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  1. Jerry's first score is a timeless masterpiece that has deserved - and needed - the royal remaster/rerelease treatment for some time. LLL and everyone involved is to be commended for its services to this important piece of film music history.
  2. Yes a rather terrible event for both people involved. His music is the most impenetrable of the trio that's he typically cited in, but it is impossible not to marvel at its inner logic and deceptively expressive character when you take the time to become familiar with it.
  3. I remember reading a quote somewhere as a student about orchestration being a tool for the great and a crutch for the mediocre, something like that. Exactly what's been going on for decades now under the aegis of a greater focus on timbre. All well and good but ultimately I suspect much of it is simply the result of overly academic composers bereft of actual expressive ideas finding new ways to cover that up with sheer sonic shock.
  4. An unfortunate truth about much contemporary concert music - mine included. There are precious few who can communicate with the lean, keen language of Copland's 3rd.
  5. 80s fetishists complained movies like this were too cynical and nihilistic on release. Now even Nolan's brand of stoic heroism is thought cringey? Art doesn't date, audiences do.
  6. Heard some choreographed Thomas Ades with the LA Phil this evening - that guy is just not my cup of tea it seems. Doesn't help to have people prancing about to the music. Leila Josefowicz is a treasure though. The group I attended with reconvened afterwards to work through some chamber music of Webern and Harvey - now there's something.
  7. The ayes on this poll will be a who's who of questionable pseudo edgy JWFans. Actually they already are.
  8. The president in Armageddon gets a good one too.
  9. Like Drax I feel less in touch with what people do with themselves than ever, yet I feel that people are also more boring than ever. Whatever they're doing must be shit. I don't do much myself beyond family matters but drinking with friends, shagging me wife, and the odd bit of music. Enough for me.
  10. Thank you gentlemen and cheers to my Finnish comrade.
  11. I'm glad to be rid of that world. The Moog is a powerful weapon in the right hands, but how many of us have the right hands.
  12. Small town with lots of dark drama below the surface, murder, out of towner investigating, many suspects with intertwining stories...not the most superficial comparison.
  13. Been some time now since I kicked the sample library and computer habit but I seem to own a Moog One now. It will either pay for itself or become a lovely piece of divorceware I reckon.
  14. Mrs. Pilgrim and I are finally up to date on the first two seasons of Broadchurch. A properly dour British take on the Twin Peaks formula minus the supernatural. There are some deliciously hateful portrayals of media vultures and despicable defense attorneys.
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