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  1. serenifly

    Godzilla: King of The Monsters - Bear McCreary

    Good news. Can't wait to hear it!
  2. serenifly

    Gladiator Live // Royal Albert Hall

    Got to see this yesterday. Probably my favourite Zimmer score and getting to hear Lisa Gerrard perform live with the orchestra is something pretty special. The credits end with a bit of a whimper so it was nice to see them finish with a rousing rendition of the main theme playing over some making of stills from the film. Another great performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Now a wait until a busy Sept/Oct/Nov. Can't wait to go back.
  3. Great point. The audience was spellbound right to the end. No drowning out the music with premature applause.
  4. This was great! Especially after the intermission and the finale was terrific and orgasmic! There is no other way to describe it. One of the greatest pieces of music ever written!
  5. serenifly

    The Bear McCreary Thread

    Nearly 2 years on since we heard the main title performed live at E3, the soundtrack album is now available. Plenty of Old Norse in this one with both the deep registered male choir and the beautiful female solo voices taking prominence. Album starts and finishes really strong. Aside from the main title, 'Memories of Mother' and 'Valkyries' are immediate personal favourites.
  6. serenifly

    Happy Birthday, Michael Kamen!

    Thanks for the reminder, @crocodile! Giving LW1 a spin. Haven't played the LLL set enough recently!
  7. Is Greenaway definitely the conductor for Solo? I see he is listed for it on IMDB but they're sometimes wrong. Powell did afterall conduct his last film 'Ferdinand' himself but I suppose maybe he felt Greenaway's experience would be needed on this? Or maybe he felt he needed to be in the booth with Howard and the producers?
  8. Managed to grab a stalls ticket. The above tweet from the lso might give hope for more dates, or maybe not...
  9. The film was OK. If I was younger and hadn't seen similar/better films I would probably rate it higher. The score on the other hand is fantastic. The choral work is great, reminiscent of Da Vinci's Demons. Plenty of variety in this one, not sure whether it beats 10 Cloverfield Lane for me but we'll see after a few more listens. Apparently a fourth Cloverfield movie will be released nearer the end of the year. Would be nice if Bear continues with the series.
  10. Well, I went through the entire set in just over a week and it was a lot of fun. Barring the Spielberg albums my favourites were American Journey and Summon the Heroes. That said, there is so much to take in that I'm sure that some of the others will gain in appreciation on repeated listens. I think the Gershwin album was pretty cool and I knew nothing about his work going in although I had heard the name. Anyway, the set was money well spent as far as I'm concerned having only owned the Spielberg stuff separately. Is this all the Sony albums that have been released? Also, does anyone think a collection of the Philips stuff is likely or possible? If you get it at that price you are very lucky!
  11. serenifly

    The Bear McCreary Thread

    I was just about to post this myself! 10 Cloverfield Lane was pretty great and this film is possibly in the neighbourhood of Europa Report so I'm expecting good things from Bear here.
  12. serenifly

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Nice little sale. A.I. is down to $25. I went for that along with Stepford Wives and Passion of the Christ.
  13. Yep. I think this is what often happens with these type of card slipcase boxsets. One of the drawbacks of not getting the original albums.
  14. The booklet is nice and thick but I don't think it is anything special in its own right. There is a 5 page general overview on Williams career titled 'John Williams - Working Musician and Celebrity Composer' by Steven Ledbetter. This was also in German and French since this is the EU edition. There're also a few pictures that feel familiar (probably reused) and the rest of the booklet is simply the tracklist and album cover for each album.