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  1. There’s definitely a Maul/Qi-ra/Han sequel set up because of this and I am down for it . The film is chock full of fan service and Easter eggs (most of which will mean nothing to you but not in a bad way if you haven’t read EU stuff)
  2. If you like Star Wars then you’ll enjoy this. It’s just a lot of fun. Could probably do with being about 10 minutes shorter but I really enjoyed it. Very rewatchable.
  3. the mstrox thread

    We just call it the Spire.
  4. the mstrox thread

    It’s just the first showing in Ireland. I assume every country gets it. There was a pre-recorded video of Glover and Alden and they mentioned Dublin!!
  5. the mstrox thread

    10 Ms Troxes I should mention there was a free bar afterwards. The Lando is a delicious cocktail. It’s purple .
  6. the mstrox thread

    It was awesome
  7. What's The Last Book You Read?

    Just finished this. Very enjoyable and informative! Also read this:
  8. the mstrox thread

    Solo at 7pm and midnight! The sun is shining on the greatest country in the world, Dublin is positively resplendent this afternoon. Going to buy some Airfix kits too. All hail the glorious Ms Trox.
  9. I’ve never seen a movie at midnight having just seen it so it’ll be an interesting experience. Only done midnight for TFA and TLJ and I enjoyed both of those. Saw them both 4 times in 24 hours... I did see a TFA and TLJ double feature though. That was cool!
  10. Huh, I actually don’t know what format I’m seeing it in tomorrow night. I just found out that I got two tickets to the Irish premiere. The Rogue One one was 3D so this will probably be the same. I’m also seeing it at midnight but that’ll be imax 3D. Any subsequent viewings will be 2D.
  11. Seeing the film is just over 24 hours!
  12. the mstrox thread

    Are you talking to yourself now?
  13. The Birthday Thread

    111 years old! Who would believe it?
  14. The Royal Wedding Thread!

    Little known fact, Welsh was based on Elvish.
  15. The Royal Wedding Thread!

    Wales isn’t even a real country .