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  1. Glóin the Dark

    Is this movie worth my time?

    I love Blue Jasmine. It's the only 21st Century Woody Allen film which I love (though there are lots of others that I like).
  2. Glóin the Dark

    91st Annual Academy Awards Discussion Thread

    Quicker still, line up all of the nominees onstage as their category is announced. Then the winner, instead of making a speech, gets to thrust a custard pie into the face of each of the losers.
  3. Glóin the Dark

    Where do I begin with LOTR?

    The major one is like beer with too many hops and not enough malt! The minor one is perfectly balanced with conflicting characteristics...
  4. Glóin the Dark

    Where do I begin with LOTR?

    It isn't even the most rousing piece of music ever composed in accompaniment to that particular scene!
  5. Glóin the Dark

    Where do I begin with LOTR?

    No, no, no! That version is an abomination and should be illegal by all standards of human decency.
  6. Glóin the Dark

    Where do I begin with LOTR?

    If listening to the OSTs from the beginning isn't doing anything for you, I'd suggest trying The Battle of the Pelennor Fields from the Complete Recordings (Disc 3, Track 4).
  7. Glóin the Dark

    Youth For Climate

  8. Glóin the Dark

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    We should go. I've got an exam tomorrow.
  9. Glóin the Dark

    R.I.P. Albert Finney

  10. Glóin the Dark

    The Tablecloth

    More like a deity. Every morning and every night, each of us kneels before its image - oriented so that we are facing Dublin - and recites the sacred words of the cloth.
  11. Glóin the Dark

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    The more border the better! In years with acrimonious parades disputes, people in loyalist dominated areas (far away from the marches) would barricade their own communities in. We'll make life hell for ourselves! That'll show the bastards! It was an early precursor of Brexit mentality. Unionist Northern Ireland led the way, with sluggish old England only catching up a decade or two later.
  12. Glóin the Dark

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    So good that it isn't even at the border!
  13. Glóin the Dark

    Youth For Climate

    One can't limit oneself to yolks in a thread by All Eggs Cremers.
  14. Glóin the Dark

    The Tablecloth

    Whenever I want a quadruple yoker, I have to crack open two doubles, transfer the yolks from one into the other, and then reseal the latter with Sellotape.
  15. Glóin the Dark

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    At present, it's the EU for whom the border would be a necessity and which would therefore bear the immediate cost of enforcing it. (Sabine Weyand recently reiterated that the EU has a responsibility to monitor goods coming into its territory, emphasising public health and the safety of customers.) Undoubtedly, though, if this scenario were to arise (being, as it would, a consequence of the UK's actions), it would be a significant further blow to UK-EU relations having implications for the future relationship which would result in the UK paying the bill (along with much else) in the long run.