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  1. I think JJ Abrams hopes that, too. He will give him many opportunities to make the music shine, as he has done with his way of storytelling at TFA. I could imagine that it's important to JJ that the score for Episode IX focuses more on new themes (compared to TLJ). Because he wants to hear something new again. Don't forget he's a great John Williams Fan :)
  2. Here is a playlist I made of the planned concerts in Vienna. Anyone who still wants to hear the cancelled concerts on Saturday and Sunday can listen to the program here: John Williams Concert with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (spotify) I wasn't sure about some versions of the tracks. For example, the program said just "Selections from Memoirs Of A Geisha". I added Sayuri's Theme, The Chairman's Waltz and Becoming A Geisha from the Suite for Cello and Orchestra, because I love them so much. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. It wouldn't be the first time that John Williams would surprise us 😉
  4. Wow!! That's a terrific suite. I'm sure this release will be just incredible
  5. Very sad news.. I was really looking forward to these special concerts. But the most important thing is that John Williams recovers quickly!!
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