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  1. Some new pictures.
  2. More like "Why antagonise the hand that wants to eradicate you?", I'd say.
  3. The last episode of The West Wing was grim, right enough.
  4. To think that the last generation had to make do with only Lindsay Anderson and Michael Anderson!
  5. I was more disappointed by the lack of new footage.
  6. Looking at his filmography, I'm realising that I haven't actually seen most of his films from this millennium - only Melinda and Melinda, Match Point, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Whatever Works, Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine. Of those, the only one that I really love is Blue Jasmine. The only one that was a big disappointment was Match Point (probably because it was being hailed as a "return to form" and I was expecting more).
  7. Boogie Pockets!
  8. I know what you mean about the dialogue in some of the recent films, but I never found that with Deconstructing Harry. Maybe because I find practically all of it so hilariously funny. I saw Mighty Aphrodite in the cinema. It wasn't great, though I don't recall thinking that it was as bad as you did. Don't think I've seen it for nearly twenty years now...
  9. Deconstructing Harry is my absolute favourite.
  10. In regard to whether the quality of the pre-referendum debate was responsible for the outcome, asking whether "a significant portion of the electorate made their own minds up regardless of any of that" is surely asking the wrong question. The relevant question is whether a significant portion of the electorate was affected by it. With less than a 2% swing required to give the opposite result in the referendum, can anyone say with confidence that the result would have been the same if the leading Brexit campaigners had declared not that "We can have our cake and eat it" (as Boris Johnson did at the time) but that "We can't have our cake and eat it" (as the Chancellor of the Exchequer admitted today)? What will N.I. say about it?
  11. Fourth episode was awesome, including what has to be the most epically chilling shot of a dog ("King") in any film or TV show ever. I'm now up to Episode 6, which I think is the most recent... Another thing which must be said about this show: it's bloody scary!
  12. I still need to catch up with you on that count too...