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  1. I can't remember the last time I had a single track on repeat. Actually, no, that's not true. A while after TFA came out, I was having trouble getting into the Falcon sequence and remembering that I sometimes appreciate modern Williams action music more once I can anticipate where it's going. So I listened to it a couple of times to familiarize myself more with it. (It worked.) That's pretty rare for me, though. I'm usually either on shuffle or listening to (at least part of) an album.
  2. I'd be most interested in his composition process. To what degree does the music exist in his head before he even touches the piano keys? How long a stretch of new music can be hold in his working memory before committing it to paper? Things like that. The ultimate dream would be to actually sit in as he wrote something - with permission to ask the occasional question, but otherwise just taking it in.
  3. Like many of you, I'm partial to ESB, TPM, and TFA, with ESB probably topping it. I just love the way it's shot - really beautiful and interesting cinematography. And the choreography strikes a nice balance between realism and coolness. Love the pacing as well. TPM is fun for the spectacle and visually arresting acrobatics. TFA is great for the opposite reason - it really leans into the duel as part of the characters' story, serving up a less flashy, more realistic approach. And I love that the glowing lightsaber props actually illuminate the surroundings. I wish every film before it could have had that.
  4. Anyone have recommendations on great Bartok recordings/albums? I'm just starting to get into his fascinating ouevre and I'd love pointers if anyone has any.
  5. Reviving an old thread with an even older question that's plagued me since the 90s...does anyone know exactly what type of drums are heard in the original The Lion King's "I Just Can't Wait to Be King"? You can hear the ones I'm talking about most clearly at the very beginning of the album version: I hear Western drum kit cymbals (variously panned), talking drum (centered in the mix), and what sounds like some other sort of drum (heard as two different takes hard-panned to the left and right). It's the last drum that I'm wondering about. Anyone have any thoughts or leads?
  6. I'm gonna hold onto my hope that for the first time since 2005* - and presumably the last - we'll get a truly new Star Wars end credits transition from Williams. In TFA, it was a nostalgia move, and in TLJ, it was...well, it was consistent with the obvious rehashing of temp tracks elsewhere in the film. But with JJ back at the wheel, I have to hope that we get something new. If we get a fourth consecutive near-identical Force theme ending, I'll be very put-out... * I know the end of Solo reportedly involved Williams, but somehow, it feels like that doesn't count.
  7. Yes. Empire and Clones are incredible as well, but something about the original just can't be beat.
  8. Goblet of Fire probably has the most character to it, and it contains some of my favorite non-Williams moments from the series, but it also really wears on me as a whole. Doyle's style is not always to my taste. Hooper's efforts have grown on me significantly, after initially having quite a low opinion of them. DH1 has all the professional nuance that Hooper's Potter scores lack...it's just not very remarkable melodically. DH2 I'm not too familiar with. It never impressed me enough in the film to want to listen to it on its own (although the beautifully inevitable "Leaving Hogwarts" reprise really got me on my first viewing).
  9. I've never owned this score in any form, but I'm familiar with the main theme, I remember enjoying the rest of the music in the context of the film, the samples sound great, and I was just talking about how I need more Goldsmith in my life the other day. Ordered!
  10. Han is rarely seen in Empire without Leia, and all their scenes have an element of romantic/sexual tension, which really entangles the theme with both of them and with their relationship. But the theme is definitely more closely associated with Han than with Leia, who obviously has her own theme and never provokes a statement of the love theme unless Han is around or involved. Han, on the other hand, gets at least one statement of it when Leia isn't even peripherally involved (under his first lines of Empire, over comm with Luke). That's the strongest argument one could make for it being his theme, IMO.
  11. Thank you, @SyncMan! That's a very informative contemporary article! I knew that we thought he'd done it as a pre-record...I'm delighted to see the actual source!
  12. My interpretation is very different...the "liturgical" men's choir there strikes me as a very intentional reminder of the Emperor's material, since that timbre is otherwise only heard during his theme. Far from being a triumphant return of the Jedi, this darkly religioso moment is about Luke beginning to succumb to the Dark Side, exactly as the Emperor desires. That piece of scoring - which I agree is absolute genius - provides very important emotional context, making it very clear that while Luke may be winning the duel against Vader, he is (momentarily) losing the battle against the forces of darkness inside himself.
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