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  1. The classic gesture that always concludes the opening titles? Muted trumpets, clarinets, oboes, flutes an octave up....
  2. Hans Zimmer does not employ ghostwriters.
  3. Just to be clear, I am definitely a Manley man.
  4. Sorry BB, I'm mostly useless when it comes to notation programs. Think karelm has you covered though.
  5. Why is the electric cello inappropriate?
  6. The synthesizers used in the original SW scores are far more dated than the ones heard in JP, which are classic Williams synth patches at this point. They sound great.
  7. Fight fight fight!
  8. Never heard that but it is indeed sublime. Great find.
  9. Composer Threads

    Just wanted to point out how brilliant and subtle the part-writing during the opening of Balin's Tomb is. It's sort of Sibelian, especially the clarinets, and the 3rd and 4th trumpets, and the trombones - beautiful crossing of voices with the bass trombone jumping over 1 and 2 at the big Dwarrowdelf shot. Easily lost in the full texture, but when you look at elements from these scores like this one under a microscope you see why everything fuses together in such a sonorous and satisfying way.
  10. This should be the banner picture for the forum.
  11. I wanted to like Legend, and did for a while, but I think something about it started to grate on me, and I'm also pretty sure I heard it once while I had the flu and that totally tarnished it for me. As for my favorite Jerry score, the human adventure is just beginning....
  12. Maybe it's time to give The Bold another shot! GH will probably start awful summer plots soon.
  13. I have the New York City version of this ingrained in me from childhood. Except instead of "standing up for yourself and others" or "selflessness" it's called "whodafuckahyou?" I also get really rabid road rage (righteous, at others, I'm not an asshole driver myself) and Mrs. Pilgrim says I'm never manlier than when fuming behind the wheel.