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  1. I have listened to The Pacific a lot on Apple Music. I just got around to picking up the CD. I have good memories of the title cue 😬
  2. Check the recently bought soundtrack thread later on
  3. I paid for an 8x12 and 3 8x10s but got 4 8x12s instead. I’m going to get the father in his bee suit framed for Father’s Day on Sunday
  4. Yeah. I’ll donate if and when I can but seeing that banner every time would just put me off
  5. You don’t see many cows on golf courses Anyway. The father.
  6. The people make the picture about something rather than of something. Some photos need people some don’t. I think it would have been a lesser photo without the people (the striking colours of their jackets also help). But I also think the clouds improve the photo too.
  7. Looks like an updated Force Unleashed
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