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  1. Knox Harrington

    REVIEW: Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring (masterclass)

    It's great insights from a lovely man. Worth it for the professional or the merely interested.
  2. Knox Harrington

    Where do I begin with LOTR?

  3. Knox Harrington

    Am I Alone? Infinity War Is The Worst MCU OST.

    Bring in whatever or however many composers you want, you're not going to get what you're after because the Russo's specifically said they didn't think it was the right direction to have a score crowded with all the characters' themes.
  4. Knox Harrington

    Top 5 favorite JW tracks

    Sometimes he just couldn't keep his hands to himself but we still love him.
  5. Knox Harrington

    Who is the sexiest young celebrity these days?

    I mean she's definitely a nitwit. Joey is staunch in his opinions but surely can recognize nitwittery when he sees it.
  6. Knox Harrington

    A Guide To Hans Zimmer's Interstellar

    That'd be nice if I were, but alas.
  7. Knox Harrington

    John Williams scores that use the organ?

    No real organ in the prequels, just quasi organ synths.
  8. Knox Harrington

    Will John Williams be remembered mainstream in 2100?

    You had a prime opportunity to quote Star Trek. You didn't.
  9. Knox Harrington

    A Guide To Hans Zimmer's Interstellar

    It was a petty response to the petty attitudes on here about the composer in question. You can see several examples right here on this page. Why bother?
  10. Knox Harrington

    John Williams scores that use the organ?

    ROTJ is this legendary sequence I don't recall one in ROTS
  11. Knox Harrington

    The Tablecloth

    There's an actual origin? I retract my sentiments that it was just a dopey neo neo neo JWFan meme attempt then.
  12. Knox Harrington

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    She has vuhndaful muscles.
  13. Knox Harrington

    A Guide To Hans Zimmer's Interstellar

    I removed these years ago. The person I put them together with lost his motivation to do the AI one, and I'm sure you can appreciate the disinterest in keeping these exhaustive writeups about Zimmer available given the...climate that sometimes rears its head here.
  14. Why think about them, talk about them, start a thread about them then? Just ignore it. I reckon there's a lot of shit in the world would bore me to death if I paid any attention. What would be the point?
  15. Knox Harrington

    Did you survive the Decimation?

    Ah Joey vs. Jurassic Shark. That's the JWFan showdown I've been waiting for.