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  1. Glóin the Dark

    Concerts are getting worse

    I didn't realise you saw me.
  2. Glóin the Dark


    Ha, yeah: the writers could continue their allusions to Season 1 by having Tyrion all geared up to play his part in the big battle only to find out afterwards that the actual battle took place offscreen somewhere else entirely.
  3. Glóin the Dark


    I assumed that Bronn was being asked to go north on this mission when I first watched the episode but, on second thoughts, he was asked to deal with Jaime and Tyrion "in the event that they [survive their northern adventure]". Now I'm not sure whether Bronn is expected to leave King's Landing or not. I don't expect them to either but, if for some reason they did see fit to attack King's Landing first, they wouldn't need to use any of those elaborate methods. They would just walk around Winterfell. There's lots of space in the North!
  4. Glóin the Dark


    After the dragonfire incident, Bronn said outright that his only motivation for saving Jaime's life was that Jaime owed him a fortune. Of course, it's debatable whether he was speaking the absolute truth or not, but it seems as though the writers have given themselves enough cover for Bronn to go down the mercenary road when it comes to Jaime. In fact, here's what Bronn said when the two of them emerged from the river after the wagon-train attack: Listen to me, cunt: till I get what I'm owed, a dragon doesn't get to kill you! You don't get to kill you! Only I get to kill you! Cersei paying him up front could also be a device to handle this issue. It means that Bronn has hard cash to bank at the expense of the promised fortune that he may or may not have got from Jaime. I guess that answer suffices!
  5. Glóin the Dark


    I don't know. On the surface it seems as though the obvious story development is for the confirmed sellsword to have a last-minute change of heart and go with his conscience instead. On the other hand, that's so obvious that it might be more of a twist to reveal that he really is a sellsword first and foremost. I think it could go either way, and which one will more likely be determined by the writers' ultimate plans for Jaime and Tyrion than by considerations of Bronn's character development.
  6. Glóin the Dark

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    ...or, if you prefer, just download more films.
  7. Glóin the Dark

    Peoples 10 favourite movies from all of the decades!

    Wow! There's a certain stuffiness to their stories, characters and dialogue which some may find off-putting, but their cinematic sensibilities (or, at least, Michael Powell's) are of the very top rank.
  8. Glóin the Dark

    No more political threads or posts

    He is! I already checked...
  9. Glóin the Dark

    No more political threads or posts

    Is it still okay to discuss the religions and politics of Westeros in the appropriate thread?
  10. Glóin the Dark

    Peoples 10 favourite movies from all of the decades!

    1940s La Belle et la bête (Jean Cocteau) Bicycle Thieves (Vittorio de Sica) The Big Sleep (Howard Hawks) Build My Gallows High (Jacques Tourneur) Citizen Kane (Orson Welles) Day of Wrath (Carl Dreyer) Double Indemnity (Billy Wilder) His Girl Friday (Howard Hawks) I Know Where I'm Going (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger) Kind Hearts and Coronets (Robert Hamer) The Lost Weekend (Billy Wilder) A Matter of Life and Death (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger) The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (Preston Sturges) My Darling Clementine (John Ford) The Ox-Bow Incident (William Wellman) Paisan (Roberto Rossellini) The Red Shoes (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger) The Third Man (Carol Reed) To Be or Not to Be (Ernst Lubitsch) Whisky Galore! (Alexander Mackendrick)
  11. Glóin the Dark


    A lot of the celebrated scenes from the early seasons are show inventions. The verbal sparring between Varys and Littlefinger, the long conversation between Robert and Cersei, Robert exchanging war stories with Barristan Selmy, Tywin lecturing Jaime while butchering a deer, Bronn and the Hound facing off before the Battle of the Blackwater. I don't think that the hypothesis that running out of books is the cause of a deterioration in the quality of the dialogue holds up entirely. It seems that every strand of the story in A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons has both ardent fans and ardent haters. Unfortunately there don't seem to be very many people who are fans of all of the strands.
  12. Glóin the Dark


    The Night King is actually quite an ice guy.
  13. Glóin the Dark


  14. Glóin the Dark


    I've seen that recap recommended elsewhere. There's also a shorter one from Alt Shift X, who is generally pretty thorough: I can't vouch for any of them personally...
  15. Glóin the Dark

    Peoples 10 favourite movies from all of the decades!

    The truth is that I was never a huge fan of the Star Wars films. Were I making these lists twenty years ago, I probably wouldn't have included them then either. It's likely that I haven't actually seen any of the films during the intervening period (excluding The Phantom Menace in the cinema). That's a film I don't recall even having heard of before (though I guess I must have seen it listed in Melville's filmography, at least). Must keep an eye out for it.