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  1. Yeah. It would have been nice but I’m with the set as it is. Teeth issues aside.
  2. I think this will be the last Black Friday order I place with LLL. In future I will wait for Music Box records to get it in stock and order from them. Ordering something on the 27th of November and potentially not having it a month later really isn’t acceptable for the postage costs. I know the’re small and they aren’t Amazon but I’m not up for this sort of uncertain over Xmas presents in future.
  3. I have: Harry Ron Hermione Elder Wand Draco Voldemort Dumbledore (from Fantastic Beasts) for Xmas I am getting: Tina (hopefully) Queenie Grindlewald Newt I’ll be able to recreate this all going well!
  4. Bilbo

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I do think she’s waiting until as close as possible to the deadline before having the vote on her deal. Getting that close might scare those on the fence into thinking a no deal is possible and they’ll take whatever he available instead. I actually think what she negotiated was as good as could be got.
  5. Same. Post has been and gone and still no sign of it! $25 dollars for shipping and they ship late at the worst possible time of the year.
  6. I hope no MCU score gets nominated but after the OscarsSoWhite stuff of the last few years I think Black Panther will get a nomination.
  7. Doyle’s attempt > Gia’s I’m scared by that awful Force Theme Quote that sounds like the orchestra flubbed the notes 🤮
  8. Bilbo

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/brexit-second-referendum-would-further-divide-uk-may-to-tell-commons-1.3733297?mode=amp Isn’t that what the first one did?
  9. Missing frequencies, missing “a”s, inaccurate information. Disaster of a release. Next thing someone will discover a picture of a fanged frisbee in the booklets with no teeth!
  10. Bilbo

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I think a no deal would be hilarious tbh.