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  1. I can agree about the cigarette but she doesn't look unnaturally thin to me. Maybe it's the outfit.
  2. Idris and Jennifer are fine but that Winona picture is smoking. Damn!
  3. Oh the trumpet tune. No ideas there, other than a warmer take on the classic Copland. I can make no claims as to whether or not its his best score of course, but favorite, yeah, it is here. For me Horner is like Newman. There's much overlap between scores, and you can hear recurring ideas getting tried out in different ways. You sort of pick your favorite package. Populist, syrupy, maybe, but I have lots of time for this rather tightly composed and no note gone to waste score. Many fond memories of stoned listening.
  4. Almost certainly this was behind much of the tone, no? Likely my favorite of his scores.
  5. TGP

    The Physics and Philosophy Thread

    How about a new season of Survivor, Blume?
  6. Deep prayer. Say ten Hail Towner's and the truth may visit you.
  7. TGP

    The Physics and Philosophy Thread

    Is there nothing more?
  8. Looking at the score and that one is actually credited to JNH after all. As promised, I am surprised.