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  1. Look what arrived today. The US release date is tomorrow. The tea leaves say yes, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow what LLL have in store for us!
  2. Just back from this at the Royal Festival Hall. My first live film music experience not in the Royal Albert Hall. Much more intimate (smaller) venue. Also, no subtitles for once which seems better to me. Generally great performance although I think I noticed someone playing a bar ahead or something at one stage. The new music was certainly appreciated (and needed really) but it stood out in a film seen a billion times before. Nice bit of music before the start and after the intermission (bttf 3!), and also great that they omitted the song at the end and went for a beefed up end credits. Was a bit torn on whether to go to this but it was well worth it and thoroughly enjoyable seeing one of my childhood favourites (film and score) with a live orchestra.
  3. Ha! This was so true. Had the exact same experience near us. Yeah, this kind of area is my go to for seating if they're available. I was in block L, row 6. For Azkaban I ended up in the front row of the arena and found it to be much better than I was expecting. You're getting a great close-up of certain members of the orchestra in exchange for missing some of the others who are out of view. The sound balance was quite different I think, but overall I'd be tempted to go for these again if available in the future.
  4. Nice seats @Omen II! I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of tonight's performance. Setting the Trap was indeed amazing to hear live and the encore of Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas was a nice little treat to cap off the evening! This rounds off an amazing year of John Williams concerts for me. The disappointment of October still lingers but seeing the following all in 2018: Chamber of Secrets Close Encounters Jurassic Park Prisoner of Azkaban Star Wars Home Alone LSO concert truly made this a year for the books in more ways than one!
  5. Oh, it's a sight to behold to be sure! The other boxsets like this I own are the Medal of Honor box and the Lethal Weapon box, both also from LLL. They really know how to deliver a great product! This Harry Potter collection however really is the crème de la crème. Thanks to LLL, MM and @Jay!
  6. It's here! Took the day off work and thankfully Royal Mail has delivered. Now to the ripping and listening! Nicely packed box and no customs!
  7. I think my tracking is near identical to yourself. I received 4 of those automated 'in transit to next facility' updates and now nothing at all since the 12th. The last real update was on the 8th. No updates on the Royal Mail website either. Getting more worried now, especially as if it never arrives getting replacements could mean waiting a while if things go out of stock. Btw my order was for potter, die hard, schindler's list and twine. So pretty heavy/large. What about yours?
  8. I have the exact same problem as you. Not a great feeling at the moment, but these things usually work themselves out.
  9. Same here. My last proper update was December 8, 2018, 9:37 am Arrived at USPS Regional Facility LOS ANGELES CA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER and since then it has repeated the same status as yourself three times. Mine's heading to the UK and I've seen some folk here have already received theirs so I guess we've just got a bit of bad luck! Soon...
  10. I've only had the one listen so far. Too little time! I think I got a Cloverfield Paradox/Da Vinci's Demons vibe from it. Nice choral work. Need to give it another listen.
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