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  1. Bespin

    John T. Williams, the pianist

    That girl don't rule my discography! 😝
  2. I'm very glad to have a real penis though.
  3. That's not what I wrote. I'm not against M/F/Trans designation. It exist.
  4. There are people with a real penis, and people with a real vagina... and there are people who had surgery. And a man with a real vagina or the inverse, it exists. Well call that: nature. Sorry, but that's it. Then go to the bathroom you want!
  5. Bespin

    John T. Williams, the pianist

    If Miguel confirms, it will be the best 1st post ever! 😂
  6. Bespin

    John T. Williams, the pianist

    I don't have this album in my disco. Tops Records... 1959... hmmm... yes... Experts? @Miguel Andrade
  7. Bespin

    The small talk Thread

    Talk for yourself!
  8. Bespin

    The small talk Thread

    You tasted piss?
  9. Bespin

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    I wonder why I take sleeping pills, I just remembered that when the first Ewok appears in Jedi, I fall instantly asleep!
  10. Bespin


    Thanks, that's an excellent summary!