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  1. tenaira

    Scholarly works on John Williams?

    That sounds really interesting! I would love to know more about that period, I am mostly focusing on his contemporary works. Keep researching so that we can read your book!
  2. tenaira

    Scholarly works on John Williams?

    So apparently it isn't just me, English-speaking scholars have been shying away from it. Like you, most of the mentions that I have found of John Williams that weren't purely in passing were focusing on a list of composers. When it comes to putting him in the spot light, there aren't many things around. And thank you for the link, I didn't know this one. Have you already started writing a book on John Williams or is it a future project? I am curious as to whether you would be focusing on his career as a whole or a limited amount of films for in depth analysis..
  3. tenaira

    Academics join your ranks again!

    Thank you for the renewed welcome, and for the excellent avatar suggestion! I added the first thing I found under 50kb.. evidently it had to be something related to film! I have been practicing musing since my youth, but I come to film music from the cinematic side, I'm more on the film and media side. I'll probably mention my university in a but bit, if you don't mind I'll keep the suspense for now or rather the soothing pleasure of not being associated to an institution! Thor, did you write your thesis from a musicological or filmic perspective? I would love to hear about it.
  4. Hello, My apologies for coming back with the same question as a month ago, but my profile and all related topics got mistakenly deleted. I hope that those who had very kindly responded to my inquiry might have a copy hanging out somewhere on their computers.. I am sure there are people more versed than I am in John William's literature, who might have found some sources which are escaping my scrutiny. I am specifically looking for academic sources and analyses on John Williams and his music. There are many texts out there, but they are mostly published in magazines, and I was looking for chapters or articles in specialized journals. I was very surprised to find so little - I hope this is a mistake that you will be able to clear and point me in the right direction. Thank you
  5. tenaira

    Academics join your ranks again!

    Dear John Williams Fan community, hello again - my profile was unfortunately mistakenly deleted in the fight against spam-bots (this sounds so futuristic!) so I get the delight of re-introducing myself again. I am a PhD candidate working on film music and am very lucky to be able to merge my hobby and my work. While we are quite a few out there, I miss discussing the intricacies of the craft with people who share my interests, especially true fans who often know more than researchers do! Thank you for taking me within your ranks, I look forward to discussing with you all!