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  1. Pretty sure there already is a thread but the RTÉ concert orchestra are doing a Star Wars night on May the 4th which I'm going to. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone LTP at the end of May in Dublin also.
  2. Love Home Improvement!
  3. Jay makes a tonne of typos!
  4. JWFAN must be cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came.
  5. I knew it was only a summer job so that got me through. If I thought it was full time I'd have been looking for something else.
  6. Worked in a factory one summer in college. 4-12. You basically don't have a life on that shift. We were cleaning those big bottles that sit on watercoolers and replacing the labels. Podcasts and audiobooks got me through.
  7. Nobody is asking if Stefancos will last long after JWFan
  8. Probably have a brand new composer for the next one now 😂
  9. Moreso than the actual episode.
  10. @Rose Dawson will like what they've done with the music in Rebels:
  11. Theyr'e both better than TFA which I saw 11 times but shur what can you do. Rogue One was so low in comparison because I got sick around Xmas and my dog died Xmas day. I saw it for the final time just hours after Carrie died and decided I probably needed a little Star Wars break. I'm looking forward to seeing it when I comes out on BluRay though!
  12. Im down with that!
  13. Is mise Stefancos
  14. It'll last but we'll just change the name to Howard Shore fan.
  15. I saw Rogue One seven times in the cinema and listened to the OST dozens of times. I've been away from it since January and I can't recall much of the music TBH.