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  1. The absence of Sirius' escape, Wormtail's theme, the werewolf chase all disagree with you.
  2. Watched all of Daredevil and Luke Cage Defenders, JJ1 and JJ2, and Punishers first season. The only waste there was Defenders and half of Daredevils 2nd season.
  3. I guess I am also crazy for not hating this score, let alone thinking its the worst score I have ever heard. Also Zimmer soundtracks in my opinion are notorious for leaving out stuff I'd rather want.
  4. Had to get in more of the DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN
  5. It doesnt help that some of my favorite pieces werent put on the album. (even moreso with BvS)
  6. I see people have only started listening since 2015. MoS is a (mostly) great score btw.
  7. Happens when you get dragged back into the superhero world. I cant imagine his next two ventures will demand a different soundscape.
  8. Its clear he just took tracks from multiple scenes and placed them together. But I like them well enough compared to his work in Inferno. Apparently he is also going to release a 2CD edition (like MOS/ASM2) later on???
  9. Good thing I like both scores. Also you missed the MoS elements.
  10. This is a strange forum to be on then. Also Zimmer's score is likely the only decent thing about this movie anyway.
  11. Btw youtube has the new soundtrack. Its the zimmeriest zimmer has ever been.
  12. I guess I am the only one that likes First Class' score.
  13. Only reason I care is that I want to see what Giacchino will do if the plot does go full dinosaur apocalypse.
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