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  1. I use this App I found on the AppStore. Allows me to listen to all UK radio stations in Ireland
  2. I'd still rather 568ml of Guinness to less than 500ml of Guinness... Then again, I wouldn't drink Guinness outside of Ireland anyway so it is a moot point!
  3. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    Got photoshop and Lightroom today so I'll probably spend the weekend learning some of the basic stuff in those!
  4. Bespin will probably make me join a facebook group in return. I say nay!
  5. Is this soundtrack available anywhere? In any form?
  6. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    Yeah, we’ve Monday week off over here. Shur we invented Halloween so we may as well get a day off for it even if it’s a couple of days early.
  7. Bilbo

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    I’m looking forward to Barry Lyndon. I’m just waiting for the evenings to get a bit darker to sit down and watch so long a film.
  8. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

  9. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    I wanted to keep him!
  10. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread

    What was the tag line for T2?
  11. A pint is 568 ml here in Ireland I have heard of people getting half liters on the continent which is just plain wrong.
  12. Bilbo

    the mstrox thread