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  1. Anybody from Germany ordering this one and willing to put in a second copy for me (with re-imbursement of actual price plus share of shipping and potential customs, of course)? Also: Disc made in Mexico.
  2. I'm a geologist. I have a big hammer (named Gondrist) which can do wonders with big blocks of rock. Point me to where the hammering needs to occur...
  3. What's the chord at the reveal of dead T-Rex here? IT'S NOT T-REX-MINOR, I KNOW THAT, SOD OFF!
  4. You are all hideously talented, all the while I'm sitting here with pencil, ink pen, angle and pair of compasses...
  5. When were the main rec sessions in 2015 and 2017, respectively, completed? Wasn't it at some point in late summer/early fall?
  6. Kühni


    Things I could've done without seeing, hearing of or knowing about in my lifetime. Like Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire. If this is an accident, as currently being reported, I hope whoever's fault this is finds the next tree and hangs himself. All other thoughts I might have right now I cannot post here, but I'm sad and mad beyond belief tonight. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK THIS SHIT!
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