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  1. I wonder why Richard Harvey's role as flute performer on Azkaban isn't mentioned anywhere in the booklet? For the past 15 years, I was under the impression that he performed the marvelous flute solo for the bird's flight. Bummer.
  2. Kühni

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Re: Thin Red Line. After finally going after the rec sessions (which I really hadn't been aware of were out there!), one question to the gallery: is the 1999 OST basically a selection that combines individual pieces and/or parts of these individual pieces from the sessions? Or is unique pieces / mixes that were exclusively done for the OST? I get from looking at the rec sessions and their cue "titles", that there were many remixes of certain compositions. Plus wild takes and what-not. I still am undecided, despite my earlier enthusiasm over it, whether or not to go after the new LLL release. As much as I'm glad to see this release (considering the Sony Music situation!) and want to support the Monkeys, I currently can't justify the purchase of something that 50% material I already own (in form of the 1999 OST, remastered or not) or have absolutely no interest in (the Melanesian chants). And on top of it all, it appears as if the one single track I've been wanting to hear in full and proper quality (Klaus Badelt's string arrangement of one of the chants) is not on the new LLL set. Decisions, decisions...
  3. Kühni

    The Joe Hisaishi Thread

    You lucky SOB!
  4. How many "categories" of rights are there? Ownership, publishing, ...?
  5. Kühni

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    I really wish that The Powers That Be had gone with an English composer to begin with. Like Doyle. Or Fenton. Or Harvey. Or Wiseman. Somebody who could have given the franchise something "fresh". I just finished listening to the complete score for #1 (well...I had heard the rec sessions like eight years ago, so it wasn't all that much of a revelation) and...it's all so familiar. Nothing that I hadn't heard from Williams before...although it's leagues ahead of what came after in the series, after Goblet of Fire... PS: Avoid Raspberry Liqueur.
  6. Kühni

    Robert Townson leaving Varese Sarabande

    I find it funny that "in perpetuity" is only valid until somebody with a big enough cheque comes along...
  7. Reading through the notes for SS, it shows that recording dates and venues in London for this and Fellowship of the Ring overlapped. I wonder if Williams and Shore ever, y'know, crossed paths in the Mens' Room?
  8. Just listened to HS's score to Existenz for the first time. An amorphous drone and 46 minutes of my lifetime that I'll never get back.
  9. Bring on the "Even Rarer-ities Archives"!
  10. Never mind...FotR (non-tracked OST version) ends on D♭-Major. CURSES! Conrad Pope, did you do this?
  11. Kühni

    The J.R.R Tolkien Discussion Thread

    Got John Howe's book as well, lovely stuff. Has more talent in his left hand's little finger's nail than I have in my entire body. Looking forward to Alan Lee's book (sets timer so I won't forget about it in September).
  12. Have you been watching Teen Wolf again, Inky?