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  1. We're very lucky Williams still sees Star Wars as his baby. Too bad he didn't have the same passion for HP after POA... he could have written some music for HP world.
  2. What else is on the sheet besides MOTR, if anything? I have no idea how to read music.
  3. Nice to see the old cast back but it won't be the same without Ramis. Rick Moranis better jump on board. I having a feeling this may turn out to be a TFA type of film... old cast that we already know and like joined with some new faces they're going to try to make us like.
  4. While my 12 year old self didn’t fully 100% understand what was going on in the film, I have great memories leading up to it and after it was released. I remember going immediately to the toy aisle whenever we’d go to Walmart to play with the Commtech display and hear whatever characters they had speak dialogue in robotic sounding voices. I got the royal starship playset that year for Christmas and thought it was the best thing ever. And the PS/PC games provided a lot of entertainment as well.
  5. Jafar really deserved a full, complete song instead of a reprise as good as it is. I believe that was the plan originally for the '92 film but was scrapped. Or I could be thinking of Aladdin's song...
  6. While there’s nobody on this Earth who could possibly live up to Robin Williams portrayal as the Genie, I feel should they have cast a real comedian for the live action role.... although I don’t know who....
  7. Too bad Fiedel didn't return for this.
  8. I have a feeling her character was reduced to somewhat of a cameo role. At least she has a better hairstyle.
  9. And no Legacy Collection treatment to coincide with this either.
  10. I wish Menken would work on something more original than rehashing music from his glory days. I believe "Mirror, Mirror" was his last original score... 7 years ago! He's my third favorite composer after Williams and Goldsmith. It looks like The Little Mermaid and Hunchback are next. Agreed and the score and songs are nearly perfect. Ashman left us too soon.
  11. The teaser was easy to forget, IMO. I'm always hopeful for more Williams music, though.
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