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  1. Oh yeah, "Advanced Scout Greeting" is fantastic. I love it when the low notes kick in.
  2. If anything leaks, I won't listen. I'll wait till first viewing.
  3. Yeah, "2 1/2 Miles Down" is fantastic. That and the alternate "Southampton" are my favorite new bits from this release.
  4. Favorite Lincoln Melody [POLL]

    Toss-up for me between The People's House and The American Process. I'll vote for the latter because that was the one that stuck out to me the first time I saw the film, although I'd say I love them about equally now.
  5. Ideally, I'll hear none of the score until I see the film for the first time, on or shortly after opening day. I don't mind seeing the album cover, though I won't seek it out.
  6. Jaws 2 vs. The Lost World

    I haven't seen Jaws 2. As far as the scores go, TLW is the clear winner in my book. Jaws 2 is a bit anemic for my tastes.
  7. I like the stuff with "the call" at 5:54 and pretty much everything onwards, but yeah, the big music for the takeoff is really pretty lacking in the original form. (And I'm thrilled to have it! :D)
  8. Yeah, I was familiar with "Over the Moon" from other recordings, and I'd heard concert performances of "Flying", but the other new tracks were indeed new to me.
  9. So true. I'm rather embarrassed to admit I wasn't familiar with the OST until this release - only the complete film score - so part of the joy of this for me has been discovering this beautiful alternate presentation of the score.
  10. Rey's Theme vs. Fawkes The Phoenix

    Rey's theme, easily. Fawkes' theme would at least be in the running for me if not for...everything that comes after the first five notes. It's an absolutely gorgeous start to a theme, but then it really meanders after that. Rey's theme is incredibly moving from start to finish.
  11. I can neither confirm nor deny reports that I spent the other day driving around Tujunga and Porter Ranch, visiting filming locations while blasting this release through my car's speakers.
  12. Hey jazz experts! Input needed!

    Bumping this old thread due to a recently renewed interest in this style of jazz. Anyone else have any thoughts?