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  1. JW: 1. Star Wars 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 4. Jaws 5. Superman Other: 1. Poltergeist 2. Batman 3. Krull 4. Back to the Future 5. Willow
  2. I’ll listen as soon as the CD is available here, which will probably be late since that has been an issue with Disney’s Star Wars. Don’t mind about spoilers since I don’t care about new Star Wars movies and won’t watch IX.
  3. Symphony of the goddesses (Master Quest) was released in this album: https://www.allmusic.com/album/the-legend-of-zelda-symphony-of-the-goddesses-master-quest-live-concert-from-the-venetian-mw0003080203 Though it seems it was only a digital release and there was some issue with that release and it was pulled (it does seem to be on Spotify). There’s a lot of repetition from the 25th and 30th CDs, but there’s some unique tracks on it, like a A Link to the Past medley. There’s more clapping and cheering than in the 30th, where it’s mostly only at the end of tracks, in this one there’s some clapping in the middle of the tracks.
  4. Well the description mentions the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the tracklist (very BOTW heavy) does mention an Ocarina medley and Kan’ accordeon medley: Disc 1: Main Theme – Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild Medley – Hyrule Zelda’s Theme Ocarina Melodies Suite 2018 Boss Battle Medley 2018 A Link Between Worlds & Tri Force Heroes Medley Breath of the Wild – Champions Disc 2: Link’s Awakening Medley Breath of the Wild – Kass Medley Horse Race The Legend of Zelda ~Harp Lesson~ Breath of the Wild – Final Battle The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer BGM
  5. It’s up for pre-order https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L45D4S5/
  6. Sad news, I remember being so happy the Christmas I got the SW Anthology box, such a great set for its time. RIP
  7. Really close, but I guess the prequels. Potter suffers a bit from the fact that COS is very similar to PS, although I do love the new material.
  8. Probably Return of the Jedi or the original Star Wars
  9. Didn’t arrive for Christmas, but the ordeal is over after terrible service from all parties involved. All in all, not a bad holiday haul though, now just need time to listen to it all!
  10. The wierd thing is mine has been out for delivery since saturday, it said expected delivery by Saturday, 8:00 pm, then after that didn't happened it changed to Monday by 8:00 pm, and now it just says "Awaiting delivery scan" with no possible date. Just awful.
  11. If a few additional hands for the holiday shopping season meant a 100 dollar mark up per HP set, well, let’s just say I should have asked for a job at the LLL warehouse last time I was at LA.
  12. To the frontier sure, but to Mexico City they're actually about the same, LAX to Mexico City is 3 hours by plane and MIA to Mexico Cityt is like 3 and half hours. Anyway the thing is, this service I'm using, Mail Boxes, Etc, is located in Miami so I had to have it sent there. It seems pretty secure which is more important than speed with an item of this price. There are a lot of horror stories of regular mail, which is what LLL would have used from LA.
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