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  1. That's the one thing I wouldn't say is markedly different. Powell is an excellent orchestrator. If you don't like electronics and percussion, that doesn't change that fact.
  2. It's two different composers, recorded by two different orchestras in two different countries. Of course there's a difference. Are you really surprised that not everyone is bothered by it, as though everyone would have the same opinion that you do? Besides, Chewie's theme has shaped up to be better than what Williams contributed I reckon, not that there is anything bad about the latter.
  3. Good grief, what is all this about RCP percussion (which I assume means low but boosted surdos, taikos, big bass drums etc.)? Am I the only one who doesn't hear anything of the sort in this score? I hear...percussion. Are some people just allergic to anything with a beat now?
  4. You know what, that could actually be a great moment.
  5. That wonderful lyrical - and again, effortless - stuff in Flying With Chewie starting at 2:11 is the best film music I've heard in a while. You can hear his MV heritage in that great harmonic motion and interesting bass. Beautiful, moving stuff. No idea what it might be scoring - it probably doesn't live up to the music.
  6. Ye gods, Corellia Chase is astoundingly good. Effortless.
  7. I bet you don't give a shit about replacing yourself, do you Lorne, you selfish bastard?
  8. Chain pizza is trash and anyone who eats it needs to rethink their lives. No composer is bad enough to warrant a comparison to a pizza chain. This score is great, Rogue One was terrible. Consider these arguments settled.
  9. The reply with a movie quote story game.

    What? What did you call me?
  10. I've no idea what Shadows of the Empire is but he probably rightfully didn't want it done at all.
  11. That's a good one. You need to be in a certain mood for most Shore though, according to Blume's rules.
  12. That last sentence is bizarrely presumptive. Do you have some kind of weird personal beef or vendetta with Lorne? Not the first time you've made it seem that way.