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  1. ATXHusker

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    LA-LA LAND RECORDS PRESENTS NEW RELEASES: Tuesday, 12pm (PST) AUGUST 14, 2018 Available for order at www.lalalandrecords.com Tuesday, 12pm (PST) AUGUST 14, 2018 UNIVERSAL PICTURES AND LA-LA LAND RECORDS PROUDLY PRESENT THE NEXT TITLE IN THE ACCLAIMED “UNIVERSAL PICTURES FILM MUSIC HERITAGE COLLECTION” “THE PRISONER OF ZENDA: LIMITED EDITION” Universal Film Music Heritage Collection Music by Henry Mancini Limited Edition of 3000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $19.98 STARTS SHIPPING AUGUST 14 THE GREAT RACE SPECIAL! To celebrate the release of our latest title in the Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection, Henry Mancini’s THE PRISONER OF ZENDA, we are offering Mancini’s THE GREAT RACE 3-CD SET at the special sale price of only $30 EACH! Sale begins 12 noon (pst) on 8/14 and is good thru 8/27. only at www.lalalandrecords.com BACK IN STOCK! E.T. 35th ANNIV. (2-CD SET), WATERWORLD (2-CD SET), DAY OF THE DEAD (2-CD SET), DENNIS THE MENACE, FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: SEASON 4 (2-CD SET), KINGSMAN THE SECRET SERVICE, KINGSMAN THE GOLDEN CIRCLE THE “KING” HAS COME HOME TO NORTH AMERICA! SEE THE NEW YORK TIMES CRITIC’S PICK “KING COHEN” ON VOD STARTING AUGUST 14 At iTunes, Amazon, Direct TV, Dish Network, local cable providers and more! AND THE LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY / SOUNDTRACK CD COMBO Available from us at www.lalalandrecords.com STARTING SEPTEMBER 25. The set will contain a Blu-Ray of the feature film, with exclusive-to-be-announced special features, and a soundtrack CD of renowned composer Joe Kraemer’s original score! THE PRISONER OF ZENDA: LIMITED EDITION The Universal Film Music Heritage Collection LLLCD 1468 Music by Henry Mancini Limited Edition of 3000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $19.98 STARTS SHIPPING AUGUST 14 La-La Land Records and Universal Pictures proudly present the second title in the Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection -- the world premiere release of legendary composer Henry Mancini’s (THE GREAT RACE, THE PINK PANTHER, A SHOT IN THE DARK) original motion picture score to the 1979 period comedy THE PRISONER OF ZENDA, starring Peter Sellers, Lynne Frederick and Lionel Jeffries, and directed by Richard Quine. Never before officially available in any format, Mancini’s exceedingly graceful score is a revelation – a wondrous orchestral work that expertly weaves together comedy, romance, patriotism and adventure, with all the richness and lush orchestration for which the composer is renowned. Produced, and mastered by Mike Matessino from studio vault elements, this special release is limited to 3000 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond and sharp art design by Dan Goldwasser. TRACK LISTING: 1. The Prisoner of Zenda – Main Title 5:18 2. Gratitude of a King / The Distraction 1:27 3. Café Royal 3:14 4. Behind the Red Door 2:40 5. To the Embassy 2:02 6. Goodbye Syl and The Count’s Revenge 2:14 7. Welcome to Ruritania 2:59 8. The Attack 2:50 9. Creepy Rupert and The Kidnapping 2:50 10. The Dungeon of Zenda 2:22 11. Herald the King 0:46 12. The Coronation 2:38 13. God Help the King 1:50 14. The Reception 1:15 15. Coronation Waltz 3:00 16. Royal Galop 2:50 17. The Farewell Note 4:16 18. The Passionate Count 2:08 19. The Bomb 1:43 20. Croquette 4:07 21. Farewell, Princess Flavia 1:54 22. The Windmill Siege 4:23 23. Up Yours, Mate 2:50 24. Showdown at the Castle 3:19 25. The King Is Saved 3:25 26. The Prisoner of Zenda – End Title 2:38 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 27. Emperor Waltz (Excerpt – J. Strauss) 1:24 28. The Coronation (Film Version) 2:23 Total Album Time: 74:41
  2. I just love it when people complain about something they haven't even heard yet. Good lord folks, let's give it a chance before we pull out the torch and pitchforks... 🙄 Also, why would LLL say this year is going to be one for the books if they didn't have everything already approved and finalized for release? Enough already with the griping, it's frickin' August, not New Year's Eve. I won't call out names cuz you know who you are. Just remember, you're entitled to your opinion, except when it's wrong!
  3. ATXHusker

    The Next Matessino/Williams/Spielberg Expansion

    Congrats to the 3 voters who guessed / predicted it would be SPR! @crumbs need to update your spreadsheet
  4. Sweet! Instant day one purchase for me! Hopefully if 2018 is "one for the books", then this is the foreword / preface / chapter one
  5. ATXHusker

    John Williams - Low Quantity Alerts!

    @Jay FYI all the LLL links no longer work, I'm guessing due to them updating their site.
  6. ATXHusker

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    I was born in 1974, so for me the period from 1975-1984 is everything to me since it's what I was raised on! Pretty much all my earliest movie memories included a JW score, be it Jaws, SW, ET, IJ, etc... Too many great choices to pick, but since I can only pick one it has to be SW ANH. It's not the strongest SW score but it's the one that started it all and ultimately stirred my interest in movie music. The first soundtrack purchase I ever made was the 4-disc SW Anthology set back in 1993, my freshman year of college. Still have fond memories of putting the discs in my CD walkman and "studying" for exams down in the cafeteria of the dorm. 🤣
  7. Well, guess they read my post above as I just got the email that it has shipped out 😁 Weird thing is I ordered it first day it was available.
  8. Ugh, still no fulfillment on my order. Was hoping to have this to listen to before I hit the road cross-country tomorrow, would have been great to listen to in the truck
  9. ATXHusker

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I would say that it could be Always since it would hit the following marks: $19.98 single disc Universal title "meh" factor what it could represent as a whole to get us drooling over? additional Spielberg / Williams titles? But, "special" wouldn't be a word I would use to describe it
  10. ATXHusker

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    @Jay Stop getting your facts in the way of my feelings!
  11. ATXHusker

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I read a user's comment in the FSM board and I think they may be on to something... I know it's not Universal BUT!... It could just be the Indiana Jones anthology. 95% of the reaction to KOTCS was "meh" (movie, not music). However, a release of all four movie soundtracks in C&C form could justify an article in Variety. Plus, isn't Concorde's license on Indy over? This could also put credence in the "one for the books" message! Start it in reverse order like Superman, starting with KOTCS and ending on Black Friday with Raiders and Superman!!!! I certainly don't believe LLL would have said this if they were just re-releasing the Superman blue box titles. OK, time to wake up from that dream, it was fun while it lasted LOL
  12. Very unexpected and welcomed surprise! I haven't owned any prior release of this and loved the movie as a youngster so just placed my order! Samples sound great so far, sounds like Mike Matessino has done it again!
  13. ATXHusker

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    I tried the search function for this thread and don't want to go through 40 pages of posts so forgive me if it's been brought up before. I took my sons to see Solo (their 1st viewing, my 2nd), and I believe I detected the Imperial Suite from Rogue One in the scene where Han and Qira are attempting to escape in the space port at the beginning of the film. Not the Imperial March source music that is playing over the "PA" system there but in the soundtrack. Was I smoking crack again or did I hear a faint bit of it? Chad