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  1. I share your assessment Sharky. The carol you posted is a good example, I've heard cats doing what's at the core of that for longer than Collier has been alive and they didn't overdress it like he has a tendency to. Maybe I'm a stick in the mud.
  2. Nor Adams himself. But Birtwistle? Gesualdo? Sondheim? Knussen? Go figure.
  3. I've been recommending these for years on here Alex but gave up because the KM's of the world only want headphones that cost four figures.
  4. I reckon we're overdue for another JWFan Grand Nolan Assessment as well.
  5. Youngins have some fancy stuff nowadays. Some of what I hear from students is as impressive as this and it tempts me back into it but then I remember my DX7 does a killer marimba and pan flute combo and I'm happy with that.
  6. It is at least a well done imitation if not real. It has his inflections in there.
  7. Aye we're looking at it very differently then. On a brief timeline it may be fair to say that's true - though consider how many would disagree about the orchestra always sounding timeless, citing even recent Williams scores as being too classical or old fashioned, whatever you see in YouTube comments - but in the longer term I think style gets shaken off and what's actually underneath determines if it's still living in people's minds as vibrant and meaningful. Oxygène may not sound cutting edge anymore but I would hardly reduce it to mere kitsch as a consequence.
  8. That's classic JWFan bullshit though. The currency of John's compositional mannerisms is as subject to an expiration date as that of Hans' or any other composer and both have works that have now passed the date. Music being timeless has nothing to do with its sound but its ability to communicate with the listener and in that regard I think both of them can feel secure about their ongoing legacy.
  9. To me that is suburbia. Perhaps what I think of as the suburbs proper is what most people would consider small towns but in close proximity to some urban center. Probably comes from growing up in the quieter parts of Long Island and Connecticut after time in Brooklyn. Maybe they're small towns but to me that was the suburbs.
  10. I've had this discussion with relatives recently and I reckon there's a difference between the suburbs and suburbia. The suburbs are like your typical northeastern towns, characteristic houses with decently sized yards, mostly two lane roads, and what have you. Suburbia is where the houses are closer together and obviously drawn from like three different design possibilities, and there's more highway based travel. Suburbia is the one that is rightly maligned. It's really urban sprawl, the tendrils of a denser city center spreading out pretending to be something else. The suburbs are more like a baseline "town" archetype at least for me. LA has a weird mix of the two.
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