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  1. Jacobs is an acquaintance of mine and a damn fine player, one of the top tier. I always enjoy seeing his artful playing appreciated, as there some less tasteful organist "sensations" out there that I feel music could do without....
  2. On the cheap, and yet with results that surpass much of what I've seen of formal musical education. A wise viewing choice! Oh yeah!
  3. Nevertheless, she mstroxed!
  4. We've recently completed Mass Effect: Andromeda, and it was an absolute joy. Can't wait for expansions and sequels.
  5. Destiny tracks to put on an "introduction" album - 1 3 4 5 7 8 13 16 22 25 27 37 41 43 Recommend the full, unreleased version of that last one. That's from the original standalone suite composed during the game's development, an official release of which was more or less ruled out by all the legal issues surrounding Bungie/Marty. Here's the best available compilation. ------ Hey Quintus, my group and I never got around to playing the expansions after The Taken King, and likely won't with 2 coming later in the year. How was the music for all that? Any particular standouts?
  6. Williams has used a synthesized "voice" patch on countless scores, both doubling a real choir and on its own. Hardly surprising.
  7. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - Jerrald King Goldsmith It's better than everything!
  8. Love you all. Good vibes all around.
  9. Confucius say dog that bark not cooked enough!
  10. A peak at some notation shows no trombones nor bassoons - just three horns and low strings. (referring to the Shore example)
  11. I suppose what you mean is simply the orchestration, and warm, low dynamics. Nothing special.
  12. PM me. We can work out a price.
  13. No bassoons at that moment I think. The harmony is in violas, cellos, basses, and horns 3-5, with a bit of harp. Much of the "hum" at least as I hear it comes from the characteristically unexpected inversions Shore uses. Putting the basses on the right note like that can impart a great warmth.