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  1. I don’t really like the cars, there doesn’t seem to be much you can do with the cars. Every level I’ve played with them feels like a “runner style” platformer, where you go really fast and can’t stop and you have to time jumps without really knowing what’s ahead. In general I haven’t really liked the 3D World style all that much and I’ve yet to make a level with that style.

  2. Well that’s just the thing, the Switch doesn’t have a stylus (and using the finger isn’t very precise), the one they made for this game is only available in Europe I think and the Wii U one doesn’t work with the Switch. I guess I could look for a stylus somewhere but considering I had to get the online already for this game I’m not sure how much more money I want to invest in Mario Maker 2.

  3. Been playing Mario Maker 2 a lot (well as much as I can). There’s so many neat ideas on story mode. My favorite so far is an underground level that plays with the night theme so it reverses gravity.


    I have to say I haven’t really liked the Mario 3D World style so far. I don’t know why but it seems off, and I pretty much suck at it even though in other styles I’m quite a decent player. I haven’t even tried it on the course maker.


    Speaking of which I do miss the Wii U’s two screens, it takes a lot more time to make a level. Another thing is that it seems very hard to have your levels played, on the original I never had that issue, and most levels were played or even liked almost immediately, on MM2 no one has played my levels except one.


    Anyway, also got Bloodstained but it’s almost unplayable right now.

  4. On 2/13/2019 at 3:39 PM, gkgyver said:

    Yes, THAT concert. But it's not Symphony of the Goddess.

    Symphony of the goddesses (Master Quest) was released in this album:



    Though it seems it was only a digital release and there was some issue with that release and it was pulled (it does seem to be on Spotify). There’s a lot of repetition from the 25th and 30th CDs, but there’s some unique tracks on it, like a A Link to the Past medley. There’s more clapping and cheering than in the 30th, where it’s mostly only at the end of tracks, in this one there’s some clapping in the middle of the tracks.

  5. Well the description mentions the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the tracklist (very BOTW heavy) does mention an Ocarina medley and Kan’ accordeon medley:



    Disc 1:

    1. Main Theme – Breath of the Wild
    2. Breath of the Wild Medley – Hyrule
    3. Zelda’s Theme
    4. Ocarina Melodies Suite 2018
    5. Boss Battle Medley 2018
    6. A Link Between Worlds & Tri Force Heroes Medley
    7. Breath of the Wild – Champions

    Disc 2:

    1. Link’s Awakening Medley
    2. Breath of the Wild – Kass Medley
    3. Horse Race
    4. The Legend of Zelda ~Harp Lesson~
    5. Breath of the Wild – Final Battle
    6. The Legend of Zelda Main Theme
    7. Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer BGM

  6. 2 hours ago, Marian Schedenig said:


    That actually sounds like it was out for delivery, but never officially delivered and not checked in back at the post office either. Could have been mis-delivered without a confirmation, or even returned to the post office without confirmation. I've had that happen to a Screen Archives order some years back - after waiting for it for several weeks, I inquired at the post office if they just might happen to have a package addressed to me - turns out it was just two days before they would have sent it back because it had been lying there for nearly four weeks. The postman just never delivered the yellow notification I was supposed to get (or he put it in somebody else's mailbox).

    Great.... If that's the case I'm screwed

  7. 3 hours ago, Marian Schedenig said:


    I suppose they could have hired additional personnel to ship more packages in less time. And priced the Potter set at $200 to pay them.


    If a few additional hands for the holiday shopping season meant a 100 dollar mark up per HP set, well, let’s just say I should have asked for a job at the LLL warehouse last time I was at LA.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Josh500 said:


    Huh? Isn't L.A. much closer to Mexico than Florida?


    But whatever. I assume you know what you're doing! 😂 


    To the frontier sure, but to Mexico City they're actually about the same, LAX to Mexico City is 3 hours by plane and MIA to Mexico Cityt is like 3 and half hours. Anyway the thing is, this service I'm using, Mail Boxes, Etc, is located in Miami so I had to have it sent there. It seems pretty secure which is more important than speed with an item of this price. There are a lot of horror stories of regular mail, which is what LLL would have used from LA.

  9. Just now, Josh500 said:


    But if you're in LA anyway, you can just pick it up at their offices, right?

    I was there only til sunday for a work thing, I'm back at Mexico and I actually had it shipped to Florida, there's a service there that will send it to Mexico with tracking and they'll do the customs clearance for about $19, which is cheaper than most shipping to Mexico (with the exception of Amazon).

  10. 51 minutes ago, Josh500 said:


    On day one, at 12:30. With half an hour delay.


    That may be my undoing... 😂 

    I ordered it at around 12:45, since that was the day I arrived at LA, and at exactly 12 I was speaking with the migration officer, so it wouldn't have been a nice thing to say "can this wait, I need to see if the HP set is up already?", so I ordered it on the cab to the hotel and also had never used paypal before. Anyway, mine changed to awaiting shipping yesterday, so you'll be fine I think.

  11. 37 minutes ago, Amer said:

    I feel you. Same with me with the US Dollar going up. Oh its a an expensive hobby!!!

    Tell me about it, even a regular $19.99 CD that a couple of years ago would have been automatic buys are now like a decent amount of money over here. That coupled with the difficulty of getting such releases here is disencouraging.


    I love LLL and they've done a terrific job (I love their Williams, Batman:TAS sets and more), but I kinda wish this had been a joint release with Watertower music (or whatever WB label is) so I could buy it from Amazon, which is extremely reliable with shipping.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Josh500 said:


    Dunno, the Concorde box set. It's far from perfect, but it's not so bad, either! Sound quality is awesome, and I'd say we got 95% per cent of the highlights! 


    Besides, I remember we were pretty excited and thrilled when this came out....

    I was so happy with the Concorde box set, going from the TOD 40+ original LP to what we have now is amazing. TOD is in my top 5 so I'd welcome a complete release, but I'm more than ok with the Concorde set.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Josh500 said:


    Are you the same Diego that used to post here a LOT up until several years ago? 

    Probably... I don't think there are many Diegos from Mexico here. I have a full time job and twin toddler boys, so I hardly have time to listen to music these days, let alone post about it (I think I've listened to the JP and ET sets like 3 times each, and I haven't even got the White album 50 anniversary set yet, which is shameful for me), but this is a monumental relase afterall, probably the most exiting for me since the Concord Indy set, so I took the time to post, I figured I'd asked since I'll be in LA next week.

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