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  1. No room for a sense of humor or exaggeration in your brain with all that filmic insight, I guess.
  2. Weather talk? Back to subject. TLJ is a good movie because of this scene alone. In the same spirit as Toht's collapsable coat hanger in Raiders. The kind of thing that actually makes you laugh out loud - at least it did me.
  3. My Struggle! by Stefancos

    All tax is theft. Congratulations nevertheless Steef.
  4. Explain Your Avatar

    I like your new one Stu.
  5. john williams: code prototype (beta mix)

    Anything from Lincoln or AI. Would also love to have witnessed him write the infamous choral bit from The Last Duel, the whole process from spotting to recording.
  6. It's definitely a somewhat cold score, but it's magnificent. Though come to think of it, the Ilia/Decker stuff is plenty emotional. Really sensuous theme and I love how Jerry scores their "melding" like an interdimensional/interspecies sex scene.
  7. My wife claims Roger Waters brushed past her boobs at a concert once, and I've touched her boobs, so I've pretty much shaken hands with Roger Waters.
  8. America

    Are Aaron Copland and John Williams cold and unfriendly mobsters? Obviously you can pick the good and bad from any accent group, but I can't deny that the southern accent is off putting to me and often reeks of some contrived facade of that warmth and courtesy that you describe rather than the real thing. I've found the whole southern hospitality thing to be an exaggeration, if not totally a myth. People are as decent and savage in equal measures almost everywhere.
  9. America

    Thick Bostonian or Bronx accents are just as annoying but at least they don't carry the connotation of backwoods ignorance with them. Flat pronunciation, please.
  10. America

    Loovleh Waylsh ahxints!
  11. Depends on how you define "famous" and "met." Wait, is this a Josh500 thread? Fuck it.
  12. America

    Bring earplugs!
  13. America

    I don't like people with southern accents. It's like nails on a chalkboard.
  14. Yeah they heard me right. Tell them we think that's the only way we can stop the SJW Star Wars thread.
  15. I hate to speak ill of another composer, even in response to the same, but it's painfully obvious that Mr. Davidovsky's page in the history of music will be immensely less significant than John Williams'. What a silly thing for him to say.
  16. He's not looking for jobs. He's mostly retired from Hollywood.
  17. Snide comments work best when they aren't embarrassingly misinformed and ignorant in their implications.
  18. how could you say this so sick of coming on here and seeing people BASghing williams but praising shit cpomosers this isjwfan if you dont like him go somewhere else you damn besserweissers
  19. Yes, she is. What a well deserved break.
  20. Best "ringtone" moments

    Just thought of this thread - now that the girls have their own phones, these 5 seconds are assigned to them:
  21. America

    At least yours won't all be there at the the same time.
  22. Nick, don't you think you might just be over dramatizing this a little bit? There must be some way you can get me in.
  23. Christ, it's on Youtube already? You should all buy it.