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  1. I haven't had a chance to listen yet but is it mentioned why mono tapes of the score exist in the first place? Is there a purpose for having them in mono? Was the film only mixed in mono for its original release or something?
  2. Wasn't there a physical FYC release for The BFG? Solo could get an FYC but just not released digitally?
  3. If the Solo score is nominated, is that another nomination for Williams since he wrote two themes that were used throughout the score?
  4. I'm glad they didn't soften her character after the time jump.
  5. Balahkay

    Danny Elfman's DR. SEUSS' THE GRINCH

    Wow, I didn't realize Elfman did this. I had zero interest before but now its piqued somewhat. But, yes, the film itself doesn't look good.
  6. What's HS&TP? While I thoroughly enjoyed the music from TLJ, I don't think Johnson was the best director to "push" Williams out of his comfort zone and challenge him. I remember some were expecting a POA type of situation. I think it was definitely a mistake for Johnston to temp the entire movie with Williams own music. It seems like he was just tempting him to imitate his own work.
  7. I'm hoping that Williams writes at least three new concert arrangements for the new themes/material. If the new themes/material are on par with the quality and quantity of the new themes in TFA, then I will be a mostly happy camper.
  8. Where did Williams write the themes to Star Wars, Jaws, ET, Indiana Jones and many many more?
  9. I'm guessing one reason they avoided killing off Rick (aside from having him star in a trilogy) is to avoid backlash. It seems they lost a lot of viewership when they killed off Glenn in such a violent way. However, that's how he died in comics as well. I've heard rumors that the whisperers are going to kill off a few semi-major characters this season. Also, I believe the past episode was Maggie's last as well... at least until the actress comes back.
  10. Has SL been confirmed to be released this year?
  11. Possibly, at most this year, the title will be revealed before the year is out. I'm assuming they've decided on a title by now but they may wait until next year to announce. TLJ was announced in January 2017 and TFA in November 2014.
  12. Sorry but I disagree. Last nights episode was terrible overall. How Rick managed to survive from all that blood loss is beyond me. I'm usually not the reality police especially for a fantasy/horror show but other characters within the same universe have died from similar wounds. However, I do like the idea of a new time jump and that the characters are no longer tied down to Rick's storyline (or so I hope). I could do without Rick's Annie Oakley daughter, though. Since the time jump is supposedly 6 years into the future, I guess this means the Fear cast doesn't make it to Alexandria since the previews didn't mention any of them.
  13. Balahkay

    Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    I didn't notice any technical issues... it sounds excellent to my ears! The issues are more like wrong takes used, album versions rather than film versions used, etc. Minor stuff really.
  14. Balahkay

    Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    I wish Matessino would have worked on these. For the most part, the Menken releases and the other releases of newer material have been good. However, I don't think they were given the attention to detail they deserved. Pocahontas and The Little Mermaid were riddled with errors here and there. And why weren't song instrumentals included? Regardless, what was released is better than nothing at all. I'm hoping these will get a proper redo in the future but I'm not holding my breath. The older scores definitely needed and deserved better treatment. I didn't purchase any of those since they've been rereleases for the most part.