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  1. I ordered Willow and Rocketeer from amazon although they haven't arrived, both are great, especially Willow and I'm really looking forward to them. I may be the only one but I think Land Before Time is also excellent, I'd love to get it but is OOP and rather expensive.
  2. Diego

    SW Que

    Nothing mayor, the arrangement is the same with luke's theme, the rebel fanfare, yoda's theme, imperial march and the love theme, but the film version is a bit faster and the transition from yoda's theme to the imperial march seems a bit more abrupt to my ears.
  3. What would you consider an evolved droid motif?? The only part that sounds remotely similar to the droid theme is the music when the droids are heading to Jabba's palace and it doesn't sound too much like the droid theme to my ears. Is there any other cue where you can hear this evolved droid motif?? I've always wondered why Williams sometimes just abandon his themes, I think the droid motif would have worked well in the other movies, for example in TPM when the droids first meet each other, although I kinda hear a similiar orchestration in most scenes involving the droids.
  4. Diego

    SW Que

    The anthology also has the film version of the Empire end credits.
  5. Don't feel stupid, it's a legitimate question. I know what a cue is but I also have a question for those who, like me, speak spanish, what word would you use for cue in spanish??
  6. That would be fantastic news, it's one of the Williams scores, along with Dracula and Spacecamp that I would really love to own. Let's hope it's true. About the date, maybe they're using the same format we use in Mexico with the day first and the month second.
  7. I don't think they're hard to find, I've seen all 3 recently and also a recording with music from all 3 movies. Parts I and II are excellent but I haven't listened to part III. Part II is my favorite, I think it was the first non-Williams score I ever bought. I love the theme that is first heard when Vito is arriving to America, I'm not sure what the theme is for though since it's used on both storylines (Vito's and Michael's).
  8. I didn't know that, but anyway there is still some good unreleased stuff you can hear on the DVD
  9. There are some parts of the score not included on the CD too, for example the brief rendition of Tara's theme and some other good bits.
  10. It's a terrific score, I can't believe that crap "It's hard being a pimp" or whatever it's called won the Oscar for best song when "Remains of the Day" wasn't even nominated. The main theme is probably the most beautiful theme Elfman has composed. BTW there are some good variations of the theme not on the OST that can be heard on the DVD with the isolated music track (for example when Scraps appears for the first time), it makes me wish all DVDs had this feature.
  11. If only the COS OST had included The Burrow, Errol's theme or some more music with the Chamber theme instead of say "Cornish Pixies" or "Introducing Colin" the COS album would have been pretty much perfect IMO... oh well
  12. It was pretty good, a bit over the top and I didn't like the Anakin-Natives storyline from the last season, but other than that it was a good show and in some partsI think it felt more like Star Wars than Ep. I and II
  13. As a HUGE Star Wars fan, I have to say that for some reason the idea of a TV show doesn't appeal to me at all. Am the only one who thinks a TV show is a lame idea??
  14. I agree a 100%, animation would be a new challenge for him and animated features can be great oportunities for wonderful scores, one of my favorite scores is the Nightmare Before Christmas, and while I don't have the score I remember the music from Land Before Time to be quite good (Horner, right??)
  15. AI is an excellent choice, it's my favorite non-action/adventure Williams score (by action/adventure I mean Superman, Star Wars, Potter, Raiders, etc). It's a more serious score, and has some really moving parts, not to mention some beautiful themes.
  16. After Williams, my second favorite composer is Danny Elfman. Batman is a great score and I absolutely love A Nightmare before Christmas. Corpse Bride has one of the most beautiful themes he's ever written. The only score I've heard from Goldsmith is Poltergeist, and I thought it was a masterpiece. I'd love to listen to some of his other scores, I've been looking for Twightlight Zone the Movie and the Mummy but haven't found them. (Well, I couldn't find poltergeist either but I downloaded it)
  17. Diego

    Far and away

    Thanks! It's really a great message board Anyway, I can't say much based on a first listen, but it does sound very good. Fighting for Dough and Blowing off steam are great tracks. It's amazing how Williams can write pretty much any kind of music (irish in this case) and for any instrument.
  18. You know, that got me thinking, which movie has the most renditions of the force theme?? I'm guessing it's either ANH or ROTS, but has anyone ever counted them?
  19. Diego

    Far and away

    Thanks to everyone who replied. After mostly positive comments I went ahead and picked it up, perfect timing too as it was on sale and it was only 79 pesos which is roughly 8 dollars, great deal I think (the only cheaper scores I've bought were Angela's Ashes and Sleepy Hollow for about 5 bucks) Anyway I'll probably listen to it tonight, for some reason I prefer to listen to Williams music at night with headphones, specially the first listen, I don't know why.
  20. They do it here in Mexico too, an ugly holographic sticker that reads "legitimo", they only do it on CDs produced here, not imports, so most of my JW collection doesn't have the sticker, all my Beatles CDs do have the sticker, and it's really annoying having the sticker on the cover of Revolver and Sgt. Pepper for example.
  21. Well, the original source of the news is Fox News, I'm a Beatles fan and I've read Fox News report news about Paul McCartney that turned out to be false, so I'm not sure it's a reliable source. For what is worth I watched a very short interview with him yesterday on E! and they asked him about Indy 4 and Jurassic 4, he said he couldn't say anything about Indy because Lucas would have his head but that he was hoping it would happen soon, he said JP 4 was certainly going to happen, then he talked about what a surprise it was that Crash won best picture. He never mentioned taking a year off. BTW how many scripts and drafts do they have for Indy 4?? Must be like a million I really hope they make it just for the score
  22. Diego

    Far and away

    Hello everyone This is my first post although I've reading this forum since pretty much the beginning (back when one could download unreleased Episode I music from videogames and the Temple of doom soundtrack) Anyway, I was wondering if some of you could give your opinion about Far and away, and how it compares to other scores I may have heard, is it similar to some other JW work? I haven't heard a single track since there are none in 40 years of music CDs I ask this, because I live in Mexico and it's not easy to find scores, for example, lately I've been getting interested in some non-JW scores and I've been looking for Willow. the Mummy, Rocketer, poltergeist and some others with no luck. However I've seen Far and Away many times and I'm wondering if I should pick it up before it's gone. Thanks to everyone, and like I said I'm from Mexico and while I think my english is ok please forgive any mistakes.
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