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  1. Indeed. PJ went off the deep end, simple as that. Even if he thought it somehow made sense, the stretch required makes it absurd. Sadly one of many things that makes these movies more or less irrelevant to me.
  2. How old are you? Are you from America? All due respect but perhaps if you're a younger person who was geographically removed from it it's hard to understand. I'm pretty far from a flag waving God bless the USA type who will get indignant at the suggestion that it's not a "big deal" but I was blocks away from what was happening in Manhattan, I knew people who died, and you'll have to forgive me if it continues to loom in my life as a "big deal." Fuck's sake.
  3. In my century we don't succumb to revenge. We have a more evolved sensibility.
  4. Aren't you the guy who reads and puts stock in CC's reviews though? Doesn't inspire confidence in your ability to recognize hot garbage even if a wad hit you in the face.
  5. Correct. All done in London except for the NZ material for Cannes. Watford Town Hall, Air Lyndhurst, Henry Wood Hall, and Abbey Road were all used with the greatest bulk taking place at the first. Jim Ware or Doug would know for sure what was going on where on a given date though. I'm pretty sure I've read the account of the Fellowship sessions on or right after 9/11, somewhere.
  6. There were bits of the trilogy done at Abbey Road, but I'm not sure what could have been going on at the same time as a Williams session in 1. Boys choir in 2 maybe?
  7. It's one of his top 5 scores, an exercise in restraint and economy of means that puts his usual touted masterpieces of grandiose bombast to shame, and makes one wish that he would have more fully committed to a kind of pared down style as Jerry did in his later years instead of just dabbling with it in a few appropriate scores, but then, he'd have to take on more appropriate projects, and barring AI Spielberg doesn't really have that in him. I don't remember much about the film other than it looking very nice.
  8. That may be his most challenging soundtrack album release to date. Well maybe there are others that are just less interesting, but as far as stuff that isn't uninteresting but unlikely to appeal to many listeners outside of the film, least of all at JWFan, it has to take the cake. There is alot of that experimental, Francis Bacon-paintings-in-music type stuff.
  9. Maybe I'm monstrous and unfeeling but his brand of drink fueled controversy doesn't faze me much. I know the adages about alcohol/truth but it's a case where I'm wiling to take the sum of a person's positive demeanor and actions over the rest. I don't apply that leniency to the consistently vicious, abusive, exploitative, predatory, of which there are too many examples, even just those I've seen firsthand, to summon more than a finger wag out of me towards Mel's mean drunk moments.
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