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  1. Only 36 minutes? Is the movie that sparse on music?
  2. I tried to make sense of the music heard in the movie, but I gave up 30 minutes in because I realized it used so much material from Avengers 1, and that score was not that memorable to begin with!
  3. His score for that season4 Black Mirror episode was also quite interesting (and not just Star Trek TOS Pastiches, which he did mimic admirably)
  4. This totally crept up on me Meanwhile I am just sad me and my family lost a Dark Crystal artbook from decades ago that we once had.
  5. You just cant argue with dinosaurs.
  6. The more music we get, the more choices we have to listen too! The days of 50minute CDs may stay in the past!
  7. Man from UNCLE got me to notice him. Spiderverse got me to love his work.
  8. Random choice perhaps. But it was a crime that the full version of this track never saw any release anywhere. Perhaps because it was done by someone else, since it sounds so different from the rest of the score.
  9. I should have seen him in more movies, what with me being Dutch too and all. Sad news regardless.
  10. The greatest crime ever was not releasing 'No Time for caution' from Interstellar. (Because the film mix was never recorded, argh!)
  11. Having not seen most disney remakes, should we have expected the score to sound drastically different? I am used to the old version of course, but this doesnt sound bad either.
  12. I see Michael has found the Mars Suite. Good start.
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