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  1. So... probably a dumb question, since there's no indication on LLL's website, but does anyone know if LLL has some sort of express shipping option?? I'm going to be in the LA area for work from Nov 27th to Dec 2nd (though those dates ara probably too soon for this set anyway) and I'd love to get it then. I live in Mexico and getting these CDs is always a pain. I order from Movie music, and Peter Kelly is a great guy, but Mexico's post service is awful, it's expensive and it takes forever. The JP and ET sets took like two months to get here and disappered from tracking for a long time. Also, we have a new president that is not "market friendly" to put it lighty and the dollar has already gone up and is going to keep going up, so by the time Movie music gets this set it might be too expensive.
  2. 1. Star Wars 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. Return of the Jedi 4. Rogue One 5. The Phantom Menace 6. The Force Awakens 7. Revenge of the Sith 8. Attack of the Clones 9. Solo 10. The first Ewok TV movie (Caravan of Courage I think?) 11. Clone Wars (the crappy animated movie) 12. The second Ewok TV movie (Battle of Endor?) 13. The Last Jedi
  3. Only three is tough: 1. Binary Sunset 2. Rebel fleet from Empire's finale (I love the "b" theme that's never used again) 3. Anakin leaves his mom Honorable mentions: - When Luke hears Obi-Wan's voice during the trench battle - Alternate from Vader's funeral - Anakin and Obi-Wan say goodbye from Revenge of the Sith (unreleased I think)
  4. There's something wrong when you can point to a Abbey Road chair creak in the Hoth opening with second marks. Empire wasn't recorded at Abbey Road, it's an Anvil Studio chair creaking. ?
  5. Erich Kunzel once did a Star Wars concert here and he played Finale, if I remember correctly he started it from the last statement of Han Solo & the Princess before the end credits begin.
  6. Strange, I enjoy both of those scores (Crystal Skull does have some boring "ambient music" I'll admit) and feel they have memorable tracks, though obviously they're not in the Temple of Doom or Empire league. To each his own, I'm not getting anything out of TFA, Rey's theme is nice, but not great, and it sounds like Harry Potter (the part with the sorting hat I think), the march goes nowhere, the action cues are usual rithmic modern Williams that are not my cup of tea (there's no Forest battle here), Ren's theme is cool but underdeveloped and I agree with King Mark, there are no great uses of old themes ( no Anakin leaves his mother for example).
  7. I would change the third act, instead of the Starkiller nonsense, which is basically Death Star III and which reinforces the Star Wars remake thing, they should have come up with something else, maybe the first order figuring out the map too and it's a race to get to Luke before the resistance, they could have their big battle there or something. Maybe that would suck, but I' m no writer.
  8. But many of the people loving this score are some of the most hard to please, so that has to count for something.Well, a lot of folks here are very well versed (is that the correct english term?) in music and I'm sure the score is technically complex and all that. Having said that, I don't believe I've ever seen hard criticism of Williams here, every score is a masterpiece or it's the album that's the problem cause all the great bits are unreleased or it requires multiple listens to understand how great it is and so on. Granted, I don't visit here often anymore so maybe you're right and they're hard to please, having seven months old twin boys takes a lot of your free time. Star Wars mania brought me here as I was curious if anyone else was as dissapointed as I am with the score.
  9. I agree, but the reaction here is to be expected, it is jwfan.com, if you go to a Paul McCartney forum even his shit albums are called masterpieces. I really don't get it, even KOTCS had a couple of tracks that stuck in my head for a while, TFA has none, maybe the Scherzo but that's just good old Luke's theme. Very underwhelming score for a Star Wars movie.
  10. Unforunately I'm dissapointed with the score. Not terrible, but nothing in particular stands out. Worst of all 7 Star Wars score and worse than Indy 4 too.
