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  1. the mstrox thread

    I will watch the All-Ireland hurling and football club finals in Croke Park tomorrow. Apparently Luke Skywalker is going to be at the parade in town so I'll go into that. Green beer is definitely an American thing.
  2. the mstrox thread

    It’s a long weekend on account of the great Saint Patrick. I have also taken Tuesday off for good measure.
  3. Headphones

    2.5 acres... you'd nearly be entitled to invest in a ride on! I can totally understand the desire to just get out into the fresh air and do some manual work for a few hours though.
  4. Headphones

    Have you got a push mower or a ride on?
  5. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    Sounds like a decent approximation of an 80s Williams theme.
  6. Agreed. Her prose is average but by God does she know how to tell a story with compelling characters.
  7. Tomb Raider. Its entirely passable. The reviews are a little harsh on it. You’ll probably get more enjoyment out of it if your a fanboy like me but it I don’t think it’s terrible. It isn’t brilliant either though. It’ll probably find a life as a nice lazy Sunday afternoon movie on Netflix or something. A sequel could definitely take things on a bit .
  8. Headphones

    Battery life would prevent you from leaving them in all day. You get 5 hours before you have to charge them and the case holds a 24 hour charge. They do charge very fast though so if you pop them back in the case whenever you’re not wearing them you should be fine. If someone is talking to you you only have to take out one and the music automatically pauses. The sound quality is probably slightly better than regular EarPods.
  9. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone ship Luna and Harry before and tbh I hope I never do again. I think it’s great that’s Harry has platonic relationships with the likes of Luna and Hermione.
  10. Headphones

    You can control the volume from your watch though!
  11. the mstrox thread

    I’ve warned you before about your use of the word meat.
  12. Yeah but people only think they can hear the quality at anything above 56 kbps!