whistling and cheering raucously each time Supes took off or did something heroic much to the chagrin of my mother (I was six at the time) as much of the dialogue was inaudible as a result. We then went to see it at the drive-in to overcome that issue The old WB double LP was my first JW OST (my first JW anything was the Gerhardt SW/CE3K re-recording). I also saw SII and SIII at the cinema, but SIV went straight to the drive-in for obvious reasons
  6. JTWfan77

    RAMBO III (2018 remastered edition by Intrada)

    I know few here will care, but I am thrilled that StudioCanal has released this digitally, along with Rambo: First Blood Part II. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rambo-iii/1461733807 It is available to stream and purchase at the usual places. Hopefully First Blood will follow too.
  7. I know few here will care, but I am thrilled that StudioCanal has released this digitally, along with Rambo III. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rambo-first-blood-pt-ii/1463111852 It is available to stream and purchase at the usual places. Hopefully First Blood will follow too.
  8. I listen to the music and find it limits my enjoyment if it ends too quickly. I don't approach the music from the same cerebral angle that you do (which I have no problem with, by the way). However if a short cue serves the film, that is all that matters, that is after all its sole purpose.
  9. Thanks for the sarcastic reply. This is typical message board behaviour. Can you not accept that some people may have views that differ from your own? FYI, I dont like tracks under 2 minutes so your stats don't apply to my preferences. However, I'm sure my view will not in any way hamper your enjoyment of short cues.
  10. Would like to see your cue list when it's complete. Will you be omitting anything, that is? Will you use crossfades? I'm assuming you'll be ignoring any alternates?
  11. Completely agree. The stop-start nature of these bitty pieces really spoils any potential listening enjoyment. I'd much prefer some editing to combine into longer tracks but then everyone would cry foul. It's great to have all the unreleased music though so I'm not complaining, and we still have the OST album presentations. I suppose it's the nature of the beast these days, films get edited up to the last minute and composers need to keep revising things. It does often preclude longer music cues that flow more naturally though which is a pity. Seems Potter has some of the shortest cues that Williams has composed in his career.
  12. Off topic, but the Terminator recording on The Big Picture album is fantastic (being a hybrid electronic/orchestral reimagining) and the opening sfx that eventually morphs into the percussion line of the theme itself really adds to the fun of that piece. Oh, and the Earthquake opening sfx before the Main Title on that LP (and the VS CD that I own) are a great bit of 70s cheese. Just a pity that the opening track of Dracula lacked sfx of wolf howls followed by creaking coffin hinges
  13. JTWfan77

    Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2020)

    It is nessa! You don't tell me what is nessa! I tell you what is nessa!
  14. JTWfan77

    Henry Jackman's DETECTIVE PIKACHU (2019)

    This score sounds unexpectedly good. I can actually hear woodwinds in some of the cues.
  15. Is it the Dolby Surround one or the old RCA Red Seal?
  16. Haven't heard new HSatP as I'm waiting for an official recording, so I chose Rey's Theme (which is lovely regardless).
  17. JTWfan77

    Sony reissues Bernstein's Ghostbusters score

    Very interesting.... So Sony cans 3rd party licencing and then starts releasing stuff that would have previously been in the ambit of the boutique labels. I wonder if this is remastered, Erick "Brickwall" Labson did the Varese one.
  18. I'm fine with real acoustic percussion, just not the "beats" variety Powell seems to love.
  19. Agree on this point. I do like Solo as a score as much as RO even though they are quite different, but those drum pads in the Here They Come quote are completely inappropriate and unnecessary.
  20. If Desplat's Valerian (which I've tried to love based on all the positive reviews) is an indication of what me might have gotten for his RO then I'm happy MG got the gig. Desplat's scores just seem soulless to me (regardless of how proficient he is technically).
  21. JTWfan77

    Who should score the next Bond?

    Bring back Bill Conti!
  22. Love this score and have been listening to it regularly. None of the issues discussed at length here and elsewhere bother me at all. *shrugs shoulders*
  23. I see this is now showing as "temporarily out of stock" on LLL's site. Did the other vendors get their allocation yet? SAE is still showing this as a pre-order. Typical, just when I get paid it's not available to order.