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  1. It’s ok Richard. This time next year your statement will probably be correct thanks to Brexit!
  2. £20 €22.04 $24.57 Well then you are lost!
  3. Halloween “season” is the week before the 31st. No need for anything earlier. Its not feckin Xmas
  4. Tipperary are All-Ireland Champions!
  5. After three of the greatest days in the history of mankind I must go back to work today.
  6. CHAMPIONS OF PUCKING IRELAND! Hon the Premier! Liam McCarthy is spending the winter in Knocknagow!
  7. The most important sporting event in the world throws in tomorrow at 3:30pm in Croke Park. The 2019 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final in front of 82,300 fans. Tipperary v Kilkenny. Im so nervous I could throw up. Up Tipp and up riding!
  8. Disney cancelled the re-releases after buying the company as they wanted to focus the hype on the new movies. I think, when George was originally going to make VII himself it might have worked out that VII followed shortly on after ROTJ in 3D. AotC and RotS have been shown in 3d in limited screenings at Celebration and the like.
  9. Baseball is a snooze fest. It’s like cricket for people who can’t follow cricket. 20-20 cricket is pretty enjoyable.
  10. KM has previous in thinking the sky is falling when it comes to technology.
  11. I don’t think so. You’ve given permission to upload to iCloud at some point. I’ve never heard of this happening to someone. iOS 12 is out nearly 12 months (longer since the 1st BETA) it would have been an issue before now. You’ve turned on optimize storage or iCloud photos or unknowing opted in but I can’t see that it’s a default anywhere.
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