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  1. LOL not that I'm aware of!
  2. Hoping to get mine this weekend as a birthday present! 🤞🏼
  3. Good point, I've updated the thread title, thanks!
  4. No idea on video quality, sorry. I have not seen the movie at all but plan on watching it sometime soon.
  5. I was perusing around my Roku player looking up JW-scored movies and I figured I would put a handy list together for everyone. I've "cut the cord" about a year ago and have switched to streaming services to save money. I've saved about $800 or so over a year's time compared to previous traditional cable provider. This has been a great way for me to discover new movies I've never seen or re-watch some old favorites. Disclaimer: I only went back to about 1970, so if there's anything from earlier feel free to chime in. Movies that are not listed below are all for rent / buy as well. There are even a couple of instances of a movie being on several streaming platforms at the same time. Please feel free to leave any comments / changes / additions and I can update the main post. NETFLIX -Close Encounters of the Third Kind -Lincoln -Schindler's List -Always -Star Wars The Last Jedi ROKU CHANNEL (free w/ ads) -Amistad -Angela's Ashes AMAZON PRIME VIDEO -The Adventures of Tintin -Raiders of the Lost Ark -Temple of Doom -The Last Crusade -Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -Angela's Ashes -Sabrina -Images -Fiddler on the Roof HBO GO / NOW -The Post -The Terminal SYFY (free w/ ads) -The BFG -Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone -Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets -Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban SONY CRACKLE (free w/ ads) -The Patriot -Seven Years in Tibet VUDU (free w/ ads) -Seven Years in Tibet -Accidental Tourist HULU -Seven Years in Tibet -Stanley & Iris
  6. ATXHusker

    John Williams scores - by studio

    You forgot to cross off the Harry Potter scores
  7. My comment was regarding the "year for the books" post back in February and not the concert programme notes. Truth be told, the Universal Heritage Collection was supposed to kick off with Sugarland Express, but after careful consideration the project was dropped at the request of the composer. Bummer too, because it was pretty darn awesome!Perhaps one day...MV http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?forumID=1&pageID=38&threadID=118900&archive=0
  8. Remember MV also stated that they had planned to release Sugarland Express to kick off the Universal Heritage deal so I would have considered that one for the books with or without Potter.
  9. ATXHusker

