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  1. For those of us who are not in the know, what am I supposed to be looking for when I look at a spectrogram? I’ve seen them in multiple threads but have absolutely no idea what is what.
  2. Unfortunately will be out of town on family vacation until the 9th but plan on going to see the film that weekend!
  3. I love the MCU but this just screams desperate to break Avatar's record.
  4. My Top 5 JW: 1. SW ANH 2. SW ESB 3. Superman 4. E.T. 5. Hook Top 5 non-JW 1. Fellowship of the Ring - Shore 2. The Two Towers - Shore 3. Return of the King - Shore 4. Star Trek Wrath of Khan - Horner 5. Braveheart - Horner
  5. Me (and most of JWFAN) if they announce a three disc HOOK for the 500th release...
  6. Sounds more like you're bored and have nothing else to do?
  7. Ugh, not singling you out in particular, @Luke Skywalker , but it does irk me when folks complain about double-dipping. I get it that there are a few instances where say a movie was released on blu-ray and then a month or two later it gets a "deluxe" treatment with bonus features, etc..., but with the case of movie scores, subsequent releases are for the most part a vast improvement over the prior release(s). Complaining about double-dipping on soundtracks to me is like saying you bought these back in the day... ...so therefore you're hesitant to shell out coin on this release? To me that doesn't make much sense. LOL In the case of Monsignor, it was released 12 years ago, went OOP, and was no longer available to the masses to purchase. Even if I had purchased the 2007 release I still would have bought the 2019 release without giving it a second thought, not only for the unreleased music but also for the improved sound and Matessino involvement.
  8. So now that Monsignor is off the list, does this possibly mean that more 80's expanded releases are coming this year? Certainly trending that way...
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