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  1. Balahkay

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    Jafar really deserved a full, complete song instead of a reprise as good as it is. I believe that was the plan originally for the '92 film but was scrapped. Or I could be thinking of Aladdin's song...
  2. Balahkay

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    While there’s nobody on this Earth who could possibly live up to Robin Williams portrayal as the Genie, I feel should they have cast a real comedian for the live action role.... although I don’t know who....
  3. Too bad Fiedel didn't return for this.
  4. I have a feeling her character was reduced to somewhat of a cameo role. At least she has a better hairstyle.
  5. Balahkay

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    And no Legacy Collection treatment to coincide with this either.
  6. Balahkay

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    I wish Menken would work on something more original than rehashing music from his glory days. I believe "Mirror, Mirror" was his last original score... 7 years ago! He's my third favorite composer after Williams and Goldsmith. It looks like The Little Mermaid and Hunchback are next. Agreed and the score and songs are nearly perfect. Ashman left us too soon.
  7. The teaser was easy to forget, IMO. I'm always hopeful for more Williams music, though.
  8. If it really is a trailer cue then why didn't Williams bother to do the teaser?
  9. So, where's Rose? Did they turn her into one of the horses?
  10. Balahkay

    Sony reissues Bernstein's Ghostbusters score

    I wonder if those stingers have been added somewhere? Or were those not Bernstein's?
  11. My only complaint about the concert version is that it's too short. Other than that, it's nearly perfect to my ears.
  12. If Williams wants to create a celebratory musical ending to the saga then instead of integrating that into the TROS end credits, I would suggest he create a separate 10-minute concert version featuring the primary themes from the saga. I would be very disappointed if the TROS end credits end up like the ROTS end credits.
  13. It's possible they had a very very rough cut by March. I think it's likely they started compiling the footage while filming was still in progress. They don't have much time to waste for this one. They did show footage to shareholders in early March but I'm not sure if whole scenes were shown or just random segments or shots. Maybe Williams saw that footage as well?
  14. There's still time to tweet Abrams and request that Williams write a proper and original end credits suite.
  15. A concert piece? I want ten original concert pieces this time around. I mean, he needs to make up for TLJ.
  16. Balahkay

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    I'm confused... is Williams planning on scoring another SW film? The next one isn't until 2022. I understand he doesn't plan to retire after IX but I didn't know he planned to score another SW film.
  17. Rey's theme. No contest for me. In fact, I prefer Rey's theme over any theme Williams has written within the past 15 years.
  18. Balahkay

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    It's nice to see that Williams interest in Star Wars doesn't seem to be waning. Even if IX is his last full Star Wars score, I can still see him writing a theme or two for future SW releases.
  19. Balahkay

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    Parts of it remind me of MOTR.
  20. Balahkay

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    I really hope Williams keeps up this momentum and vibe as he works his way through TROS.
  21. And his age as well. I mean, it worked for Morricone. Granted, he also had the “bridesmaid but never a bride” thing going for him.