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  1. He said this in a interview on the radio as far i remember. I will try to find this interview!
  2. Michael Giacchino said once in an interview that John Williams loved the score from UP. He got a phone call from his agent and there was someone who wants to talk with him. He was too busy to answer, but his agent told him that it was John Williams who was on the phone! They had a long talk and John told him he loved the score from UP! They became good friends after this.
  3. Wow John Williams looks great! So much energy!
  4. JTGL

    John Williams Autograph

    I went to Boston Film Night in 2013 and 2017. But never had the change to get an autograph :(. I hope to get one in London or Vienna.
  5. Great to meet other JWFAN members for the first time.
  6. I got two tickets! I can sell my back up ticket from pre-sale!
  7. I try to get two tickets for me and a friend. I bought a pre-sale ticket Wednesday in case I can't get tickets now. I will sell the other one if I get them.
  8. Last year when I bought the tickets for Boston there was a virtual queue as well. Now number 676!
  9. I try to get one more ticket for a friend. I am in position 790.