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  1. who dat
  2. Ye gods! Better have a drink or two to put you down in time.
  3. Yeah! It was good fun.
  4. Me too, but not until the evening.
  5. Yeah, and Home Improvement!
  6. I think all music does, whether drunk or stoned. Hey, it's Friday!
  7. Religion of peace!
  8. JWFan Composers

    KK, how wonderful that you had the chance to work with real musicians! This sounds fantastic. First time with live players? Do you feel you learned anything significant? Did you conduct?
  9. Had a couple jobs in Manhattan back in the day, pizzeria guy and bartender, that offered the best but also the worst of people. Witnessed some nasty bar fights and occasionally had to get involved. Even though it was a traditional pub type place, you still got shitheads in there. For a time, I had to give private piano and composition lessons. That was truly awful. I am not an educator by any stretch. But listen, angry yuppie parents, it's not totally my fault that your overworked kid is shit at music. They just don't care about it. The worst was during university years, evenings at the library's front desk. Stupid questions, impatient people, smarmy bosses, and a sorry excuse for a paycheck. Great place to sneak off for a quickie during breaks, though. The smell of rarely read Heidegger volumes still makes me randy.
  10. Haven't heard it in years. I'd forgotten how lovely the slow "second movement" is. Camille is at his best when eschewing Teutonic heaviness for his native French sensuality! That countermelody when the theme repeats the first time....
  11. The only thing more tiring than the Giacchino = next Williams discussions: we don't like non-orchestral, atmospheric film music discussions!
  12. This thread puts me in the mood for some quality Telarc recordings. The public has been lied to by the sound of film scores for half a century!
  13. Agreed. It is a good film in its own right. Lithgow!
  14. You know, he was never one of my favorites there. I enjoy this symphonic mode a lot more.