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  1. I mean Shore already did that sort of for the Out of the Frying Pan scene from AUJ
  2. MedigoScan

    AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) - Alan Silvestri

    If the movie is 3 hours long, 2 discs might not even be enough!
  3. MedigoScan

    Alan Silvestri's Pirates of the Caribbean

    Man the sweet summer innocence of 2004. Thinking they would ever let anyone else touch the POTC scores but the Zimmer crew.. (Meanwhile I loved the music since it first came out, so I lucked out!)
  4. MedigoScan

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

    And if we are rating albums, Stranger Tides is clearly the worst.
  5. MedigoScan

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

    Definitely rated too low here on this board.
  6. MedigoScan

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    It makes her head look assymetrical
  7. MedigoScan

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    She doesnt do anything in the comics actually. Its just that in the comics Thanos, there's a part where most heroes hopelessly try to fight Thanos (after he already decided to power himself down just to make the fight fun for him at all), two characters try to use the distraction to snatch the glove away. (That doesnt work anyway, and the only reason Thanos loses the glove is because he stupidly decided to abandon his body and turn himself into a cosmic entity)
  8. MedigoScan

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    If Endgame will take anything from the comics at all, Marvel will be more like a blunt instrument to distract Thanos while the others enact their true counterplan. And then Thanos lets go off the gauntlet due to his own folly anyway.
  9. MedigoScan

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    I blame marvel/disney as well.
  10. MedigoScan

    Williams' scariest music?

    Not the scariest, but I had to make specific mention of this entire bit (other parts of the movie count too)
  11. Except The Winter Soldier was better than everything.
  12. I thought it was okay, with a few standout moments. But I agree that most of it blended together into some uniform mess.
  13. We need more comic movies and scores like The Winter Soldier (allthough I can enjoy the more lighthearted stuff like spiderman and thor ragnarok)
  14. I feel any list without the insane bagpipes from "Stoick confronts Drago" are woefully incomplete.
  15. Those damn than/thens. It took me too long to stop using the wrong one.