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  1. What are you thankful for?

  2. Greetings all :)

    Gondolin has wifi now?
  3. What are you thankful for?

    I'm thankful that the unstoppable march towards death that is life is one day closer to its end.
  4. America

    I agree with everyone but fancyarcher!
  5. America

    I'll try to get a defense petition going in your favor, like the SNL people did with Franken.
  6. America

    It's interesting how he was the case that caused "some people" to start backing off the immediate demonization strategy, isn't it?
  7. Turning of the tide (or just the same old crap)?

    I don't get how he thinks he was able to surmise my or Koray's own political ideas from anything we posted in this thread - pretty sure we both just dismissed him as a dope because of his general demeanor, nothing political.
  8. Turning of the tide (or just the same old crap)?

    You're so dumb it's amusing. Perhaps not ignorable after all!
  9. I have indeed seen the film. Even twisting the Superman material and dressing up the Batman stuff, using those older themes in this context, repeatedly and as centerpieces, rather than just as little momentary eye winks, was incredibly awkward to me. It felt... desperate. If Elfman had also maintained the established themes for these latest incarnations, it wouldn't have really been as noticeable a problem to have those references, however extensive. It was the complete abandonment of that identity in favor of this bizarre throwback which I think was a very, very poor decision, whoever's it was. I didn't think what Mothersbaugh did was thematically satisfying either, for the record. A good romp of a score, but Doyle's great theme should have been its backbone rather than a cameo at the end.
  10. Fantastic video, will watch several times.
  11. It isn't a problem of outdated sound, which is why the 007 theme is still applicable. These older superhero themes simply have nothing to do with these incarnations of the characters, they are tonally incorrect. To use them, whilst scrapping their new, appropriate ones, was simply an asinine decision. There's no defense for it.
  12. Silmarillion art (book)?

    While Lee and Howe's vision is glorious and now inextricably linked to how we view Middle-Earth, I do think I always slightly preferred the more exotic look of Nasmith.
  13. Greetings from The Mecha World

    Your avatar is exceptional. I hope I don't have to put you on my ignore list.