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  1. I just came across this interview with Mike Matessino, didn't see it posted anywhere on this thread before. Not much that we haven't been told already but still nice to read!
  2. And that proved my point LOL, I didn't even notice "Deluxe Edition" until you pointed it out. They really should have done blue for one and red for the other.
  3. All three of these were good, 2nd one would have been the best IMO if it was in the movie
  4. No love for this release under the Reissues and Expansions section? Slackers...
  5. Or maybe just bypass the thread titles as you're scrolling down the page? How do these threads not fit in the existing forum?
  6. No, with all the upcoming dates that @Jay posted it's better to have them separated.
  7. Definitely. The cliffhanger at the end of season 2 when she got knocked out had me wanting more.
  8. Sweet! Coming to Austin in Feb '20! I'll be there! Thanks @Jay !
  9. Such great news to see the deluxe version has the additional tracks (minus The Devil's Dance). It will be tough to wait the additional four weeks but definitely worth it. I wonder if the two editions will have one of the two colors on the covers to differentiate them? Like blue for standard and red for deluxe? That'd be cool.
  10. https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=134259&forumID=1&archive=0
  11. Perhaps SL & SPR are the way they are due to the huge undertaking of the Harry Potter box set? I'm sure MM spent a lot of time getting that set put together so perhaps there wasn't as much time left in the day to come out with uber releases.
  12. Voted for Always & Sugarland Express. Here's another tidbit from MV, do any of these titles in the poll qualify under UME?
  13. My (fake JWFAN) money would be on Always 30th anniversary release and Sugarland Express 45th anniversary release. My hope would be for Hook and Amistad for a Black Friday double-header. For non-SS releases, I'd love to see Angela's Ashes 20th anniversary, it's a wonderful and emotional score. Recently gave it a re-listen as well as re-watched the movie and I highly encourage others to do the same.
  14. Who says it's "rotting away"? Maybe they've already done the remaster and are just in a holding pattern?
  15. Yes I remember reading that on the FSM board from MV himself.
  16. Agreed. I don't have the blue box set but I bet it looks nice on the shelf. I did get the book that came with the blue box set from Lucas Kendall's kick-starter campaign which I donated, primarily for Mike Matessino's extensive liner notes! Back on the original topic, I've got Jaws I & II, and all three LLL Superman releases from the last year.
  17. Did Mike go to various sites around the globe to dig up materials for expansion? I've read in some cases (i.e. Superman) where they were in a salt mine in Kansas and I'm assuming the masters were shipped to California?
  18. "The Hobbit scores are yet to take their permanent spot in history." Possible good sign for Hobbit CR releases in the future?
  19. Sorry, I meant rights split by the boutique labels (LLL, Varese, Intrada, etc.)?
  20. Are there any other franchises that are split up under multiple labels with rights? Too bad they couldn't combine forces on BTTF and release a nice box set similar to HP & POTA.
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