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  1. The Bear McCreary Thread

    I've never come across anything. As far as I know, Bear often releases 'album versions' of his work. I remember it being a bit jarring re-watching the BSG finale after becoming so used to the music on album. The BSG La-La Land albums are gradually going OOP (Mini-series, Season 1 + 2 already gone). I know there was talk of future releases so maybe they'll release more content. If you really want something it wouldn't hurt to put a request in.
  2. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    This site might be useful. I use it to help track my overseas orders. When it hits London and is 'imported' the royal mail site will then have some info when your package is on the way to your local distribution centre and from there the parcel is normally delivered the next day. Anyway, in this particular instance my concern stems from the tracking only showing the pre-shipment message which makes me think there has been a snafu early on in the process. Just wondering if anyone else has the same.
  3. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    I don't think afraid is the right word. LLL always in my experience provide great customer service. I do however have a recent bad experience though in that my ET order wasn't sent/had to be sent again so it ended up taking nearly a month to get to me (LLL orders usually take around a week). Would be a shame if something like that happened again especially for this particular order. Just wondering if anyway from the UK can confirm if the tracking is working.
  4. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    Ordered right when they went on sale and received my "LaLa Land Employee3 has sent you a package" e-mail a few hours later, but for the past 2 and a half days my tracking hasn't moved. It just says the initial status of " PRE-SHIPMENT INFO SENT TO USPS, USPS AWAITING ITEM". Has anyone in the UK got their shipping notice and has it moved along the process? Getting a bit worried that something is amiss
  5. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I went for it along with Rosewood and Millennium 1 & 2. A LLL sale is a joyous occasion!
  6. They must have been delayed or cancelled. The listings on Amazon Germany are no longer live/active.
  7. Are the cds still coming out? I can't find an active listing for them. Anyhow, while searching I came across this extravagant vinyl set for Episode IV that has just been announced. Not for me but I'm sure someone here will be into it.
  8. A Beautiful Mind was very well done for sure. Rigler is great. Braveheart live to picture would be a must see for me! I'm sure Rigler would be there stealing the show. Hopefully the universe can make it so someday.
  9. I had a good time at this. They played something from 7 of my top 10 Horner scores so I can't complain. Both act closers were particularly great and a special nod to Krull which I certainly never thought I'd get a chance to hear live. The orchestra did a great job for sure. The only slight downer was that they played A Beautiful Mind again as an encore over the end credits and the night just seemed to end on a bit of a whimper with the audience wanting/expecting more. At least that's how it felt to me. Still though, great music performed expertly well. Another night at the RAH to remember!
  10. The Bear McCreary Thread

    Revolt is most like his work on Defiance and there is actually a bit of BSG in the main theme. Plenty of synths and electronic effects. I just gave the first and the last tracks another listen and they're pretty good. Not a sound I particularly gravitate towards but certainly thematic and well-crafted enough for me to enjoy on the odd occasion going forward.
  11. The Bear McCreary Thread

    I would order the McCreary 2017 film scores as follows: Rebel in the Rye Colossal Unrest Happy Death Day Revolt That Colossal finale always gives me goosebumps!
  12. The Bear McCreary Thread

    McCreary release season continues! That's 5 albums released in just over a month. Walking Dead has lots of great highlights. Rick's Despair, Message to Morgan, Sophia, Carl, Farm Invasion, Beside the Dying Fire, C-Section, Return to Compassion, Welcome to the Tombs, Reconcilliation, The Day Will Come. I'm sure there's potential for more releases. Happy Death Day is a nice surprise. Horror sounding but with a bit of quirky bounce thrown in. Also with a bit of Bear invention added into the mix.
  13. The whole Gonzo thing was surreal and great fun! Giacchino et al sure put on a great show!
  14. I was lucky enough to attend this tonight. I really enjoyed the program from start to finish. My favourite piece was John Carter, with notable mentions to Medal of Honor, Jupiter Ascending, Lost, Tomorrowland, Cloverfield, War for the Planet of the Apes, Star Trek and Super 8. Gonzo (Dave Goelz himself) was fantastic! You could tell Giacchino had great fun with their sketch and was really moved by the song "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" that Gonzo originally performed in The Muppet Movie. Seeing Giacchino's homemade films playing on the screen as Super 8 was played was a joy to watch. As a non-owner of the John Carter CD, I couldn't help but feel envious as Andrew Stanton opened a sealed copy of the score, read his piece from the liner notes and handed the CD to a lucky member of the front row! 3 encores! Alias was a nice surprise to finish. All in all a fantastic concert. This was my 3rd time at the RAH this year and I will be back on Tuesday. We're really lucky that so many great film music concerts are being performed at the moment. Long may it continue! I can actually see myself in this!
  15. The Bear McCreary Thread

    The score to Revolt was released digitally yesterday. Alien invasion film starring Lee Pace that hasn't been reviewed well. Like his other alien invasion project Defiance, Bear again uses electronics and synths prominently in this score. It's alright.