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  1. TGP

    Explain Your Avatar

    I...don't know how or why, but I'm moving back and forth...through JWFan.
  2. TGP

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    two sizes
  3. TGP

    Happy 2019, JWFan!

    Happy new year everyone. Lovely crisp night here in Boulder CO with family and friends. All the best.
  4. Now even me mum says JWFan's version of things don't add up, so what I'm really tryna say is...I believe ya.
  5. TGP

    RUMOR: TGP plans to retire in 2019

    Large talk from a wannabe Disco Stu!
  6. Yes and as others have said I think it would obviously apply to his film work only unless there is some physical impediment to his continuing at all. For any concerned or saddened at the idea I have lately discovered the profound importance in valuing the simple existence of a thing rather than its permanence or impermanence. A simple lesson but one which many of us still need to learn the hard way it seems.
  7. TGP

    RUMOR: TGP plans to retire in 2019

    Good luck. Wojo ignored me just a few weeks ago yet responded to my thread with obvious care and concern. Please remember to vote in my poll -
  8. TGP

    RUMOR: TGP plans to retire in 2019

    Only takes the occasional misunderstanding to stink things up though. You know I reckon I have more acquaintances in the real world who are familiar with this forum without being members than anyone else here does - actually I'm not so sure. Regardless it offers me an interesting angle on our public perception so to speak. As for my retirement I think I've made it clear for a while now that the atmosphere and content of this place has been moving in a direction that I don't really like. That's just a product of time passing. It's also tied in with my own ventures in "the biz" and my growing disillusionment with that world as well. I feel that I've done something useful here as far as spreading some ideas and knowledge. I truly relished the excellent musical discussion I was able to take part in especially with younger folks like Sharky and Jilal and others. It was a wonderful chance to exchange ideas and hopefully teach something, given how much I learned from them at the same time. While growing as a composer myself it was encouraging to see others thriving along the road behind me, and ahead of me. I've even had a young composer offer me my own advice on something, not realizing it was me they'd gotten it from on here. Given that there is a vanishing market for that here now, and that lively discussions about music and quality banter are also growing rare, I find myself having these fits of wanting to break the habit entirely. You'll have to forgive me if it seems melodramatic. I'll not pretend that I haven't become rather attached to many of you. It's a tricky habit to kick. Yet when there's always a new snarky twit to give me grief about something inconsequential, I am reminded of the need.
  9. TGP

    RUMOR: TGP plans to retire in 2019

    I suppose it's what you get from a sarcastic and self deprecating sense of humor that doesn't translate well in text and the inability to censor onseself when things get thorny.
  10. TGP

    RUMOR: TGP plans to retire in 2019

    Jerry is testy, and apparently the latest humorless JWFan to take issue with me - and others like Stefan who he feels post often without contributing.
  11. I know where this comes from and it seems well founded. However, since many have tried before and failed we should obviously treat it is a rumor.
  12. TGP

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    My avatar signifies the usual status of a disgruntled and/or absent poster. Tell JWFan...I feel fine.
  13. TGP


    Everything I know about the world beyond America is from James Bond movies.
  14. Oh search for compliments if you must, Administrator. Meanwhile, I think I'd like a nice OST, or, a large brandy.