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  1. Yes lest anyone think I'm being serious, that is a nice story about a wonderful and brilliant man.
  2. The score - and film - only get boring for me once they disembark to confront V'ger. It's ok, it's just sort of rushed from then to the end and feels more like a tacked on TV episode ending than a good climax and denouement to something of this length. I'd usually just rewind the tape at that point and watch again, and I basically do the same thing while listening to the score nowadays.
  3. The white stuff (snow)

    After experiencing wildfires, I'll take months of snow any day with no complaint.
  4. This guy is a windbag. No surprise that Blume likes him!
  5. Musescore is fine. If you're engraving your own scores and parts, I can't imagine that you'll feel like you're hitting your head on the ceiling with it. Maybe if you're doing intense professional engraving it won't cut it, but otherwise...
  6. Lincoln. It was better than everything except Star Trek and Titanic.
  7. America

    And everyone else, to ensure they can't get guns!