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  1. Screen names on JWFan: VOTE NOW!

    Up to you, of course, but it's worth pointing out that the new feature doesn't entirely supplant the screen name thread in functionality, because it only allows you to look up past names of a user whose current name you already know, not to find the current name of a user based on an earlier moniker. If I were to come here after a few months' absence and wonder what BloodBoal was calling himself now, I'd have to work out the answer in order to use the new feature to find the answer. Probably wouldn't be too difficult for someone with a large post count, but less prolific users might be difficult to locate (without the list, which is easily searchable).
  2. Halloween 2017 Entertainment

    No treat? Trick.
  3. Things you've never done. The zero thread.

    I've never voted for a winning candidate in a General Election.
  4. Should JWfan be a bit better behaved?

    I apologise.
  5. The "I miss Disco Stu" thread

    How about a raffle? With a large cash prize donated by Jason, but you have to post to be in with a chance?
  6. The "I miss Disco Stu" thread

    Come back! To Mordor we will take Stu!
  7. The "I miss Disco Stu" thread

    Perhaps the Great Merchant-Ivory feud turned him against us...
  8. America

    I,for one, would welcome a flu ban.
  9. America

    Not if there isn't a clear consensus as to whether it should be amended. For the people who think that it should, safety concerns are obviously the whole point.
  10. The JWFan Sexual Orientation Thread 2015

    I was imagining some sort of postbox spontaneously appearing in random parts of the world, for a few minutes at a time, allowing people to deposit "likes" for Quintus. Even had a quick look out my window just in case. Nice idea while it lasted...
  11. Disco Stu's Top 21 Movies of ALL TIME

    I don't think I know many of the names on the cast list. Matthew Macfadyen as Henry Wilcox is certainy surprising to anyone who associates the character with Anthony Hopkins! It's bizarre to realise that Hayley Atwell is now older than Emma Thompson was when the film was made. Thompson somehow always had a particularly "grown up" demeanour, even when she was young.
  12. Disco Stu's Top 21 Movies of ALL TIME

    Yeah! I saw it in the cinema when it was released and initially felt that Howards End had the edge, being more expansive and colourful and outwardly emphatic (at certain key points). It was perhaps about five years before The Remains of the Day overtook it in my estimation, but it's stayed that way consistently ever since. If I'd been making that list on a different day, I could just as easily have had Raging Bull or The King of Comedy in place of Taxi Driver, Nashville or Short Cuts instead of MASH, The Searchers or Stagecoach (or The Grapes of Wrath or My Darling Clementine) instead of The Informer, and La Grande illusion or La Régle du jeu rather than Boudu, Saved from Drowning...but I'm pretty sure that I would have chosen The Remains of the Day over Howards End nine times out of ten. This reminds me, though, that I haven't watched Howards End for years now. It's due a rewatch. I see there's a TV adaptation on the horizon, too.
  13. Disco Stu's Top 21 Movies of ALL TIME

    I compiled a similar sort of list a few years ago in the thread What is your favorite film from each decade starting with the 1920's forward (also limiting myself to one film per director). I wouldn't fancy trying to whittle it down to twenty, though. Or even twenty-two...
  14. Film Confessions

    I'm sure I'll get around to Fury Road some time. Rocky, on the other hand, not so likely! Genuinely?