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  1. Except The Winter Soldier was better than everything.
  2. I thought it was okay, with a few standout moments. But I agree that most of it blended together into some uniform mess.
  3. We need more comic movies and scores like The Winter Soldier (allthough I can enjoy the more lighthearted stuff like spiderman and thor ragnarok)
  4. I feel any list without the insane bagpipes from "Stoick confronts Drago" are woefully incomplete.
  5. Those damn than/thens. It took me too long to stop using the wrong one.
  6. Us dutchfolk also know very well what a "Steen der wijzen" is. https://i.imgur.com/ObL4RP2.jpg At least I did, because I see this book in my living room every day.
  7. meanwhile I feel like has 3:38 some background rumble But it could also be that my speakers are dying.
  8. You can hear the edits very clearly in the podcast sample https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON_-2rOYPoo
  9. Snape on the inside cover must have had a fight with Sirus on the Cd cover.
  10. Thats some good tracking there, LalaLand. Its been saying the same thing for 3 days: departed for my country. Meanwhile in the physical world, the thing has finally arrived at my homestead!
  11. I suppose that explains why the podcast version is shorter
  12. MedigoScan

    Adding choir lyrics to existing Star Wars pieces

    I was wondering too. Having never seen Amistad, I wondered if it was just from that movie as well. I still hope there's an official release of this down the line. (And yes it sounded amazing in amsterdam)
  13. Meanwhile mine is still being 'processed' in LA. And that was yesterday.