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  1. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    Where'd you get that idea?
  2. How have I changed since ET&Elliot4Ever?

    No, just taking the opportunity to Star Trek quote.
  3. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)

    It's not that I'd be the one to call them pretentious necessarily, except for Black Swan, but I reckon it's how many people view them. I'm just indifferent to them.
  4. How have I changed since ET&Elliot4Ever?

    Speak for yourself, sir. I plan to live forever.
  5. Right now, who are your Top 5 film composers?

    Zimmer, Williams, Shore, North, Goldenthal/Morricone
  6. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    That is completely true. And just as the stretch of lukewarm grandiose symphonic blockbusters gave way to big drums and chugging strings, big drums and chugging strings will give way to something else. The former phase did diminish my ability to enjoy many of Williams' most popular "big scores," but the latter hasn't totally killed my appreciation of the very fine Zimmer works being aped. I don't want him to do any more, though. That's the difference I guess, that Williams kept going in a very similar direction to the one he had been for most of his subsequent scores. The big departures of 2000 - 2005 are why I love that period of his so much. But the corner of Zimmer's body of work diluted by imitations is really quite small.
  7. Perfect way of putting it. And I think he only improves on what those older composers I mentioned were capable of. Refining the language and combining it with other elements to enhance that sense of ambiguity and vagueness. Again, the different things that seem to have gone into the synthesis of Williams' harmonic dialect is really significant. While something like Ligeti's Atmospheres is of course quite unearthly, I would like to believe that it was only the tip of the iceberg as far as what "strangeness" in music can achieve.
  8. Mostly the first movement. The delicate, chamber like accompaniments have this quasi Ligeti/Takemitsu character that feel floaty and otherworldly but still directed in some vaguely tonal manner. Strange chords that move in a not completely strange way. I can definitely see the relationship to some of CE3K, like that moment Sharky cited.
  9. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    Sure they do. That's what a spotting session is for, although of course they're not the only one making the decision.
  10. Best "ringtone" moments

    When it first became possible to have custom ringtones on phones, I knew exactly the ones to use and have kept them the same ever since. Calls, 0:07 - 0:12: All other alerts, 0:00 - 0:04: Mrs. Pilgrim gets a custom one though, and it is Williams. 0:39 - 0:46:
  11. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)

    I thought Noah looked great and had an interesting atmosphere, but didn't amount to much.
  12. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)

    My instincts tell me it's your kind of thing, KK.
  13. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    I hope he is past his influential peak, but I don't think he's burned out creatively yet. Nolan, at least, will keep him honest.
  14. How have I changed since ET&Elliot4Ever?

    Yes, but they did not. Too much Zimmer hate.