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  1. Rate Sleepers!

    I love this score, but it's hard to rate it, and gave it a rank among all the scores John Williams wrote. It's not a five stars, that's sure.
  2. If someone has contacts at Sony and have more infos about this upcoming boxset, contact me in pv. Thanks.
  3. - Superman: Love Theme (from Pops in Space)
  4. I have a stereo copy of South Pacific still in shrink. It cames from my father's collection. We can say that it was my "first" JW album ;-)
  5. I never play records anymore. My last cats ate the needle.
  6. I'm currently listening "Music of the night", during the day, despite it's title, and it's great!
  7. Let's be serious, the boxset is 20 CD, we have counted the 20 CD, that's them for sure.
  8. The Sony collection is nevertheless a great collection where all the major "hits" from Williams have been re-recorded. Just think about Star Wars, Jaws, CE3K, E.T., Schindler's List, and of course all the three Spielberg/Williams collaborations albums, but also music from Home Alone, Far and Away, Sabrina, etc.
  9. It's obvious that the majority of these CD, contains material for, let's say, another "age", for they also contains some John Williams re-recordings worth of mention (if we put apart the albums where Williams's compositions are the center of interest) : I love a Parade --> Midway March Joy to the World --> Somewhere In My Memory (Home Alone); Holiday Flight (Home Alone); Star Of Bethlehem (Home Alone) Music For Stage And Screen --> Suite From "Born On The Fourth Of July", The Reivers (Narrator – Burgess Meredith) Summon The Heroes --> Summon The Heroes; Olympic Fanfare And Theme (new recording); The Olympic Spirit (new recording). The Five Sacred Trees --> The Five Sacred Trees (Concerto For Bassoon And Orchestra) The Hollywood Sound --> Flying Theme (From "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial"), Theme from "Jaws", Main Title from Star Wars Cinema Serenade --> Far And Away: Theme, Sabrina: Theme, Schindler's List: Theme American Journey --> Call Of The Champions (The Official Theme Of The 2002 Olympic Winter Games); American Journey; Song For World Peace; Jubilee 350; For New York (Variations On Themes Of Leonard Bernstein); Sound The Bells!; Hymn To New England; Celebrate Discovery; Summon The Heroes (Written For The Centennial Celebration Of The Modern Olympic Games, Atlanta, Georgia, July 19, 1996) Buy this Decca Compilation, and you pretty much have all the "Best" of John Williams re-recordings from the Philips Era: John Williams - The Best Selection (2015, Decca, 4824032, Compilation; Boston Pops O/Williams) Star Wars: Main Title; Princess Leia; The Empire Strikes Back: The Asteroid Field; Yoda's Theme; The Imperial March; Return Of The Jedi: Parade Of The Ewoks; Luke & Leia Theme; Jabba The Hutt; The Forest Battle; Superman: March; Love Theme; Jaws: Theme; Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Suite; Raiders Of The Lost Ark: March; Olympic Fanfare And Theme; E.T.: Flying Theme; Adventures On Earth.
  10. Just to give an idea of the price this boxset could be, the 25 CD Sony boxset "Leonard Bernstein: The composer", is actually sold 98,75$ on If the JW boxset is set under 100 $, I'll buy it without asking any question.
  11. It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing! (1994, Sony Classical, SK 66294; Wilson, Boston Pops O/Williams) Don't Be That Way; Cherokee; I Can't Get Started (With You); One O'Clock Jump; Marie; Sing, Sing, Sing ("With a Swing"); Frenesi; Imagination; Little Brown Jug; Back Bay Shuffle; Trumpet Blues and Cantabile; Green Eyes; Chattanooga Choo Choo; Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (From Company B); It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing).
  12. Sony announce the boxset for 19 january 2018. I don't think there will be any remastering. But it's great for new collector who didn't already own these superb albums. For now, we can assume of this content: 1 Music of the Night (BPO) 2 Star Wars Trilogy (Skywalker Symphony) 3 The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration (BPO) 4 I Love a Parade (BPO) 5 The Green Album (BPO) 6 Joy to the World (BPO) 7 Night and Day (BPO) 8 Unforgettable (BPO) 9 Music for Stage and Screen (BPO) 10 It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing (BPO) 11 Williams on Williams (BPO) 12 Summon the Heroes (BPO) 13 The Five Sacred Trees album (London SO) 14 The Hollywood Sound (London SO) 15 Cinema Serenade (Itzhak Perlman, Pittsburgh SO) 16 Gershwin Fantasy (Joshua Bell, London SO) 17 Cinema Serenade 2 (Itzhak Perlman, BPO) 18 American Journey (Utah SO/ LA orchestra) 19 Yo-Yo Ma Plays The Music Of John Williams (LA orchestra) 20 The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Part III (LA orchestra) A little bonus, like the 2006 "Memoirs of a Geisha - Live Sessions" EP would be welcome... we don't know... source: