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  1. What was the last really quotable movie?

    In Bruges (2008)
  2. Blumenkohl's Rules for Good Listening

    I wanna be a bus poet.
  3. What is the last Television series you watched?

    And put Jane Campion in Baz Luhrmann's place.
  4. What is the last Television series you watched?

    An Australasian Mount Rushmore would be easier to complete.
  5. What is the last Television series you watched?

    Indeed! My reply wasn't meant as an amendment to your point; just as an extension of it.
  6. What is the last Television series you watched?

    The original movie is, like, one of THE iconic movies of cinema.
  7. New Spielberg project: Ulysses S Grant biopic

    Not sure how to feel about that. So far the trilogy has produced one atrocious film and one amazing one...
  8. The Royal Wedding Thread!

    Is it over yet? Did anything interesting happen?
  9. New Spielberg project: Ulysses S Grant biopic

    What about Johnson?
  10. America

    No, I'm pretty sure this is wrong - unless Branagh has renounced his British citizenship. "British" is the standard adjective for citizenship of the UK. He's also Irish, at least in the sense of having been born on the island of Ireland (whether he claims the formal Irish citizenship that he's entitled to I've no idea). He's Irish and British. If I'm being too pedantic with that interpretation then, setting official national designations aside, I assure you that there is such an identification as "British". If you don't believe me, go to the place where Kenneth Branagh grew up, and tell one of the locals that he or she's Irish and not British, and see what happens to you.
  11. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Mannequin was one of the banes of my life back when my sister had it on video (along with Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Cocktail and perhaps some others the memories of which I've suppressed). I've always thought Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was alright. Not outstandingly good, but a lot better than the level of vitriol directed at it would suggest. The real abomination of the series is the soporific Temple of Doom one. Come to think of it, I believe that one was my sister's favourite...
  12. Views on realism and relatability

    The 90s was an excellent decade for films! Better than both of the neighbouring decades in terms of the number of great films it yielded, I woud say (although the 00s is still a bit too close to be viewed clearly). For really great films, the 70s is better than everything. In regard to the topic of the thread, I'm struggling to recognise the trends described. I don't think I've seen any Marvel films. Are there many other examples of this New Cheerfulness?