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  1. Weirdest holy grail music?

    Allyn Ferguson's Les Mis is amazing, but I can't imagine any label taking it on as a project. That and Shore's rejected King Kong are my ultimate musical grails.
  2. The 2018 Winter Olympics Thread!

    I'm really doubting Marcel Hirscher is human at this point.
  3. America

    But Palpatine was super-competent... Trump is more like Boss Nass.
  4. The 2018 Winter Olympics Thread!

    Honestly, curling is fascinating to me. I watched the US championships a while back and got really sucked in by the strategy involved. A local ice rink is having an "intro to curling" event next weekend that I think I'll go to. That said, I'm crazy for winter sports in general and have followed ski racing for years.
  5. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    This scene was pretty clearly temp-tracked with "The Mirror of Galadriel" (for obvious reasons) but the end result is pretty impressive, and I love the "Battle of the Heroes" statements:
  6. Why aren't girl soprano soloists used?

    Mabel Foletelu in the original recording, a boy soprano in the symphony, and the featured adult soloist in the LTP. As for other scores, Desplat's daughter sings in Hostage and Buck Sanders' daughter created a "Nazgul screech" sound for No Escape.
  7. Why aren't girl soprano soloists used?

    A girl soprano? The only soloists I remember are the boy soprano, adult mezzo, and baritone for Aragorn's coronation. Even the Dimrill Dale solo is done by a boy soprano in the symphony. The solo at the end of "The High Fells" wasn't a boy soprano? Wow.
  8. Plot twist: David Cronenberg is George Lucas.
  9. Do you compose your own music?

    The era that let Shore, Horner, Young, and Goldenthal start careers and move rapidly into major projects is certainly far-removed from today's atmosphere.
  10. Howard Shore has apparently completed The Catcher Was a Spy, the true story of eccentric baseball player-turned-spy Moe Berg. I don't know anything about the upcoming film (other than this), but the book that became the screenplay is a great read. Howard Shore? Baseball? A WWII biopic? In one package? Bring on 2018!
  11. Loose in a box, padded by clumps of guanaco hair.
  12. Intriguing fictitious film titles

    Ron Jones, Walter Murphy, or John Williams.
  13. What are you drinking tonight?

    Oachkatzlschwoaf (O-Katz) from Urban Chestnut - not as good as an authentic German Märzen like Ayinger or Hofbrau, but easily the best I've found stateside.