  11. 1. Poltergeist 2. Secret of NIMH 3. Masada 4. First Blood 5. Gremlins 6. Great Train Robbery 7. Twilight Zone 8. Star Trek 9. Rambo 10. The Omen
  12. 1. Willow 2. Rocketeer 3. Land Before Time 4. Krull 5. Apollo 13 6. Star Trek II 7. Mask of Zorro 8. An American Tail 9. Something Wicked this Way Comes 10. Battle Beyond the Stars Quite hard, except for the first 4 it could probably change if asked tomorrow
  13. Welcome back! Strange to see so many old posters return because of this.Well, you know, I felt I had to write something even in my poor english which probably has gotten worse now that I don't get any sleep, and this board seemed like the best place to do it. He wrote some of my favorite scores. It's funny how a celebrity death can get to you, I still remember very well the day Ayrton Senna, the F1 driver, died and I was like 11. And the day George Harrison died too, although with him pretty much the writing was on the wall. Anyway, thanks! I don't expect to be posting much, life with one month twins is quite chaotic.
  14. Very sad news, he was my third favorite composer. I've recently became a father of twins and was playing Rocketeer and Land Before Time the other day for the boys, they seemed to like it, but who knows, they're very little. Even sadder I think he still had it, in these times of fairly generic film music, Amazing Spiderman was one of the last times I came out of the theater humming the main theme. Thank you Mr. Horner
  15. The tracks will download, first it'll ask for your password, then say that you can't download from any other computer in 90 days, then an exclamation mark will appear left to the track, then you'll have to try re-download, and then it will. At least from the Mexico store, which I believe you're buying The problem was that the fixed tracks didn't appear for me, only the rest of the tracks, so there was no way I could download them (maybe because I bought it from my phone and then downloaded it on my computer when those tracks weren't available). Anyway Apple took care of it and pretty fast too.
  16. I know, I know... haven't posted in ages... life has been complicated, plus they blocked jwfan at my office... what do they expect me to do?? Work??? Anyway, I guess I'll find out if the iTunes mexican store customer service is any good.
  17. It is available again... however those of us who had already bought it can't download the fixed tracks, this sucks.
  18. Hey! Not so great... my best friend died on January and it's been pretty hard... other than that ok I guess. I did get to see Macca on 2010 and 2012, it was awesome.
  19. Haven't posted here in ages... Anyway I bought this on Wednesday on the mexican iTunes store from my phone, and now that I'm downloading on my computer it's missing tracks 12 and 13... so yeah, they're fixing the tracks I think.
  20. I see absolutely no insult in anything I said... but I know what this place has become. Like I said on the very first post, I don't post here anymore, just wanted to share some new footage from one of my favorite films before it was removed. Having done that, I think I'll leave again, you just can't discuss anything in this place anymore.
  21. How people can say that adding slapstick comedy involving cartoon dinosaurs (Mos Eisley), character changing additions (Greedo shooting), redundant poorly made scenes (Jabba), pace destructing scenes (the shuttle in ESB), singing and dancing cartoon bugs (Jabba's palace), and non-sensical celebrations including Jar-Jar are good changes is beyond me... I expect this kind of thing at theforce.net, but here, oh well. BTW... those interested in the classic versions and not Lucas' shit visit this site, it has a lot of information I didn't know about: http://www.savestarwars.com/
  22. Well, the scene kind of follows the "join me and rule the galaxy as father and son" storyline which was dropped without explanation later in the film when it becomes "I'll take you to the Emperor and he'll probably make you kill me and take my place, oh well, my job here is finished son, be nice to Palpy". So it makes sense it was cut. Also, if it later shows him placing the saber into R2's dome, it's probably better to have the saber reveal at the sail barge. Still it's a cool introduction to Luke, as it makes him look mysterious and badass and it immediately makes you think of Empire and the coflict between Luke and Vader, which in Jedi is not dealt with at all until after the whole Jabba thing. The scene looks thrown together, it would be surprising if they built the meditation chamber just for that little bit, so that may very well be leftover footage from Empire.
  23. Funny thing about that is that, in some years, whenever we get even more HD, more resolution, his wonderful Episodes 2 and 3 (you know the ones with good quality it seems) will forever be 1080p, as that was how they were shot, while the originals can have more resolution since they are in 35mm.
  24. Oh well, I don't care about the prequels anymore and the OT is ruined, so I guess I won't be getting the blu-rays, not that I was expecting to get it.
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