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  1. Are you finally having a midlife crisis Steef?
  2. The Russo brothers too. Willing puppets of the focus groups.
  3. Yes! God I hate that awful show! The problem with a lot of Netflix content is you can tell the creative decisions are driven by algorithms. Oh you like The Goonies and ET? Here, you might like this show called Stranger Things.
  4. That's the problem. The films are so forgettable and interchangeable.
  5. should I warn my mam this is one of the symptoms? Emmerdale I can stomach but this might be a bridge too far.
  6. Because there’s dozens of new merch releases every month, most fans would be content with the OSTs and find this set prohibitively expensive. it’s not like it was totally ignored by fan sites though http://www.mugglenet.com/2019/01/review-giveaway-win-a-limited-edition-copy-of-harry-potter-the-john-williams-collection/
  7. This series seemed like it was headed for development hell so I’m glad to hear it’s finally progressing, thanks Apple 😬 Band of Brothers is the greatest mini series ever imo. The Pacific is great in its own right but it certainly isn’t BoB. Can’t wait. Ew, no.
  8. I would never have known it was a thing until the internet told me. Even now I don’t think I really care. What do you mean? The Costa Boates (sp?) were released with the last BluRay set along with all the Appendices. The stuff from the original theatrical releases is all in standard def anyway and available cheaply so there’s no need to increase the price by adding additional discs. Hopefully there might be some new stuff.
  9. If it was one every year or two It’d be fine but it constantly seems as if there’s one in the cinema. And if there isn’t there’s a bloody shit rushed DC attempt instead
  10. It was amazing. I have never seen practical effects like it! The Harry and Albus storyline was very moving and listening to people chatting on the way out it seems the play was loved by everyone in attendance. I definitely want to go again!
  11. Thanks guys! Fool of a Took!
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