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  1. the mstrox thread

    I had a half day on Wednesday and today and yesterday off. Very nice. Finish for xmas on Wednesday!
  2. 1) The Last Jedi 2) Rogue One 3) The Force Awakens
  3. Yeah, I have it it jewel case, digipack, HMV exclusive, vinyl, and cassette. Got the TLJ digipack today. That’s the only one that Tower Records in Dublin had out. They had it in prime position where they put all new releases rather than just putting it in the soundtrack section like they’d normally do. The HMV where I bought the TFA ost two years ago no longer exists.
  4. I’d love to get the 20th Century Fox fanfare back on the Star Wars films. Just for nostalgia sake.
  5. Disney Apple and Amazon. One day that’s all there’ll be.
  6. Having seen TFA 12 times in the cinema you’d think a fellow rabid fan could understand someone preferring a different film but apparently not. I enjoy TFA but it’s an unexceptional Star Wars film for me. I’d rather watch A New Hope Genuinely do think it flows better on the second viewing but no matter how many times you see it the Canto Bite stuff always drags.
  7. I can confirm it’s the greatest film ever after 4 viewings. One part of that sentence is true. I’ll let you work out which bit.
  8. Oh bore off. You became insufferable hours ago. On the ignore list you go.
  9. So how does this film fit in the Looper cinematic universe? Will we see JGL in the next one?