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  1. What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Just pointing that we are on a thread called "what are you eating tonight". I hope we don't have korean friends in the place, the subject could go in a way we'll not like!
  2. Hey, you know I'm a very open-minded person, I always like to discuss with people and I respect everyone opinions... But for now.. just shup the f*** up.
  3. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Probably the best Christmas album ever made.
  4. Tomorrow I will know everything about the Last Jedi(s), then I will leave this stupid thread which only talk about the jewel case of a CD.
  5. I don't agree. It's the only track I listened of the score, because I will wait to see the movie first. They definitely played "very safe" by crediting Barroso for this track. It's a genuine John Williams track quoting a little latin "beat" (for three little bars) that was popularized in the song "Brazil", a song that everyone knows. But it don't use the melody of Brazil, there's only the "flavour" of this track, the "latin" flavour, it's pure John Williams.
  6. I will wait my Amazon order, but it's clear I will not receive my copy until sunday or monday. I will start to listen it on Spotify, just right after watching the movie saturday! I've decided that. The movie first, the score after.
  7. OMG they shipped my order!!! I thought I'd never have it before Christmas!!!
  8. John Williams Discography

    The Last Jedi, the 143rd album of John Williams has been added to the Wiki discography. It will be added on the website thes week-end.