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  1. The Matrix reboot (rumour)

    Hm, I guess you could look at it like that, true.
  2. Who are your top 5 rudest JW fans?

    You take that back, you cunting sexist pig!
  3. Who are your top 5 rudest JW fans?

    You egged me on!
  4. The Matrix reboot (rumour)

    The first film will always be entertaining and somewhat atmospheric, even if it has aged a bit in its "fight the power" 90s thing. The sequels are largely trash. Davis' first score is one of the best of the century. I can take or leave the others aside from a few sequences - they are much more generic blockbuster fare.
  5. Who are your top 5 rudest JW fans?

    Even the spats and rivalries on JWFan are lackluster these days.
  6. Not what I said, is it? Perhaps don't project your insecurities as a shit musician onto the discussion....
  7. It's such a wildly uninformed and childish disdain though. Everyone loves an entertainingly bitingly critical review every now and then, but there has to be wit and intelligence to it. CC's manner is that of a petulant child.
  8. Precisely. Those aren't non traditional scores or electronic scores at all, those are actually quite traditional scores that use electronics in a fairly traditional way. Clemmenson is just a scourge of the film music community, a harmful influence.
  9. As Thor said, there's nothing terrible about it, but some of us appreciate a wide variety of scores and find it utterly tiring and sophomoric when people like Clemmenson or yourself pit them against each other at every turn.
  10. Intriguing fictitious film titles

    What about Sack Lunch? Don't you want to know how they got in there?
  11. The Austin Wintory Thread

    Definitely a great project and a worthy cause. Never fails to amaze me how many of us have this same mix of passions.
  12. The Official username change thread

    Hadn't we better get the Williams and Zimmer into the boats, sir?
  13. Indeed! I'll be at JWFan Dark Matter!
  14. Headphones

    Jay, I believe Sennheiser has a pair meant for Bluetooth/phone use. Over ear, and closed back. I'd check those out.
  15. RIP Stephen Hawking

    All things considered he got a longer lease on life, and did more with it, than he could ever have expected.
  16. Treasure Planet - James Newton Howard What a fabulous and underappreciated score. The lyrical theme is deeply moving.
  17. We can discuss this, but I reckon if the thread turns into a classic "piss around" stream of consciousness that may be good for morale in its own way. Over the last year I've had my first real feelings of getting old. Physically, mentally. People are getting sick more. The everyday troubles of life seem to be adding up. Youthful ambition is gone. This isn't to say that I'm miserable or anything, but I'm unquestionably in a new phase of life. I know a lot of us here are around the same age. I wonder if this is happening for many of us, which is why things feel off here at the forum? People are leaving left and right, without so much as a melodramatic goodbye thread. Things are simply...different. Less familial, as Blume or Steef said. I miss hearing from Sharky, Quintus, Jilal, BloodBoal, Disco Stu, Blume. Joe isn't popping in much lately either. And many of the rest of us seem to be curbing our posting habits in our own way. What about all the ladies who joined over the last few months? That was a really welcome development, good for the forum's atmosphere. Now they're all gone too. Any ideas what might be behind this? Is it to do with age, and if so, why does it seem to affect our older and younger members too? Is the world just in a state lately that isn't conducive to a lively film music community? I don't get the sense that this is a typical lull. It's more like a genuine change. A strange, cold, starkly inevitable change.
  18. the mstrox thread

    Pavarotti was a tenor, Paganini was a composer.
  19. What's Happening At JWFan?

    Are you willing to try talking through why you signed out? Can you put your finger on what's changed?
  20. What's Happening At JWFan?

    If that were indeed all you say, no one would bitch. But I digress. You mellowed a little bit in the last few weeks.