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  1. Are cat bites dangerous? Cat bites can be dangerous both to other animals and to humans. In their mouths, all cats carry a large number of bacteria that are capable of causing tissue infections in bite wounds. One of the more common is highly pathogenic bacteria known as Pasteurella multocida. An infected cat bite wound will be red, swollen, and painful, and the infection can spread through the surrounding tissues, causing a condition called cellulitis, or through the blood to other areas of the body, causing a condition called septicemia (often called blood poisoning). Infected people may suffer from fever and flu-like symptoms and, rarely, may die if proper medical treatment is not sought. Children, the elderly, ill, and immunosuppressed individuals are particularly vulnerable to developing severe infections if bitten by a cat. What immediate action should I take if bitten by a cat? The wound should immediately be washed under running water. Avoid scrubbing the wounds vigorously, or using strong disinfectants or other chemicals, since this may harm tissue and delay wound healing. You may clean the wound with a mild salt solution, made by mixing 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of table salt in 2 cups (500 ml) of water. Control bleeding by applying direct pressure to the wound using an absorbent dressing or bandage. You should see a physician as soon as possible. Most cat bite wounds are small punctures that drive pathogenic bacteria deep into the skin. Left untreated, a serious infection can develop within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Do I really need to see a doctor? Yes. It is advisable to see a physician as soon as possible in order to have the injury properly treated. Your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics in order to reduce the risk of infection developing at the site of the bite or elsewhere in the body. Some wounds may need to be sutured (stitched) while others will be left open to heal. A tetanus booster may also be recommended. Depending on the severity of the bite and the circumstances surrounding the bite, your doctor may also recommend that you receive a rabies prophylaxis treatment. source: https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/wounds-cat-bite-injuries-to-humans
  2. I'm serious. I once passed 1 night a the hospital emergency because a cat bite my finger few years ago. My finger has swelling a lot, it was not pretty and very dangerous, I could have lost all my arm if I had waited too long before going to the hospital.
  3. I think I will now sleep with a jockstrap.
  4. My cat bite my penis this morning, not a really great way to wake-up. Cat bites can be very dangerous, because of the poison in their teeth. Fortunately, it was just a very superficial bite. Slice of life.
  5. I never understood the first movie. I think I have to read the two books instead...
  6. Who’s the producer of this album? It seems to lack of... direction. I don’t like this version of Yoda’s theme.
  7. Sith « ghosts » are not exactly like Force ghosts, if I remember well what I read in the Darkhorse comics. Anyway it uses dark magic, it have nothing to do with Force Ghosts, but more with Marlon Brando’s crystals in Superman... We’ll have to wait to see what JJ baby will offer us... I personnaly think they’ll use Palpatine to tell the part of the story, unknown to the Jedi, about the true origins of « Skywalker ». All this thing is about his « Rise » after all...
  8. Johnson knew nothing, he failed to understand the Star Wars universe. Did you already forgot the iron scene?
  9. I think that the former Emperor’s theme just became a larger theme, associated to the pure evil of the dark side. Like Ben’s and Luke’s theme became respectively the Force and the Heroic theme.
  10. Too experimental for me, it has too few to do with John Wîliams.
  11. North Ireland, the richest part, that’s in the UK!
  12. Saving Ryan’s Privates - Anniversary Ed. Star Wars - Empire - Return of the Jedi (2015, remastered OST)
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