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  1. 1:42-2:00. Those "dense minor harmonies" as Doug calls them have always transfixed me. Anyone want to venture an analysis? Bonus points for getting the voicings correct and not just deciphering each harmony's type.
  2. TGP


    Everything I know about the world beyond America is from James Bond movies.
  3. Oh search for compliments if you must, Administrator. Meanwhile, I think I'd like a nice OST, or, a large brandy.
  4. Shawm Murphy strikes again. Shawmgate. Will Jay resign?
  5. That for very reasonable rates he can cook up an excellent demo from whatever I scribble on the 16 stave Judy Green paper. Of course there are lots of resources for this but the premiums are usually out of my reach. This may just be the ongoing life crisis talking but I don't want to bother with that stuff anymore and I think I can get away with it. I did resell some things but most companies lock you in.
  6. Anyone else been having a midlife crisis since their 20s? I thought it peaked when I turned 30 but that was just the beginning of a long upswing to now.
  7. As luck would have it I'm working crazy hours for someone this month and on this project just met a real demo wizard and we hit it off. Deleting everything when I get home. Sure I'll save a backup drive but this is it. I already feel a huge sense of relief. This shit has eaten up too much of my time since the late 80s. I thought things would be better these days but it's just as much of a time sink. The studio will now be nothing but a piano and my synth collection.
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    Anyone else like pickles?

    Bit early for pickles but I like most kinds and now want some.
  9. I think Richard hit the nail on the head. I think Horner would have done well with it. The music isn't awful although it has - intentionally? - campy and cringey moments. Rosenman's language may have suited an episode of the original series but by the fourth film it feels totally inorganic to the spirit of things and functions as a strange veil that does bring the whole thing down a peg, which is a shame, because there's literally nothing else to dislike about the picture.
  10. Only heard it once so far but it's very interesting. The form seems fresh.
  11. TGP

    Anyone else miss Drax?

    Yes it will haunt your dreams I'm sure.
  12. TGP

    Anyone else miss Drax?

    Epic burn bro!
  13. TGP

    Anyone else miss Drax?

    Not really. Can't recall the last time we even interacted frankly. It's not ignore list material but still not that entertaining either.
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    Anyone else miss Drax?

    I don't disagree but I've never been a fan of Wojo humor. It's no small talent to be able to do irreverent shockjock humor with real wit and most importantly without any petulant edgy "I made you mad!!!111! I TROL U" bullshit. He does not succeed. Gyver also fails terribly, even quality comedy can't help him (see below).
  15. Thanks for posting the video, I've wanted to hear the flute concerto.
  16. TGP

    Official Discord Thread

    Long live the Discord. The forum is unreadable lately and it's not because of Bespin's amusing threads.
  17. No Country For Old Men? Tommy Lee Jones' monologue about his dream is one of the most interesting, evocative ways I've seen a film end.
  18. You would join an antifa group? TGP - starting a few interesting discussions then leaving
  19. It's good but frankly I'm already sick of it. These days seriously considering outsourcing all my demo needs and getting rid of my samples. I'm not made for this stuff.
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  21. System 1, JX8P, Jupiter 6
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    Always thought the Bush's were very likable.