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  1. Tracking with some thrown in percussion.
  2. Barely. The amount of unreleased music amounts to no more than 4 minutes, and thats including the re-arrangements of the Black panther music.
  3. Ah its the music I thought was a direct lift from 'Ye Olde Visitor Center' from JW1. It starts that way, but goes in a different direction. Also LOL at that ending.
  4. I've seen every movie but the first JP in cinemas dont regret seeing any of them
  5. MedigoScan

    Anyone else think Spider-Man 2 is the best Marvel movie?

    Meanwhile AMS2 is the spiderman score I have given the most relistens (though its helped by the sessions) One of the worst spidermen movies tho
  6. The middle has some of my favorite parts actually
  7. indeed It sounded like a Wes Anderson movie at times too
  8. yeah thats the B Theme comes in either that soft way or the choir way
  9. you could really hear the choir in the movie too from the very first scene that has music (though that bit is not on the album) btw 1:09-1:26 from Deep Blue Free (I still cant get over that title) also sorta uses the main theme's first part
  10. Maisie is the little girl that you probably recognize from the trailer in the bedroom scene Wheatley is the hunter that helps round up dinosaurs on the island and yeah I am not missing much this time, though I still wouldnt mind getting the full opening and also more Indoraptor-killing-people-material (though the latter sounded a lot like the Gyrosphere track) edit: actually now that I think about it, the Quiet theme is probably be meant for Blue and Owen Though then it doesnt make much sense for it to be in tracks 2 or 12
  11. the twinkly theme is probably indeed intended to be a B theme to the Fallen Kingdom main theme and that Ominous theme is just something reused for the suite, just like that 'bridging material' was taken from track 1 (The Jurassic world 1 suite also had non-thematic music) The quiet theme could be Maisie's theme and the March theme is definitely Wheatley stuff
  12. the raptor squad theme even had more appearances in the movie movie-wise, tracks 13 to 17 sorta represent the middle act, though I myself still did like PillowTalk and ShockandAuction
  13. MedigoScan

    Anyone else think Spider-Man 2 is the best Marvel movie?

    I cant call it the best. It has a few clunky plotdevelopments and some cliches But I did really enjoy it, and the action is very creative