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  1. Bespin

    The small talk Thread

    We can't write "masturbation" here?
  2. Bespin

    What is the last piece of classical music you listened to?

    And you, do you hassle us for money?
  3. Bespin

    What is the last piece of classical music you listened to?

    The Naxos Concertos Collection started by Leonard Slatkin represents now more than 2 hours of music, nice!
  4. By the LLL catalog number we can see they tried to released it last year...
  5. Bespin

    John Williams Discography

    I know, but it’s a subsection dedicated to concert works. No but Slatkin is slowly but surely working on that!
  6. I will kill all the old remaining characters, and I will insert a cantina scene, containing only Ewoks.
  7. I don't wanted to say it right now, but I'm secretely developing a fifth.
  8. Bespin

    Youth For Climate

    I am for climatic change, can you send us 5-10 ° C more in winter in Canada please?
  9. Bespin

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    What I really have to listen now, is the Isolated score of The Last Jedi. I want to set my mind clear, is it true we hear the Force Theme every 5 minutes in this score? YES or NO. 😝
  10. Bespin

    John Williams Discography

    Website updated wit the recent releases!
  11. Bespin

    The Bespin Thread

    My last monologue on Discord
  12. Bespin

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Irish Whiskey!!!