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  1. Saw it twice also, probably the most fun I've had at the movies this year. There was a a lot of cheese in the dialogue, but it didn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Let's just say they got more things than wrong in this film.
  2. This score was pretty good. I can tell McCreary was very motivated for this project with well done homages to the original Godzilla and Mothra themes. His own theme to King Ghidorah was very impressive and scream villain the entire way. The only thing I didn't like was the Japanese war shouts and the monk chants. Most of those were completely unnecessary and adds nothing to the score. The film was full of cheese, but it was highly entertaining. The monster fights were top notched. This was probably the most well balanced Godzilla film yet. I thought the 40% Rottentomatoes score was way too low. If Detective Pikachu can manage 66%, so should Godzilla.
  3. Critics say the film was "lifeless and joyless". Both of those words apply to the score too. I would add uninspired to the list. Zimmer said he would retire from scoring superhero movies after BvS. I wished he stood by that.
  4. Title will be revealed today. I'm gonna throw my final guess in: Star Wars: The Phantom Binks
  5. I love you Morricone. You're a genius. You're probably top 5 film composers of all time, but it sounds like you're salty about Star Wars success bro.
  6. JW's reaction to Jaws was funny. He was like "oh that was me?" lol
  7. I liked La La Land. Good plot. Fun and simple music/songs. However, the singing performances were just borderline average. Still not convinced Justin Hurwitz is an Oscar winning composer.
  8. I enjoyed this score very much. Broadway symphonic scoring with good song melodies. "Can You Imagine That" is the title song/theme I think, and that's the one I'll be humming after watching the film. The only complaint I had was there was more "sing talking" than I would've liked. Otherwise, it's a well done score and pretty well written songs. It's a worthy successor of the original. Film rating: N/A Score rating: 4/5 or A-
  9. Sadly, motivic scoring is transitioning into a lost art form in Hollywood blockbusters. Symphonic scoring is slowly on it's way out as well in blockbusters.
  10. oh the Blank Panther composer? Interesting. I wonder if he'll approach the score with a symphonic sound or not(Doubt it).
  11. The score was not the main problem, it was one of many in a long list. However, I will say it's in the top 5 problems of this film.
  12. Mediocre acting and average writing at best. The score was so loud, it's like I was watching a 111 minute long movie trailer. It diminished the film more than it helped. The Rotten tomatoes score was right on for this film. Film Rating: 3/5 or C Score Rating: 2.5/5 or C-
  13. Nice adventure piece from JW. It'll take more than a few listens for it to grow on me, but the true test is how Powell is gonna use it in the rest of the score.
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