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  1. Well, there are two components to this, and one is not the concert's fault. The first is a local component, basically this type of event should not be done in Mexico, as it happened with McCartney's concert, it was just a mess. Endless traffic jams, no way to park. No information at all (they close the streets whenever they want for no reason). And say you don't take your car, at the end of the concert when you exit the venue, there's this long line of taxis, only problem is they turn off the meters and they charge whatever they want (completely illegal of course, and in front off the police too). So a Taxi ride which would be like, say $80 with the meter running now costs $400. Busses that normally charge $3 begin to charge $30. On Paul's first concert, I took my car, the concert ended at 12 o clock, I got home at 2:45 am, that's how bad the traffic got and I live like 30 minutes away from where the concert was. On Paul's second concert I had to pay $250 for a Taxi to get me home since it was past midnight and the subway was already closed (not to mention that even if the subway was open it would be rather dangerous). Yesterday for Star Wars I arrived one hour and a half before the concert and even so the parking lot was already full (Mexico just doesn't have the venues for this type of thing). I had to go back home, leave my car and take a cab. So basically, it's very problematic to go to these things and while I would say it's worth it if you're going to see a God like Paul McCartney, I don't think it was worth it with this. But all that is not the concert fault. As for the concert itself here's what bothered me: 1. This might also be a mexican thing but I'm not sure. I just didn't care fot the public reactions, everytime a piece started, the whooing, the screaming, the whistling, I mean it's not freaking Metallica. I just don't like that at all in an orchestral concert. There was a point in the middle of Princess Leia's theme where they show her in the gold bikini and everyone started whistiling. The same during the encore, when they did a close up on the woman playing the triangle and again with the whistling. It just seemed vulgar to me. I wasn't expecting a classical concert audience, but come on. 2. The term concert is somewhat misleading, it should be Star Wars experience or something like that, basically you're watching the movies very loudly with the music underneath. The dialog can get very loud, to the point where you can't hear the music. Even worse during Battle of the Heroes (called here A Hero Falls or something), the music gets quite loud and so does the dialog and it ends up just being noise, you can't hear neither. Then again maybe the sound was crap because it's Mexico and the venue sucks. It doesn't help that I don't like the prequels at all and don't want to hear Natalie's Portman terrible fake accent "Our people are dying" or whatever she says while I'm trying to listen to Duel of the Fates. So I hated the "atmosphere" and couldn't really listen to the music all that well. Another minor thing is I don't like how they scramble everything. I don't want to see stupid Padme dying of a broken heart during Throne Room, or the horrible Coruscant chase during the climax of the Asteroid Field. Oh and they barely make a passing coment of John Williams.
  2. Went yesterday to Star Wars in concert, kinda hated it... oh well.
  3. TPM is the last Williams score I totally love and that I feel is close to his prime, so 1999.
  4. Or if you can recognize a bad joke.
  5. That still looks more real than the one they used in Jaws the Revenge.
  6. That's one thing that annoys me so much from the Special Editions. I remember when Hoth was actually white. These images are to highlight the more obvious changes, so they're not exactly the same, but they illustrate the color change:
  7. I'd say watching the prequels is more like stepping on shit barefoot.
  8. TPM is the only really good one of these.
  9. Dissapointing. I was picturing Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck eating babies.
  10. I've seen a Color Corrected version of Star Wars in 1080p HD, it's so beautiful it makes you want to kill George Lucas for not releasing the original version on Blu-Ray. You can see the dirt in R2, the fact that the Death Star "walls" actually look kinda cheap. It's like seeing it for the first time.
  11. Continuing with the shameless, non-sensical marketing machine that is now Star Wars: New Adidas add At least is well made.
  12. I still check almost daily. Don't really know why. Old habit I guess.
  13. I've always lamented that John never scored a traditional animated film. I don't count 3D-CGI-Motion Capture or whatever Tin Tin is going to be. Goldsmith gave us an awesome score with Secret of NIMH for example, Horner did so with Land Before Time. It would have been cool to hear what Williams could do for animation.
  14. I think that's unique to the orchestra suite. I heard it when Erich Kunzel performed it here and as I remember it's just the stone theme, getting louder. It must be different from Voldemort's theme on the children suite, cause I don't remember hearing Voldemorts theme on the piece.
  15. It's too late here, the dollar has gone from 12.15 pesos in April to 13.40 now.
  16. Well, with the whole Greece-Europe crisis shit, the dollar has been rising again, so I don't think I'll be able to get this, I'm going to have to pass. I'll probably have to pass on ST III as well.
  17. Paul McCartney's Up & Coming Tour Concert in Mexico City!!!
  18. I was about 3, maybe less, and they took to me watch Return of the Jedi in the theater, here in Mexico they don't care if you're too young to be in a theater. I only remember stuff from Jabba's Palace, and more specifically when they take the droids to "torture" chamber, and R2 is whistling in a sort of scared way while he rolls there. Not only is it the first movie I remember seeing, it's actually one of my earliest memories, if not the earliest. So one of the first things I remember from my life is R2 rolling around in Jabba's Palace, go figure. No wonder I'm a nerd.
  19. No, those clips are on the composer's YouTube channel so they're the actual tracks not a rip. The image on the videos lead me to beleive that, as it happened with Galaxy 1, a soundtrack CD will be offered via Club Nintendo. The first one, however, was only available in Japan, so it's not easy or cheap to get I think, it's worth it though, the first one was even a better score. Edit: It's official there's going to be a Club Nintendo CD
  20. It would be as if the Indy boxset had missed "Approaching the Stones", "Short Round Helps" or "The Boat Scene", so there would be no comparison, for as much as Mr. Bozerau is still criticized (even in this very thread) those are all there. I don't feel like he missed anything too "necessary" on the Indy boxset even if I would still love a complete TOD.
  21. He has to come back, they already changed the rules in case he throws an interception on OT.
  22. Mahito Yokota, composer of Super Mario Galaxy 2, has uploaded the score on youtube. Good, but not as great as the first one I think. Here are a couple of highlights: Sky Station Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
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