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  1. There's more music on the CD, so either they didn't show it whole, or the scene is indeed going to be re-inserted to the film and is shorter, maybe to avoid ruining the "surprise" of R2 having the saber on the sail barge.
  2. I don't really post here anymore, but this is too good not to share. Today, Luca$ announced the SW Blu-Ray boxset and showed the cut scene from the beginning of ROTJ, the one that had Williams music composed for it. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdJ0E7HbTKc&feature=player_embedded Watch it, before it gets removed.
  3. Really? Oh My... :rolleyes: I've really had it with this place lately.
  4. I think the point of "everyone can afford it" is that everyone can somehow gather the money though you still might have to sacrifice something (some other releases maybe). If everyone can afford it means everyone's rich, what's the point of the poll??
  5. So.... really, no one would download it?? Very honest people here.
  6. The boxset is hypothetical is not even rumored yet.
  7. I'd probably pass, the temptation to download the Williams scores would be big. We probably shouldn't vote yet, perhaps DH will be a masterpiece or perhaps it will be the biggest turd and that could be a factor. Right now there's the 3 Williams scores that I like, Doyle's one is ok, but I definately don't care enough to have it expanded and Hooper's one which I don't like at all.
  8. Sweeney Todd has no reason to be included, I don't think Elfman was involved at all. So it'll be the 13 OST and a bonus disc. Not great.
  9. Yeah, but that's just snippets really, and they didn't include any of the film's songs other than the demo. I'm guessing being a 14 CD set, they'll include the whole thing. Besides I feel Nightmare's popularity has grown over the years, it seems strange to me that Disney would do that, good for them though. It would be very cool if we get any unlreleased stuff, although I don't think there's much, probably less than 10 minutes.
  10. It seems strange that Disney would license something as popular as Nightmare to Warner.
  11. A Burton/Elfman boxset without some form of Batman makes little sense I think. Perhaps they'll only include the 2nd CD from the LLL set, which is the album remastered.
  12. Whatever may be in this box, at least I see it as more evidence that Warner is getting more and more serious about the score market and that is a good thing. Bring on the Potter boxset.
  13. Perhaps this is the reason why Batman was limited even though it was recorded in England.
  14. As much as I like Elfman, he's my second favorite composer, I find it hard to get too exited about this, considering Batman is out already, Batman Returns is coming soon, Edward, Beetlejuice, Mars Attacks, Corpse Bride have isolated scores on DVD and Nightmare Before Christmas, which I love is Disney not Warner.
  15. Maybe, but if you think about it, the right window for the Potter scores is soon, with no more books and soon no more movies they should better get on it quickly. Warner seems aware that there is some money to be made in scores. I'm sure Elfman's Batman will sell out and that will help. Being recorded in England helps too. I actually think the Potters in the next couple of years are more likely than Hook for example.
  16. I have a feeling we may be seeing the Potters sooner than later actually, sooner than the prequels anyway. Who knows maybe WB will let LaLaLand cooperate since it seems they have a good relationship.
  17. I believe it's exactly the same down to the creeppy ending when the swastika is burnt from the ark's box. I could be wrong, it's not on one of the Kunzel's I own, but my dad has it.
  18. I think the Hook rumors are way too optimistic.
  19. If we're naming videogames, Super Mario Galaxy 2 deserves a mention even if I prefer the first one.
  20. I hope the "Making Christmas" cameo is included in the expanded Returns.
  21. Batman was the first non Williams score I bougth, so it opened a "new world" for me, I love it so I'll get it, specially since there's a chance I might get it without paying shipping. But I don't like this trend of including a second CD with the album presentation that seems to be so popular lately.
  22. I had the theme from that movie stuck in my head for a long time.
  23. For me, one example would be "The Secret of NIMH", I've never seen the movie, didn't even know about the movie in fact. But one day of boredom I was watching, I think it was the Nostalgia Critic or some web show like that, and they put a clip of it and I thought it sounded cool, I googled it, found out it was by Goldsmith, and now is on my top 5 Goldsmith scores.
  24. Star Wars, Indy and Potter yeah, but I'm not sure about the others. Black Sunday, for example, did little for this forum.
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