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  1. I wonder if this means TROS won’t be a bore since that’s supposedly the reason why he refused to be in TFA? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2014/5/12/5711780/star-wars-episode-7-wont-feature-wedge-antilles-actor
  2. Has music from any SW film ever "leaked" before? Aside from official means such as teasers, specials, rides, etc., I don't recall any actual music leaking in this way before the film's release. I'm also surprised Disney hasn't been more intense with the marketing and advertising of this film since it's going to be not only the last film of the Skywalker saga but Williams last Star Wars score as well. Maybe they will starting next month. I'm still hopeful we'll get a short 60 minute special about the music like they did with TFA.
  3. The puzzling part is someone took the time to edit everything. I’m not sure if they edited the isolated score or attempted to edit an isolated score using the sessions. I’m going with the latter since The Tide Turns has a small segment not heard in the film... among other examples. Even though the TPM: EU is a hacked up mess, at least the sound quality/mixing is excellent... at least to me ears.
  4. Two hours and 20 minutes of music, at least? That’s excellent! But how long will this movie be? I also wonder how much Williams will have to do after the final sessions. I imagine he has seen a mostly complete cut of the film but who knows with Abrams involved.
  5. I'm hoping the first one gets a solo release down the road. I have zero interest in the other scores in the series, including Jerry's Escape.
  6. What makes Williams great to me is his ability to elevate what would be a boring scene into something exciting and badass.
  7. How do you know all of this was recorded for the end credits and not alternates? I'm not 100% sure but it sounds to me that the film cue is simply edited or shortened at the end to fit the scene. The version heard in the end credits appears to be the full, unedited version.
  8. So, did Don pretty much confirm that Yoda is in the film? Williams has used his themes quite literally lately.
  9. For TFA, I thought they were recording as late as October 2015 or maybe even November 2015 but I could be wrong. For TLJ, the recordings were completed sometime before August 2017 because that’s when the film was officially in the can.
  10. There’s at least the film stems of the Rebo music. A 30 second or so snippet of one of the Rebo songs appeared on the Star Wars Soundboard many years ago. It could have been a film stem but I remember quality was decent albeit it was mono like everything else. Regardless, I thought they made copies of the all masters?
  11. I’m judging the book by its cover... it looks very uninspired. I hope Williams music is not.
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