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  1. Kühni


    Things I could've done without seeing, hearing of or knowing about in my lifetime. Like Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire. If this is an accident, as currently being reported, I hope whoever's fault this is finds the next tree and hangs himself. All other thoughts I might have right now I cannot post here, but I'm sad and mad beyond belief tonight. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK THIS SHIT!
  2. Kühni

    Goldenthal's Final Fantasy

    Since the OST is very carefully structured, with nice narrative (i.e., a beginning, middle and end), incl. unused music, it's not that bad. But some of the music left off extends what's there in quite interesting directions. Still my favourite EG score. "Major E-flat chord!"
  3. With all the amping up of older themes for these trailers, at some point I'd like for them to go the other way. Like, y'know, Duel of the Fates for two oboes and solo timpani, or something.
  4. Kühni

    Goldenthal's Final Fantasy

    *sad face* Oh well, the DVD-ripp will do fine until a change of the tide. Mahalo, Jay!
  5. Kühni

    Goldenthal's Final Fantasy

    Is an expansion of this score out of the question for the time being due to the recent development at Sony regarding them permitting expanded/complete releases from their catalogue?
  6. Kühni

    The Photography Thread

    I'm expecting similar set-ups this summer...Mordor's that way, I believe. (In fact, Austria is...same difference, innit?) Also, spring flowers!
  7. This area is where Doug is reportedly often seen shopping for groceries, but never at the same store twice. I suggest we send out an army of...Rhosgobel Rabbits...to narrow the area down and then lead a teatime raid on his premises for the tapes. Anyone on board?
  8. Kühni

    Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co

    Has the promo made the rounds in ze yooshl tsirkels yet? I'd love to hear the music in something fuller than the 128 kbit from the FYC site? Throw me a PM, please, if you have further insights!
  9. Kühni

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Another query: how was the German-driven (or more precisely, Merkel-driven) migration crisis from 2015 onwards perceived in the UK? And did it actually play a role in the lead-up to the Brexit decision in June of 2016? Ta!
  10. @Faleel J.M. Do you have higher-res files for the artwork of your complete edits? I seem to only have the one for Fellowship. Ta mucho! :)
  11. Kühni

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Seeing the state the German-centric EU is in and how it will implode before too long, I would think that the UK leaving the EU might eventually prove beneficial to the UK. But I fail to see how ANYthing can come out of this entire mess, either on March 29 or after. And out of interest: has May backed "this" into a dead end, or has she been backed into it? I agree that she should just say "The hell with this, have fun solving this knot!" and start, I dunno, tartan knitting or something.
  12. Kühni

    R.I.P. Andre Previn - dies at 89

    My only contact with Mr. Previn was when he very kindly fulfilled my request for an autograph (suffering from the common misfunction of his gold pen!):
  13. I wonder why Richard Harvey's role as flute performer on Azkaban isn't mentioned anywhere in the booklet? For the past 15 years, I was under the impression that he performed the marvelous flute solo for the bird's flight. Bummer.
  14. Kühni

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Re: Thin Red Line. After finally going after the rec sessions (which I really hadn't been aware of were out there!), one question to the gallery: is the 1999 OST basically a selection that combines individual pieces and/or parts of these individual pieces from the sessions? Or is unique pieces / mixes that were exclusively done for the OST? I get from looking at the rec sessions and their cue "titles", that there were many remixes of certain compositions. Plus wild takes and what-not. I still am undecided, despite my earlier enthusiasm over it, whether or not to go after the new LLL release. As much as I'm glad to see this release (considering the Sony Music situation!) and want to support the Monkeys, I currently can't justify the purchase of something that 50% material I already own (in form of the 1999 OST, remastered or not) or have absolutely no interest in (the Melanesian chants). And on top of it all, it appears as if the one single track I've been wanting to hear in full and proper quality (Klaus Badelt's string arrangement of one of the chants) is not on the new LLL set. Decisions, decisions...