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  1. I dit it finally! The Poseidon Adventure/The Paper Chase [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (1972/1973) (1998, Film Score Monthly, FSMCD Vol. 1, No. 2) THE PAPER CHASE: Love Theme from The Paper Chase; The Passing of Wisdom; Bach: "Little Fugue" in G minor; Be Irrational; Kevin's House (source); Hart in a Hurry; Thinking of Susan / Kingsfield's Study / The Empty Classroom; Kevin's Tutor (source); To the Hotel; Telemann: Concerto in D Major (Allegro); Real Identity / Into the Sea; CONRACK: Main Title; THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE: Main Title; Rogo and Linda; To Love (source); The Big Wave; Raising the Christmas Tree; Death's Door; Search for the Engine Room; The Barber Shop; Death of Belle; Hold Your Breath; The Red Wheel; End Title. Previously unreleased original scores.
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