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  1. Super stoked for this! An easy choice to order. I'm really only familiar with the fantastic main title, but I remember catching a fair amount of the film on TV maybe 6 or 7 years ago and thinking, Boy, I really would like to have the whole score. Now it's just a matter of waiting for it to arrive!
  2. What is your go-to feel-good movie?

    I'm surprised Ferris Beuller's Day Off hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread. For me, it's the ultimate feel-good movie, sullied only by the fact that the actor who played the principal turned out to be a real-life pedophile. I don't enjoy his scenes as much anymore, sadly.
  3. TLJ Score Wishes

    I overstated things when I implied that it doesn't have its own "sonic identity." The new material is quite good and quite different from what we've heard in other Star Wars scores. But as I said, I'm quite sensitive to material that is rehashed. I think one time I calculated how much of COS was a rehash of the first Potter score and it came out to something like 20%...but subjectively, it feels like a lot more to me.
  4. Favourite Williams’ String Triplets?

    Ah, one of my favorite Williams devices. Never seems to get old!
  5. TLJ Score Wishes

    I'd rather have the latter, personally. I usually don't respond well to sequel scores that over-reference the preceding chapters. For me, a sequel (or prequel or reboot or whatever) score should establish its own sonic identity. I'm pretty sensitive to rehashes of stuff from previous entries. (The exception being BTTF Part 2...not sure why, but that one doesn't bother me.)
  6. TLJ Score Wishes

    I'd say Williams has generally been a lot better at it than most composers, but I didn't see that with TLJ. The passages I'm talking about have these clunky transitions. ANH has flow to it. With TLJ, you get stuff like...okay, take for example Yoda's theme near the end of his scene. It's so obvious that they found a track called "Yoda's Theme", sandwiched together the beginning and end of the track, called it a temp track, and then had Williams replicate that edit, because that's exactly what we got in the final score - the background string figurations even change halfway through the melody when the switch happens. There's nothing organic about it. It's all a matter of personal taste, of course, and I don't mean to be a grump about it. I do like TLJ's just happens to sit at the bottom of the Star Wars list for me.
  7. TLJ Score Wishes

    The biggest thing I wish the score had was a willingness to move past the temp track. It's just so painfully obvious at times. As an offshoot of that, I would've preferred a lot less use of the Force theme, particularly in classic horn solo setting. I mean, it's my favorite theme from the entire saga, but come on...enough is enough. By the time we're treated to the score's two (!) climactic statements of the theme, it's a sense of "here we go again." I was listening to ANH the other day and I was struck by how variegated the statements of the Force theme are. No such luck with TLJ.
  8. Like Chen G. said, it's just a part of her theme. But you're exactly right that the harmony is different in this statement, which lends it that slightly more hopeful sound.
  9. How did you feel about The Last Jedi?

    I voted the middle option. I like the film, but its flaws are disappointing. The first couple shots of Yoda...Luke flicking dust off his shoulder...some (not all) of the porg/caretaker humor...I really had very high hopes for this film, and it turned out to be more of a mixed bag.
  10. What's your dream title of a book on JW?

    Boom-Tzzz: The John Williams Story
  11. What Darth Vader really said to Luke

    None of the above. The line would have started with "No...", not "Luke..."
  12. Cats vs. Dogs

    Dogs all the way. Can't vote because I currently own neither.
  13. I can't vote on this one because I have three favorites, all for different reasons. The credits for Star Wars are perfect for the heroic, idealistic tone of that first film - not to mention they've got my favorite pre-credits cue transition. The credits for Empire are chillingly good, especially in the way it transitions between the score's three major new themes. And then TFA is actually quite fantastic as well, doing an equally great job at representing all the film's major thematic material in a way that feels organic. What the hell, I'll vote for Empire. It's still a tie for me, though.
  14. I know what you mean, but for some reason, I don't mind. I find the transition exciting. (Not that I EVER say no to isolated cues!)
  15. I think I'm falling in love with "Canto Bight." It's the "Cantina Band #3" I never knew I needed in my life.