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    Cinematographer Fabian Wagner says that he and Miguel Sapochnik are working on Episodes 3 and 5 of the final season. (I hope this doesn't mean that David Nutter is directing three of the episodes...)
  2. Dark

    I think he's Max Planck.
  3. I hope to be able to make up my own mind on Toni Erdmann soon enough as it's on my list to Santa Claus, along with Raw, Get Out, Personal Shopper, Lady Macbeth, Certain Women and The Levelling if I remember rightly.
  4. Yet another film that I meant to go and see but didn't out of sheer laziness, just like Mother!, Dunkirk and Blade Runner 2049. Hope I can get my act together for Phantom Thread, Three Billboards somewhere, and the watery thing. Here's another top ten list, from Mark Kermode (films released in the UK this year). Raw Moonlight The Levelling The Red Turtle The Florida Project My Life as a Courgette Toni Erdmann Blade Runner 2049 Get Out In Between
  5. America

    Yeah, my bad!
  6. America

    Robert de Niro in MUELLER'S LIST
  7. Peter Bradshaw, in The Guardian, has announced this year's "Braddies", his annual list of nominations for film of the year. They are: The Florida Project The Death of Stalin Call Me by Your Name Blade Runner 2049 The Handmaiden Get Out The Love Witch La La Land Moonlight I Am Not a Witch There are also nominations for several other categories (though none for music). Indeed, it's great. I knew hardly anything about the film before watching it, so the whole thing was a very pleasant surprise.
  8. Can't wait for Phantom Thread. I'm looking forward to seeing Dunkirk, too; the DVD's due out in a couple of weeks. I watched A Bigger Splash yesterday and liked it a lot, so Call Me by Your Name (Ehrlich's #1) should be interesting.
  9. Teach me how to swear in english


    It will be ridiculous if the White Walkers are done away with early in the season! This is the "Song of Ice and Fire", after all, and the part played by the White Walkers is fundamental to it. They were even introduced in the cold open to Episode 1, despite not appearing in any other scene of that season. I'm feel pretty confident that, while the conflict with the White Walkers will only be resolved near the end (probably the final episode, but maybe the penultimate one), the main point of the story will not be how the war is won, but rather about a restructuring of the power system in Westeros caused by that conflict.
  11. What is the last Television series you watched?

    Well it is a western, after all!
  12. What is the last Television series you watched?

    Godless, the new Netflix western series. Mostly brilliant, though with a somewhat spoilery qualification.
  13. Do you compose your own music?

    I've been a composer for the past five weeks, or at least for an hour or two out of them. Here's my complete oovruh: One I Think You're a Dickhead for Saying That I Agree with Disco Stu Mangelwurzel 13
  14. Show Off Your Desktop

    Surely we could pin that down with more accuracy. I'd say it's about tea-time on Monday.
  15. Show Off Your Desktop

    Yeah, 18th Century England painted by an 18th Century Italian so, on average, you were spot on!