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  1. My copy arrived yesterday, thanks LLL!!!! Listening to it right now, sound is absolutely amazing!
  2. The Next Matessino/Williams/Spielberg Expansion

    And you don't think LLL/MM is already working on what they can come out with next? Wouldn't make much business-sense to not already be working on the next batch(es) of JW/SS release(s). My vote was for Amistad, due to what I've read on the boards regarding the amount of unreleased material. Plus I was very impressed with the rerecording of Dry Your Tears, Africa on the collaboration album, as it renewed my interest in the score. Hope it did for JW as well and it's in the works! I wonder after recording Marion's Theme, he would like to have the Indy series revisited as well? Besides the obvious choice of an Indy C&C set release, I would have Amistad, Schindler's List, Minority Report, and WotW in my most-wanted. I've heard the session leaks for MR & WotW and would love to get a LLL/MM treatment of these in the near future. Chad
  3. I just got my shipping notice email, mailing today, estimated delivery 3 days!
  4. Don't let facts get in the way of his feelings!
  5. Damn this one's going faster than I thought! I was going to hold off for a bit but I bit the bullet and pulled the trigger as they say. ORDERED!!!
  6. well I'll just wait and buy it used cheap, not paying $25 for it that's for sure.
  7. Hey folks, I didn't buy this originally and now I'm trying to find it at a decent price on the Bay or Amazon but people are wanting $25 or so for this, what gives? Any other suggestions on where to buy this at a more sensible price? Thanks!
  8. John Powell's Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    Assuming? How can SW resist not putting in the Empire / Stormtroopers in these spin-off movies? I would think the Empire would be at their prime during this time-frame, much like RO.
  9. John Powell's Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    Assuming? How can SW resist not putting stormtroopers / Galactic Empire in these spin-off movies? They're fan favorites and are at their height during the time of this movie I would think.
  10. John Powell's Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    Welp... Count me in the minority on this one, was wanting MG to score this movie as well. I was extremely happy with his RO score and wanted to hear more from him and the possibilities of expanding on themes from RO. Nothing against Powell, I'm just not as familiar with his works. Chad
  11. I don't see Carl either, but could be just cut off on the pic, doesn't look like the full banner
  12. some JW expanded CDs for sale

    These are still available so shoot me an offer if interested. Thanks!
  13. Lest we forget he also did a small bit in the Bastard Executioner a few years ago.
  14. Anyone notice this in one of Doug's replies? A very small teaser but it's better than nothing! Here's hoping the ball has started rolling again on this project. Chad