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  1. Kühni


    Things I could've done without seeing, hearing of or knowing about in my lifetime. Like Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire. If this is an accident, as currently being reported, I hope whoever's fault this is finds the next tree and hangs himself. All other thoughts I might have right now I cannot post here, but I'm sad and mad beyond belief tonight. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK THIS SHIT!
  2. Another query: how was the German-driven (or more precisely, Merkel-driven) migration crisis from 2015 onwards perceived in the UK? And did it actually play a role in the lead-up to the Brexit decision in June of 2016? Ta!
  3. Seeing the state the German-centric EU is in and how it will implode before too long, I would think that the UK leaving the EU might eventually prove beneficial to the UK. But I fail to see how ANYthing can come out of this entire mess, either on March 29 or after. And out of interest: has May backed "this" into a dead end, or has she been backed into it? I agree that she should just say "The hell with this, have fun solving this knot!" and start, I dunno, tartan knitting or something.
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