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  1. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    That's one of the best anti-adoption movie I ever saw.
  2. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Currently watching The Omen (1976) (for the first time)
  3. Far and away

    Ok, I see, the score is by Jerry Goldsmith...
  4. What are you drinking tonight?

    Drinking Guiness and listening to Leprechaun songs. 🍀
  5. Far and away

    I think the most recent recording (if not, it's the most recommandable!) of Far and Away I know is this beautiful one by Angele Dubeau.
  6. Far and away

    Do you understand John Keith, RECORD IT!
  7. Far and away

    I recall the movie Omen... but don't remember Omen II... I wonder if I ever watched it. At my defense, I was 4 when it came out... I remember more the Beach Boy's song than Tom Cruise in this movie! "All the right moves"...ah... the first movie where I really experienced the "pause" fonction of my VHS player. Happy St. Patrick's day!
  8. Far and away

    Oh we have an expert in the room. I don't recall this movie at all.
  9. Far and away

    You are right, I have forgot it.
  10. Far and away

    Every movie where Tom Cruise appears nude or in underwear is worth watching - Risky Business - All the Right Moves - Far and Away (A special mention to Top Gun for its volleyball scene)
  11. No as I pick evey relevant info wrote here, to put on my discography!
  12. This thread gave me an idea... I have a free empty SD card... OK, I start the "John Williams FLAC WAV" Project. I think my mp3 can play them... I will start by putting only the recent Mike Matessino expansions on it... PS: There's two essential websites about John Williams. First, mine. Second, this one:
  13. The Charles Aznavour Thread

    Charles Aznavour: a 70-years recording career Legendary Charles Aznavour, 93-year-old, has more than 80 years of career behind him, but in 2018 we celebrate his 70-years recording career. Comedian and amateur dancer to the theater from the childhood and the adolescence during 1930s, it is after the meeting with Pierre Roche at the beginning of 1940s which Aznavour puts himself professionally in the writing. And it is Jacques Canetti, on April 28th, 1948, who engraves in the wax the first recordings of the duet. Chapeau!
  14. Star Wars is like that old good song popularized by Frank Sinatra... "The best is yet to come..."