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    A hard pass for me as well, looks like a JW BF!!!
  10. Cool splash art, quick search but couldn't find a higher-res version anywhere? Nice junkyard background hehe
  11. From LLL's mailer... SUPERMAN II & III: LIMITED EDITION (3-CD SET) LLLCD 1464 Music by Composed and Conducted by Ken Thorne From original material composed by John Williams Limited Edition of 3000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $34.98 STARTS SHIPPING OCT 30 La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music Group and DC Entertainment proudly continue Superman’s 80th Anniversary Celebration with a 3-CD re-issue of the original motion picture scores to the 1980 feature film, SUPERMAN II and the 1983 feature film SUPERMAN III, both starring Christopher Reeve and directed by Richard Lester. Renowned composer Ken Thorne (Academy Award winner for A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM) keeps the Man of Steel flying high with two stupendous orchestral scores that incorporate John Williams’ original material with maximum emotional power. Both film scores utilize the same stellar master as the 2008 “Superman: The Music” box set from FSM, assembled here across 3-CDs. Disc 2 presents a collection of source music and songs from the first three Superman films composed by John Williams, Ken Thorne and Giorgio Moroder, including some previously unreleased tracks. Produced by Mike Matessino and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this set offers a 44-page booklet with in-depth liner notes by Matessino, Jeff Eldridge and associate producer Lukas Kendall, updated from the FSM Superman box set for this 3-disc reissue. The heroic building-bounding art design is by Jim Titus. This edition is limited to 3000 units. TRACK LISTING: DISC 1 – SUPERMAN II (1980) 1. Preface / Villains in the Zone / Main Title March 8:23 2. Superman to Paris / Lois Climbs Tower 2:49 3. Walkie Talkies / Gelignite Bangs / Superman Saves Lift 2:10 4. Lift Into Space – Releasing the Villains 1:36 5. Orange Juice / Prison Intro / My Little Black Box 1:51 6. Ursa Flies Over Moon / Spacecraft Wrecked / Moon to Earth 4:05 7. Lex Escapes 2:07 8. Sleeping Arrangements /Relaxing at Niagara/ Looks Familiar/ Superman Saves Boy 3:33 9. Lex and Miss Teschmacher to Fortress / Lex Plans Partnership 2:39 10. Suspecting Lois Takes the Plunge / Clark Fumbles Rescue / Villains Land by Lake 3:37 11. Clark Exposed as Superman 3:13 12. Sheriff and Duane Meet Villains / Lovers Fly North 2:24 13. Daddy’s Rise and Fall / Flight for Flowers / East Houston Battle 3:06 14. Lovers at Dinner Table / Zod Meets General 1:38 15. Mother’s Advice 1:52 16. To Bed – Mt. Rushmore – Sweet Dreams 1:35 17. President Kneels Before Zod 1:55 18. Fight in Diner 1:06 19. TV President Resigns – Clark to Fortress 2:44 20. Return of the Green Crystal / Bored Zod 2:19 21. Non Wrecks Office 1:30 22. Aerial Battle / Zod Throws Slab / Superman Saves Spire 4:52 23. Superman Saves Petrol Tanker / Superman Battles Zod / Superman Flies Off 4:31 Disc 1 Total Time: 63:35 DISC 2 – SUPERMAN II (cont’d) 1. Villains Take Lex and Lois to Fortress / School Games 3:14 2. Superman Pulls Big Switch / Superman Triumphs Over Villains 1:59 3. Sad Return 1:41 4. Lois Forgets 1:49 5. Happy Lois Back to Normal/Superman Replaces Stars and Stripes/ End Title March 5:38 Total SUPERMAN II Score Time: 79:56 SOURCE MUSIC AND SONGS FROM THE SUPERMAN FILMS Music by JOHN WILLIAMS, KEN THORNE and GIORGIO MORODER SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE (1978) 6. Can You Read My Mind (Instrumental No. 1) 3:11 7. Sunday Meeting 1:30 8. Kansas High School 1:47 9. Kansas Kids 1:30 10. Late Night Country Music 0:53 11. Luthor’s Luau 2:50 12. Lois’ Pad 1:17 13. Desert Riff 0:23 14. Lois Car Radio 1:56 15. Kids on the Bus 1:31 16. Can You Read My Mind (Instrumental No. 2) 2:55 Total Time: 19:43 SUPERMAN II (1980) 17. Honeymoon Hotel 3:17 18. Country & Western 2:12 19. East Houston Café 2:16 20. Car Radio for Ride Back 1:00 21. Diner Jukebox No. 1 2:19 22. Diner Jukebox No. 2 2:20 Total Time: 13:25 SUPERMAN III (1983) 23. Colombian Storm Intro 1:10 24. Olympic Parade 0:28 25. Après Ski 1:06 26. Rock On (Marshall Crenshaw) 3:45 27. No See, No Cry (Chaka Khan) 3:20 28. They Won’t Get Me (Roger Miller) 3:22 29. Love Theme (Helen St. John) 3:18 30. Main Title March (Giorgio Moroder) 4:17 Total Time: 20:46 Total SOURCE MUSIC AND SONGS TIME: 53:55 Disc 2 Total Time: 68:16 DISC 3 - SUPERMAN III (1983) 1. Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis) 5:31 2. Gus On Computer After the Cents 1:08 3. Saving the Factory – The Acid Test 6:15 4. Payday for Gus / School Gym – Earth Angel / Vulcan 1:39 5. Lana and Clark in Cornfield / Clark Rescues Ricky 2:29 6. Gus Shows the Booze / Gus Finds a Way 1:21 7. Montage 3:12 8. Colombian Storm 1:32 9. Kryptonite / Gus Down Building / Searching for Kryptonite 2:18 10. Lana and Clark on Telephone / Kryptonite Sting / Superman Affected by Kryptonite / Superman Too Late 1:50 11. Tower of Pisa / What Will It Do for Me 2:00 12. Superman and Lorelei on Statue / Superman Ruins Tanker 2:22 13. Boxes in Canyon / Drunken Superman 3:24 14. The Two Faces of Superman 2:54 15. The Struggle Within 2:29 16. The Final Victory 2:19 17. Preparing Balloons / Superman Coming / Computer 3:04 18. Rockets / Video Games / Big Missile 3:15 19. Superman Confronts Ross / Computer Takes Over / Gus Fights Ross 2:16 20. The Computer Comes Alive / Superman Leaves Computer Cave 2:35 21. Metal Vera / Computer Blows Up 2:57 22. Gus Flying With Superman 1:22 23. Diamond Sting / Thank You Superman / Superman Gus / Clark Gives Lana Diamond Ring 1:43 24. End Credits 4:29 Total SUPERMAN III Score Time: 64:21 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 25. Pay Day for Gus [Alternate] 0:49 26. Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis) [Alternate] 5:29 Disc 3 Total Time: 70:41 Total Three-Disc Time: 3:24:32
  12. I'm not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night... If I would venture a guess, it would be kidney stones. I've never had them but hear they're extremely painful to endure.
  13. ATXHusker

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    Has MM ever posted here on the boards or just over at FSM? If not, has he given a reason for not? Wonder if he's got a ghost account here and is lurking and snickering at all of the back and forth on here, I know I would! Also, I'm a total facebook noob (just signed up recently) and I tried to follow MM but it's grayed out. I feel weird reaching out to him like a little groupie teenage girl "can I follow you?!" 😆 Any specific reason why this is the case? So jealous that I couldn't be a fly on the wall for this conversation!
  14. So does that mean that Williams' camp was not happy with the Cowboys art? I'm totally fine with it, looks great!
  15. Lucky for me the bank just increased the line on my credit card 🤣