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  1. I love you Morricone. You're a genius. You're probably top 5 film composers of all time, but it sounds like you're salty about Star Wars success bro.
  2. p0llux

    John Williams' influences

  3. JW's reaction to Jaws was funny. He was like "oh that was me?" lol
  4. I liked La La Land. Good plot. Fun and simple music/songs. However, the singing performances were just borderline average. Still not convinced Justin Hurwitz is an Oscar winning composer.
  5. p0llux

    Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co

    I enjoyed this score very much. Broadway symphonic scoring with good song melodies. "Can You Imagine That" is the title song/theme I think, and that's the one I'll be humming after watching the film. The only complaint I had was there was more "sing talking" than I would've liked. Otherwise, it's a well done score and pretty well written songs. It's a worthy successor of the original. Film rating: N/A Score rating: 4/5 or A-
  6. Sadly, motivic scoring is transitioning into a lost art form in Hollywood blockbusters. Symphonic scoring is slowly on it's way out as well in blockbusters.
  7. oh the Blank Panther composer? Interesting. I wonder if he'll approach the score with a symphonic sound or not(Doubt it).
  8. The score was not the main problem, it was one of many in a long list. However, I will say it's in the top 5 problems of this film.
  9. Mediocre acting and average writing at best. The score was so loud, it's like I was watching a 111 minute long movie trailer. It diminished the film more than it helped. The Rotten tomatoes score was right on for this film. Film Rating: 3/5 or C Score Rating: 2.5/5 or C-
  10. Nice adventure piece from JW. It'll take more than a few listens for it to grow on me, but the true test is how Powell is gonna use it in the rest of the score.
  11. This film was not about Cap. It was not about Iron Man or any of the other Avengers. This film was about Thanos and his quest. I thought the Russo brothers did a perfect job of balancing every character's screen time. i thought Civil War was already impressive, but this was just on another level. Incredible job.
  12. Not using all the character themes to avoid overloading is fine. But at the very least Silvestri could've created a very recognizable theme for Thanos. If I was the composer, that would've been my approach. Ultimately this film was about Thanos, so a prominent theme for him would've been appropriate.
  13. The score was just average. It did it's job at serving the visuals, but never really stands out. There were many missed opportunities in the film where Silvestri could've created/inserted a new/existing theme in. This isn't Silvestri's fault though. The MCU was already lacking greatly in musical themes for their heroes so he didn't have much to work with anyways. It's still nice to hear an actual orchestra performing rather than electronics, synths, and loud drums. With that being said, the film on the other hand, was fantastic. Go see it if you haven't yet. PS I felt that this film could've greatly benefited from a Thanos' theme seeing how he takes center stage for this film.