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  1. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    Ah smoke some weed, you’ll get over it .
  2. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    Oh go play in the tulip fields outside your windmill you clog wearing cyclist!
  3. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    He did accuse people who didn’t like Aftermath of being homophobic (the gay character in Aftermath is the solitary interesting character in the whole thing). He has serious issues but that’s not what made his book bad. His writing style is very poor. He doesn’t seem to understand sentences. I’d say on average his sentences are about 4 words long and he leaves out articles and pronouns and stuff. He’s obviously trying to create a style but it comes across as just contrived and poor. The prose is tough to get through. I mean, you’re writing tie in fiction, nobody is expecting Joyce so just KISS. He he also gave one character two fake deaths is the one book. That’s just bad writing. It’s been awhile but there may have been another fake death too...At the end of the day it was a by the numbers EU story with bad prose and extremely boring characters that just went nowhere.
  4. Bilbo

    What are you drinking tonight?

    I love how Steef’s pictures are getting increasingly blurry as he drinks more 😂
  5. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    Aftermath was awful. Avoid. Actually, just avoid the lot altogether. It’s not worth the time. Neutral, yes but we favorited the Allies. If a German plane crashed in Ireland the occupant(s) were arrested and interred for the duration of the war. If an Allied plane crashed the pilots were smuggled over the border to return to active service. We also sent emergency services to the North to help with the aftermath of bombings.
  6. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    Been while since an update but it’s been awhile since I got anything done. I’m hoping to finish the Stuka this weekend. Once the 262 is also done I want to take a break from the Luftwaffe 😂
  7. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    That’s literally how it’s made though.
  8. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    Licorice is the scrapings from all the machines, given a black coloring, and laced with anise. It’s pure dirt.
  9. Bilbo

    What are you drinking tonight?

    I’m having a coke. A real one. None of this diet or zero white .
  10. Bilbo

    Video Game Thread II

    I started playing this last night 😬😬
  11. Bilbo

    Explain Your Avatar

    Surrendering and giving up is such an obvious French trait... perhaps you’re right!
  12. Bilbo

    Explain Your Avatar

    The quality of the content gives it away rather quickly though. Damn I miss Bloodboal the old/young mad Swiss/French/German/Spanish/Norwegian/Swedish/Austrian bastard/bitch!