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  1. The Cell is even worse than Battle of the Five Armies. The Nostalgia Critic review should give you a basic idea, but honestly... even that doesn't get into just how bad it is.
  2. The Cell. I want to live in a world where Shore's score was written for a movie that deserves it.
  3. I once heard a second-hand quote from a Hollywood producer in the 1980s "Nobody who ever worked with Stanley Kubrick liked Stanley Kubrick." Doesn't mean he didn't make some tremendous films. Also, "It took Scatman Crothers 122 takes to get the pantry scene in The Shining." Jesus.
  4. I'd love to see the score for The Cell performed live... preferably without the movie. Also, it would be incredible to see the Kronos Quartet and Mogwai perform The Fountain together.
  5. Damn... I just saw the email they sent out about it this morning and already sold out.
  6. Well put. It really sounds more like an amateur mock-up of The Lion King than something new: "sure, it's good, but it needs more Zebra and amplified solo cello." I'll admit I do like some of the choral revisions in "The Stampede," though. It's also baffling just how badit sounds at points. Something's really off with the tuning in a couple places. It's really a shame; the suite on the "World of Hans Zimmer" album was so well-done and I had hopes the new album would be in that vein.
  7. The Green Mile (T. Newman) - I can't get much into the more whimsical parts of the score, but the more dramatic parts of the score are phenomenal. "Coffey on the Mile" is a truly remarkable piece of music. There's something about the melodic pacing that really throws me off. The phrasing never seems to resolve in the way I expect.
  8. So, I was originally going to come here to ask about some of the underlying "harmonic bed" in "Coffey on the Mile" from The Green Mile, but the album credits seemed to answer my question (bowed travelling guitar, saz, solo violin, some synths, and bowed dulcimer). Those same credits gave me a new question: what the hell is a tonut?
  9. Young's score is remarkable, and Thomas Haden Church was quite good. Other than that, it's really a bad movie.
  10. So, I've been trying to get an answer to this for a while, but haven't had any luck. In a very touching scene the film Fences, a sound (spoiler for the film) I've heard a few times elsewhere, mainly in a jazz context. One example in particular comes to mind: In Kaze's "Triangle" prominently from 6:32-6:42 and 16:33-17:07. Is there a name in trumpet technique for this? Obviously the Fences clip isn't intentional in-character, but there would have had to have been a way to communicate that sound to the trumpet performer, and the Kaze clip is obviously intended. How is this sound produced, and how might I notate it?
  11. What about that ill-fated cat from Christmas Vacation?
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